HetaQuest 12 [ENG / FIN / FRA subs]

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This is Ramneyg, capital of the Ära Empire.
I came from Spina with my boyfriend. Spina is an independent town across the bridge east of the capital.
Ahead is the noble district. A little further ahead is Ramneyg Castle.
Do try not to be rude to the imperial family or the nobles.
Hello! This is the noble district. To the right is Lord Edelstein's house, and to the left is Lady Héderváry's house.
Ramneyg Castle is this way.
Hm? That's...
Roderich, what are you doing here?
You—you fool!
(Wow! I never thought I'd hear those words in a parallel world!)
Why must I be insulted so soon after coming home?
Do you have any idea how much trouble I have had because you didn't come back soon enough—
Oh? Who are they?
My name is Kiku. I am here as Patriarch Wang Yao's representative from Saia.
I see... I am sorry that you had to witness my unsightly behaviour, especially since you have come from so far away.
I am Roderich, the Emperor's aide. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Anyway, Roderich, what happened here?
His Majesty has neglected his job and run away somewhere on the outskirts of the castle.
... Again?
"Again?!" Is he a recidivist?!
Something like that.
What about you? You don't look familiar.
I am Peter Kirkland, from Elgnand! I am the future Head Wizard, so you would do well to remember me!
He's just a kid who ran away from home. We're looking after him for some reason.
You're not "looking after" Pete! We are "travelling together"!
Be that as it may, you have to find His Majesty as soon as possible, or else you won't be able to report to him.
Veh... (After all the trouble we had to get here...)
You, too, Feliciano.
Y-yes, sir!
Damn it, all that rush and now this!
You three, I need your help.
Understood, sir!
First of all, let's look on the outskirts of the castle.
Uni, you wait here!
There's room for it in the stable, so we'll take care of it. You can have it back when you leave the capital.
Find that fool as soon as possible.
Let's split up here. I'll look for him here in the main street. Feliciano, you'll look in the eastern street.
Kiku and Peter will look around the harbour together. The harbour is on the western side of the city.
You can count on Pete!
You don't know what His Majesty looks like, so I'll give you a brief description.
He has silvery hair and red eyes. And he will probably have a little bird with him.
A little bird? Is it his pet? Then he should be easy to recognise.
As soon as you find him, bring him before the fountain in the main street. Well, now, let's go.
Temporarily parted from Ludwig, Kiku, and Peter.
You are supposed to look in the eastern street. I'll look around here, so just go.
(It's Kiku and Peter. Maybe they've found the emperor?)
Looks like they're talking?
We can't find him...
The sailors and the people at the tavern said that they haven't seen him. Perhaps he isn't in the harbour, after all.
All that trouble for nothing!
Kiku, what's your dad like?
Why are you asking me that all of a sudden?
Just tell Pete.
Since my mother passed away when my youngest brother was still little, my father raised the four of us on his own.
He may be a little obstinate at times, but he's always very prudent and I respect him very much.
Pete is so jealous...
That reminds me, you hate your father, don't you? Why is that?
Pete has told you before; it's because he hates Pete.
Then, why do you think that your father hates you?
When Pete learns a new spell, he won't even look at Pete. And even when it's Pete's birthday, he won't come home from work.
If you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to.
... Pete took very important things from him...
Important things?
Mum's life and the status of User of the Green Jewel.
The day Pete was born, he was doing the ritual to take on the Green Jewel.
But I was the one who got the status of User of the Green Jewel.
I have heard of the Green Jewel's unique inheritance; that it chooses whoever has the most powerful magic where the ritual is being performed.
In all likelihood, the Jewel was made to be that way.
It is written in books that the Hero's companion who was entrusted with the Green Jewel was a wizard himself.
Perhaps the Green Jewel recognised your talent?
But because of that, he became the laughing stock of the kingdom.
There had never been a Head Wizard who wasn't a User...
He even fought his own brother and did all he could to become Head Wizard, but it still wasn't enough.
Ever since Pete was born, his life has been a mess. No wonder he hates Pete...
Is that really so?
If I were your father, no matter how much I was scorned by other people, I would never blame my child for it.
Because if my wife gave her life for our child, that would make their existence the most precious thing in the world.
Then again, I'm not married, so that may not be very convincing...
Do you really think so?
Why don't you go home? If you have a father-son talk, I think you will find out how he really feels about you.
Pete will think about it.
(That was a big blow...)
Yeah, I had no idea the Green Jewel was passed down in a different way! I wonder if the other Jewels are different, too?
(Is /that/ what you're surprised about?!)
(I was talking about Peter and his father! I had no idea he'd had such a hard time...)
... By the way, shouldn't you be looking for the Emperor?
(Oh! I got so distracted with their conversation that I forgot all about that!)
(I'd better hurry up and look for him, or Lud will get mad at me!)
You hear all kinds of things at the tavern! Have you tried asking there?
When I'm done here, I'm sailing to Spina. There's a rich guy called Carriedo there and he's currently our best customer.
