[Eng Sub] Love Letter Ep. 147 -- feat. Super Junior Hangeng and Siwon (2/6)

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1 - 2 - 3!
Fourth kingka, Hangeng!
[Perfect popularity, Hangeng: Fourth kingka!]
The non-stop "king"-ka parade...
Kim Jong-Min! (T/N: "King-ka" parade because "Kim" sounds like "king")
[Hazy genuine youth, I'm Kim Jong-min!]
[excited!] [excited!]
[As to exactly why he is so joyous...]
What is this?
Aren't they all mine!?
[All this while, the ones that helped Jong-Min]
[Hyun-Young who had been with him on other programs]
Like shares, I'm going to invest in many places today
Hyun-Young exploded just now
[The reason is?]
Doesn't that mean that you're going to go for many women?
What is that? I know it's my first time, but all this while, you must have gone out with lots of people....
I thought Kim Jong-Min only liked me!
[Somehow Jong-Min became the main character in love]
I wonder who my real love is
[serious] [serious]
[playing around]
Take off that caterpillar on your neck!
1 - 2 -
[Threatening youth, Jong-Min, today's fate?]
Aren't you going to make threats?
You're all going to die!!
[Did the threat work?]
[Not possibly?]
[Jong-Min, acting like that's how it should be]
[Complaining poktans]
[Hazy threat, success today as well!!]
5 to 1, Kingka!
[Main man in love, Jong-Min: Fifth kingka!]
[There is one more person left]
What happens to that (last) person?
He becomes an automatic poktan.
[Who would it be?]
Perfect looks, heavenly voice, automatic poktan...
[Last person is?]
[Heavenly voice!]
[Come quickly]
[The spot of kingka is a bit missing...]
[Deprived of motivation]
Can't we retract Kim Jong-Min's place?
[There is nothing wrong with me!]
Is this some "jang-gi?" Talking about retracting... (T/N: Jang-gi is Korean chess)
Today, without a choice I'm a poktan, but I'll do my best, and make the girl I'm thinking of mine.
Good! We'll look for that. Music START!
[Brian's (trying his) best dance)
[Maybe me?]
[Aren't I polished/splendid?]
[Towards the one he loves,]
["Showing-off-muscle" dance]
[Hazy jealous boy, water ceremony]
Brian, poktan!
[Sensitive boy, Brian: Last poktan!]
Special dance, Super Junior!
[Anticipation x100, five guys' performance]
[2006 best shin-in Super Junior] (T/N: refers to the best newcomer award they won)
[Into the fantasy dance!!]
[Romantic Siwon]
[Gentle Hangeng]
[Autumn's man, autumn's story]
[We are Super Junior]
[Tough Eunhyuk]
[Cute Sungmin]
[Handsome Donghae]
[Their miracle dance]
[Five unrefusable guys]
[Love steps towards (the girls)]
[Towards love]
[Towards consistency]
[We're Super Junior]
Kingka team: Choi Siwon, Lee Jung, Yang Dong-Suk, Hangeng, Kim Jong-Min
Poktan team: Chun Myung-Hoon, Shin Jung-Hwan, Lee Sung-Won, Yoon Jung-Soo and Brian
"Love Bridge"
[Players have to dodge the balls that are thrown towards them and cross the bridge to the platform that is between both bridges.]
[Then they press the button to disconnect the bridge of the other team. The team of the player that disconnects the other team's bridge wins!]
The kingka's leader is Kim Jong-Min....
[Rise in status: kingka team's leader, Kim Jong-Min]
The real kingkas on the kingka team are in the back row?
[Two awkward people in the kingka spot.]
Let's hear the cheer of the kingka team first.
[Kingka team's cheer]
Hello! We are "Super Ajussi!" (T/N: Ajussi are older men)
[What's that~]
We will sing our current title song, "Leave."
[Title song "Leave" from group Super Ajussi]
Leave! Leave!
[Phrase meant to praise oneself, Super Ajussi]
[Poktan team's cheer]
Became a pok-pok-poktan,
For the reason of being good-looking~ POK!
For the reason of being burdensome~ POK!
For the reason of having a big face~ POK!
For the reason of being tall~ POK!
For the reason of dancing well~ POK!
While dancing happily, explode!~ BOOM!
While dancing happily, change into the kingkas!
Awww~ I didn't change~!
[Anyhow, a cheer that was somewhat organized]
Poktan team's first athlete!
Wait! Our team will pick by randomness!
[Like picking teams for the World Cup...]
Yoon Jung-Soo!
[Picking helper, handsome cheekbone man]
[Jung-Soo's opponent is?]
Hangeng, come out!
The reason I picked Hangeng is because now that he has come into the (TV) station...
you kept rising (in popularity). [Rise in popularity, Chinese boy]
[Trying to get some credit...]
Just do well yourself!
Who is it that taught you about broadcasting!?
Ho-Dong hyung.
[careful] [careful]
[On the other hand, Hangeng...]
[As soon as he started falls]
[Rule: a partner on the same team of the current player can throw the balls to prevent the opposing team member from moving forward]
[Out of the blue]
[Wow~ (Flipped back over)]
[But... Again...]
[Giver of misfortune and help, troublemaker Jung-Hwan chicken]
[In the end, Jung-Soo falls]
[If you fall on the way, you have to start from the beginning!]
[Trying to catch the ball...]
[An excited Jung-Hwan chicken]
Why are you trying to catch the ball?
Hangeng-hyung! You have to cross the bridge... [Siwon coaching Hangeng...]
Don't catch the ball~
[Again! Again!]
[Heated game]
[shaky] [shaky]
[Oh~ Hangeng! First to arrive]
Hangeng, don't press the button! Hangeng, don't press the button!
I'll help you, come quickly.
[Heavy blow]
[Hangeng, what are you thinking...]
[A reversed outcome]
[Perfect wit, Chinese boy]
He definitely now knows the way of Korean broadcasting!
[1st Round: Hangeng wins!]
Poktan team's Chun Myung-Hoon!