Pan Jezus - Cicha Noc (Odc.17) [Eng.Sub.]

Uploaded by gregornstein on 19.01.2011

Lord Hedgehog
Silent Night
Drinking in public?
We'll have to give you a ticket!
But we have permission!
As most humble servants, Pilate gave permission to her and to her.
Oh, you have permission from Pontius Pilate.
I see, in that case...carry on!
Who is it?!?
Open the door!!!
We're looking for Hedgehog Nazarenian!!!
There was no permission!
Liar liar pants on fire!
Even though he doesn't wear any pants, we still have a warrant for his arrest!!
Holy shit!
There's no one here by that name!
In the name of Caesar open this door!!
Or else, I'll let Ave kick out the door and talk to you in his own way!!!
We'll figure something out...
He's not here.
Boys! We're moving out!
Well, that was close. I'm sure they're gonna come back when the spring comes.
Yes, random sobriety checkpoints...
Oh shit! They're back!
Oh please, not these guys again!
...and I was hoping for a nice silent night...