Gönülçelen )) Episode 21 - Part 1/7 [English Subtitles]

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I want to attend your class
so you want to attend my class?
Yes if you accept of course
everyone here has entered through an exam
they earned to be here
Do you think you'll just waltz in and take lessons?
well maybe if you accept me as a temporary, visiting student
visiting student huh?
Ok. Sit down then
I think they're great? What do you think?
very beautiful
they have mixed their own national music with classic music
and we had mentioned the name before
It is the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok
he has travelled to Turkey and has researched Turkish music
He had worked with adnan saygun
and wrote the adana fol music notes together
His most important work is Elif?
Wooden Prince
thank you!
(Balçiçek shows Hasret’s picture and Levent’s picture)
(She says now you frame this scandalous news too to Gülnaz.. )
(Gülnaz, Cobra and Saime say Hasret won't do such a thing)
(people in the neighbourhood smirk at this and Cobra argu with them)
tell me the names of the Baroque period's important composers
Claudio montaverdi.. Henrich schuts..
Johann Sebastian bach..George Frederic, Henry Perston
very good
I'm thinking that the most important is Johann Sebastian bach
The reason being his advanced improvisation capability
accurate counterpoint technique
unique harmony control and adaptation performance
He has such improvisations with an org
that once the notes are taken out
it can be thought of as a composition and it can be played
So.. does anyone know an antique aria of this period?
Son Tutto Donna
can you sing it to us please?
Mr. Levent there is news that you have to see
What news?
oh God dammit.. These paparazzi are everywhere
thanks Sinem.. Very good
Come up here
Now it is your turn
yes you
can I sing next lesson?
do you have such priviledge?
I am waiting.. come on
I can't hear you
I can't sing it
and why not?
Aren’t you a talented singer?
I never said such a thing
but the Tv news said so
The newspapers also mention you as a star
Well it is true maybe
you do not need to sing this aria to be praised
Just as long as you sing 1 or 2 songs good. You are done..
You are a star.. so easy right?
People can praise you
1000s of people can clap and applaud
But this does not mean you deserve these praises
If you have music in your life
you can never say I have learned everything
Music will
teach you such a lesson one day
that you'll realize that you don't know anything
We must all respect music
you may go back to your seat
(Meltem says she will make dessert)
(she wants to prepare a French dessert)
(Nesrin is interested...)
(Nakiye says she was making a Turkish dessert)
(Nesrin says she wants to try Meltem’s dessert..)
next lesson we'll be learning the 18th century music trends
This is a classroom.. you can't speak on the phone
I'm sorry I..
we're done for today.. see you all next lesson
can we have a word
the lesson is over
If you've questions you can ask it next lesson
you were right about what you said
I mean.. Music does reserve more respect
see you wanted a lesson you're getting it
(A new man comes to the neighbourhood)
(Cobra welcomes him and invites him to sit down with him)
(He is looking for a cheap flat)
(Cobra helps him out)
His name is Cafer (Jaa-far)