Healthy Eating Habits - English

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Hello, you're watching Your Health Matters from the Orange County Health Department.
This is a short informative video series on health topics that matter. This segment addresses
the importance of developing healthy eating habits. It's the best way to keep yourself
and the ones you love from developing obesity
and its complications.
Adults who are overweight or obese are at an increased risk for developing chronic illnesses.
Heart Disease, Diabetes Type II, High Blood Pressure,
Arthritis, Gall Bladder Disease are conditions that are basically due to chronic diseases
and obesity.
And research has shown that children who are
obese, overweight
tend to also become obese overweight as adults.
You can maintain a healthy weight by staying physically active
and carefully monitoring what you eat through portion control.
Well, a portion is the amount of food that you actually eat. It could be something that you
choose at home, something that's chosen for you at a restaurant,
or something that is chosen for you in a pre-packaged food,
uh, but actually it is the amount of food that you eat. You can make it as big or as large or small
as you want.
Don't rely on restaurants and food vendors to count your portions for you
or you may end up eating more than you think.
Average portion sizes have increased over the past twenty years.
That's part of the problems that we have to now, that the serving sizes have increased so much
in the last twenty years that restaurants actually serve portions are more
for two or three people than just for one person.
Control your portion size at restaurants by taking half of your meal home.
Stop eating when you begin to feel full.
And don't order sugary soft drinks.
Select meat cuts that are leaner, such as round cuts, sirloin
and also they should take and remove all the fat from the meat before they eat it. That will save a lot
of calories.
There are guidelines that you can use to measure your portion sizes.
A half a cup of cooked rice or pasta
is about the size of the light bulb.
Three ounces of
red meat,
chicken, or fish is about the size
of a deck of cards.
And half a cup of beans
is about the size of the light bulb.
Two tablespoons of peanut butter
is about the size of a golf ball.
There many things you can do, actually making some substitutions makes a big change
such as drinking more water rather than sweetened beverages such as sodas,
and other energy drinks.
You also can use cereals that are lower in
sugar or have no sugar added to it.
And you also can make
foods that are less salty, and cook at home,
and eat less packaged foods.
Pre-packaged and prepared foods can be very high in salt.
Those deals that some restaurants that offer you,
more food for a little extra money may seem like a great value but you end up consuming
more calories than you need.
Try to make more meals at home that way you can control the portion sizes. Remember
Your Health Matters at the Orange County Health Department.