JUNIEL(주니엘), MAMA Best New Female Artist nominee - INSITE TV

Uploaded by insiteTV1 on 21.08.2012

Hello! I am Juniel, singer of Ila Ila.
I am a singer-songwriter.
Singer-songwriter! It's Juniel, myself!
Limitless optimism.
Vigorous girl.
My nose! Isn't it pretty?
The most important memory in my music life.
Hello! I am Juniel.
Throwing first ball hiding face.
We are just having short time...
What I most want to do at this moment.
The hottest place 'Hongdae'.
Actor 'Lee Sungyun'.
Because his voice is awesome.
I guess dreams never come true.
Passing the bus stop in front of school...
That is my hobby!
When I climb rough mountian, I feel bliss.
The first TV show! 'Music Bank'.
I heard while sleeping, I do yoga.
I've never thought about it.
I will choose 'sexy'.
I can't do this yet.
The partner in my life.
Please give us many love and attention.