Road to 2012: Aiming High - Rowing Men's Eight

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Mo Sibhi: When I first heard it was going to be in London I was two years in the sport.
And I was initially drafted in by a talent ID scheme to win medals at the 2012 Games
wherever that was. And it was pretty exciting that it was in London. There was a big hype.
There was a big kind of ceremony in Trafalgar Square. It seemed so far away. And now seven
years down I am like ‘Man, it’s on my front door’.
Alex Partridge: I've been to two World Championships. We’ve got a lot of guys that have been there,
done that, bought the T-shirt and got the Gold medal. For a young athlete like me I
used to be able to sit there, watch them train, how they train how they recover, what they
are like, what their personality is. This is my third Olympic cycle. So I missed out
on my first Olympics through injury. So I have kind of been around the block a bit.
But what I learnt in Beijing was you can be the best trainer, you can be World Champion
as many times as you like. But the Olympics comes down to that finite window of time.
And if you don’t perform in that moment, on that day you’re not going to be an Olympic
Phelan Hill: One of the great things which makes our boat, which has gone so well is
the fact that there is diversity. But also with that diversity there is some respect.
So we are all prepared to listen to each other. No one person thinks their way is the right
way. Cox can be a bit of a lonely role sometimes. You are not actually a coach. And you’re
not also one of the rowers pulling. You are sort of like somewhere in between. It’s
like a half-way house.
Mo Sibhi: The key people that support us are defiantly our physios. They know us inside
out. You don’t want to see them. Because when you are not seeing them you know that
you are fit and healthy. We’ve got a set of tough coaches that push you on that pick
you up when you need to be picked up.
Alex Partridge: There’s a couple of things that have contributed to the British Team
being so strong this year. It’s good funding- UK Sport have provided a great base for all
of us to live off of, and investment from people who just want to see British athletes
do well. And I think that makes an enormous difference. Having the press behind you, and
your friends and family being there on the bank is going to be huge. When we cross that
finish line or when we are heading into that last 250 metres hearing people shouting your
name, not just the country, but your name is going to be a massive drive.
Mo Sibhi: It feels like a 9 to 5. We do it every single day. We get days off every three
weeks. So it’s a commitment that you have to make. The fun side of it is racing and
we do that a handful of times each year. I think we’ve probably got the strongest
team in the world. I think we’ve got the strongest team we have ever put forward to
an Olympiad.
Phelan Hill: If someone asked you if you can compete for your country and race in an Olympics
then that is just an amazing opportunity. I think coupled with that is that we’ve
got a great chance of an Olympic Gold. Which is going to be something which lives with
you for the rest of your life.