He's a pretty lavish man.
The taverns in Ramneyg really are the best! The ones in Cenarf just can't compare!
The lord of Zeldwintser, in the Kingdom of Âge, had some unusual weapons.
If I remember correctly, he had a "gun" or something of the sort...
If they start mass-producing such weapons, even the Ära Empire, which has the best army in the world, will be at risk.
Welcome! D'you want a drink? - I guess so. - No, thanks.
That's 150G. Bottoms up!
Bought Liquor!
This part of the harbour is for military use. Civilians can't pass.
We got very good foodstuff today! Won't you buy any?
Thank you, have a nice day.
If you go up the stairs on the eastern side, you can have a sweeping view of the capital.
That's one of the Emperor's favourite places.
Lately some monsters have settled outside the capital.
The knights will have their hands full now. It's a hard enough job under normal circumstances.
His Majesty may be young, but he always cares about his people.
It's my dream to work in the castle. It'd be so much easier if I could take the Memory Stone with me to the tests, though...
When I went out on the veranda not long ago, I saw His Majesty going up the stairs.
Obtained Mana Up!
[Mana Up] Increases MP in 10 points.
On the outskirts of the castle, there's an unwritten rule that says you shouldn'trecklessly greet members of the imperial family when you see them.
(Oh! That person over there...)
Ah, being alone is way too fun...
I have the luxury of ruling over this beautiful place all by myself...
Crap, I'm so deeply moved by the landscape that I'm tearing up.
(It's Prussia!)
Hey! Pr—
(Feliciano! Do you know his name?)
It's Gilbert! He's Lud's big brother!
Ooh! It's you, Feliciano!
Long time no see!
If you're back, that must mean Lutz is back, too! I was beginning to get tired of waiting!
Sorry for taking so long!
That's okay! Let's just go on a rendezvous on the outskirts of the castle now!
Sorry, but Roderich asked me to look for someone!
... Oh, I see, so that's why you're here...
I did think your timing to come see me was too good to be true... Damn you, Roderich.
What? What?
You were looking for me, weren't you? Leading me on like that... so mean...
(Feliciano, can I have word with you?)
Huh? What is it?
(The Emperor, he has silvery hair and red eyes and a little bird, right?)
He's right in front of you, you know?
(You never told me that Lud was the Emperor's little brother!)
Oh, sorry. It's just so obvious that I didn't think to tell you! Come to think of it, there's no way you'd have guessed, huh?
(Jeez, you should have told me! I was sure he was a knight!)
Hmm, but he took the knight tests to try his abilities, so you weren't really wrong about that.
Well, now that you've found me, I guess I might as well resign myself...
Lud and the others are waiting by the fountain in the main street!
I can't believe little Feliciano tricked me...
(What am I going to do?! He's getting really depressed!)
It's okay! He'll go back to normal when he sees Lud!
Yo, Lutz! I missed you, man!
(You were right...)
Good grief, why can't you just do your job without troubling Roderich and everyone else?
Aren't you supposed to say something to me before you start scolding me?
Please don't change the subject!
But you /are/ supposed to say something, aren't you, /Ludwig/?
... Your Majesty, the Emperor's aide Ludwig Beilschmidt Ära has returned.
That's better!
As for my job... I just can't be bothered to do it when you're not here!
You hardly do it even when I /am/ here!
Kiku, did you know Lud is the emperor's little brother?
I think most people would know the prince of their own nation, you know.
Er, right, of course!
It was also thanks to Ludwig that we got the permission in the marsh so easily and were allowed to spend the night at the checking station.
(Feliciano, there's nothing else you forgot to tell me, is there?)
I don't think so...
You're Kiku, right? I know you're in a hurry, so I'm sorry for making you waste your time.
You can tell me Saia's response as soon as we get to the castle.
Yes, sire.
I'll see you in the audience hall. Let's go, Lutz.
Feliciano, please take Peter to the guest room and then come with Kiku to the audience hall.
(Where is that?!)
I'll give you directions once we reach the castle!
(Be careful not to give me wrong directions or forget to tell me anything!)
We are in your hands, Feliciano.
Tsk, does Pete really have to wait in another room?
The audience hall is upstairs, and the guest room is in the right corridor.
There'll be a maid standing in front of the room, so I think you'll be able to tell which one it is right away.
You are Lord Ludwig's guests, right? Please, come in.
Wait here, okay, Peter?
Tsk. Pete wanted to hear the conversation, too.
It'll be just a report, so I'm sure you'd find it boring, anyway.
We'll be back soon!
If you say so. Pete is a good boy, so he'll obediently wait here.
Temporarily parted from Peter.
If you don't hurry up, they'll get mad at you, you know.
There have been complaints about noises coming from above the guest room every night.
There is no room above, though... How very odd.
Those stairs over there lead to the audience hall.
His Majesty the Emperor's wild behaviour is really troublesome.
... Then again, compared to the previous emperor... Oh, excuse me, I was talking to myself.