My Homemade Weed Whacker Boat Motor Build

Uploaded by Erich1870 on 27.08.2011

so today I'm going to tell you about my
homemade brushcutter
boat motor
it's uh... built out of a ryobi
thirty cc gas brush cutter / trimmer
there's also twenty eight cc engine models out there as well
it started out as
an expandable unit
with uh... a removable lower section uh... that
you could trade out
attachments for
as you can see this has to "B" thirty model
it's a thirty cc engine
two stroke
and uh... I painted it olive-drab
I printed first
you can see some of the white primer
and uh... you can see that some of the
components, the handle and uh...
choke lever um...
are made of a plastic but doesn't readily except paint even with primer
so its' warn off
it uses the stock gear head
and the shaft adapter
fits perfectly with
a youngs prop
it's made by youngs die cast aluminum prop
this is a model t-8, it spins clockwise
if you were to build
a uh...
long tail or a straight shaft version of this motor you would need to buy the t-10
because it's the identical
prop from the t-8 but it spins counter-clockwise
if you were to buy the opposite one
and put it on the other motor would go backwards
another important part
is the motor mount
i made mine out of aluminum flat stock
bent into
a u-shape
and uh...
it attaches to a clamp
that's actually
uh... made for circle track race cars, sprint cars
uh... modify class
this is an aluminum
ballast clamp
so it's a it's a clamped one-inch tube
and the racers use it to attach
weights to different parts of their
race cars too
affect their handling. it works perfectly to clamp securely onto the tube
and then in is the pivot point
controll the depths, running depth of the motor
um... the pivot point is something I made, it's a bolt
that i cut the head off
and then I basically used two jamb nuts
to uh... grip it onto the yoke
i guess you'd say, and then uh... this channel material is
for a uh...
depth stop
I uh... put a threaded rod in there
with a shoe
that cradles uh...
cradles the uh... tube
and uh... controls its debt. this brush cutter model comes with the
handlebar clamp
that works really well for the tiller handle
has built a
tiller handle out of uh...
electrical metal uh... conduit
this is uh...
this is just a prototype so I reused a handbrake cable
from a bike, a thrown away bike
so the cable itself is pretty rusty
and it works but it's not
I have it spliced together
with the original
throttle cable from the uh...
weed whacker
and uh... so because it's rusting inside I had to put in an extra return spring
but it works but it's not perfect
we also have uh...
right here is a splice for the kill switch
extended the wires to the um...
plastic uh... chinese
twist throttle
it works but there are better uh...
models out there. I'll go with another one next time
here's a closer look at the throttle
it's a rotary throttle and we have
the kill switch here
so this is a look at some of the parts that were used or discarded for this
this is actually the
half of the expandable unit
this gear head use to be
on this end of the shaft
it has been a wound
wire shaft
which uh...
it's not very strong, it's flexible
but it's uh... it's not as strong as the solid steel shaft at the upper section
the solid steel shaft
used to have a female receiver on it
that would mate up
with this male portion here
uh... this right here uh... used to be on the upper section
uh... cut it off it's a clamp that went on to the uh... lower portion there is a
spring-loaded pin
on the end down there
fit into this
uh... my also cut this
off of the upper section
so it will shorter
so that existing shaft length
would fit inside of the gear head
another important part
when uh...
building this homemade motor is having the
string head for this motor
it comes with this
shaft adapter
and the shaft adapter fits perfectly with the young prop uh...
the young's prop comes with a little role pin. You slide to prop on and you drill through
and insert this pin
it could be considered a shear pin as well and I'm going to install a bolt so
that if i hit something and I shear the pin off
prop will spin but it won't fall off because the bolt on the
will capture it
the brush cutter model comes with this foam u-shaped handle
if you buy the string cover, string trimmer model
it does not have
the uh...
handle clamp
and so you'd have to uh...
use some uh... other method to build your own tiller handle
brush cutter model comes with the tri-armed blade
and this brush cutter guard
this brush cutter guared used bolt on
to the three
ears on the
gear head
and so i will probably could skate on this um... some sort of
wire skank so that uh... it protects the lower played up the properties going
and i'm also considering
adding and then elation plate
some people call it uh...
cavitation plate that's action this number two then elation plate
air france where women and uh... reducing the drag
it one of the other market usually make
was to cut the front
parents and a lot
the species to made up
with the upfront
of the senate would add disagree hold it
that square hole up above is where the kill switch was and the uh... him
assembly was inside that hole there
estate uh... as much of the handles possible and i had the samples found
to key pieces together
this handle section is held off the motor by four hex head
they used to teach twenty-five hex head writer
and so
when i ask you this you'll see that
the uh... clutch bell and the clutch are inside
but i dont mates month cations in there
one of my patients and they must remove the clutch
you can see that this class was over he'd it has a blue tent to it
getting extremely hot
i found that the drag on the clutch is just too much
virtually engage
and so on what i did was
some steps that other and builders have used eight
removed the clutch and had
haptic let's lock up late may terminate themselves highly tends to be uh...
around aluminum desk
screws on in place of the clutch
and uh... hasn't years on it that
engage then modify clutch tram
and turn it into a direct drive
here's the disassembled
and jim and i have no housing
you can see that
for corks bolts
and inside here we have a spring
and then the mail
square and chapt
that slips into this female square receiver
that ties and into the courtroom
it's kind of hidden but inside here's another t twenty five
perk that
that uh... is required to take parts from all
off to the side you can see
one of the
to here's that
connects that
to the clubs lockout play his it near the crash lock up late
he can see on the clips from
whose modified there's a slot cut beachside
and it matches up with the tears
on free
this is uh... sold on the plate that's threaded just as the
uh... clutches
is a three a specially for thread
ten cell in a screws on in place of it
uh... i had a machinist make this a cost
by now and a half with his shop time
uh... which in my case is about ninety bucks
so it is that bit of an expensive part uh...
if there is a way to upgrade a collection of the keepers of the news
has any suggestions time let me know
uh... it's obvious that this little clattering here is not up to the task
preventing slippage
against this uh... clutch tram
uh... there's also an wilhite ambushing inside the
throat of the courtroom
uh... this is a part that
requires replacing from time to time because
that's where the clutch slides
when it's uh... not locked up
against the uh...
so you can see these marks on the shelf this is up
from one of my test runs when i was uh... valuing the proper and death
one of the issues that you
too shallow
the uh... props externally
which it sucks aaron can look at what excellent having a
whirlpool net juanita
and it means is uh...
force it's looks in the water and soap env surges
so you want to have your part
police emerge that you won't be so deep
that the uh... extra depth
uh... discogs more drag
so when i was doing was a-changing at the moment increments
and uh...
running a test to see
what made you can send the increase or decrease in speed was