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Man 1: Everybody welcome back to Adorama TV. This week we have a great iPad application
talk to you about. It is called Photoshop Express for the iPad. That's right, Photoshop
Express that you've known. It has been out there online. It is now ready for the iPad.
It is a free application which makes it even better.
It allows you to edit photos on the iPad and then you can share those with friends either
through email or on Facebook. You can even bring in photos that are from Picasa or Flickr,
or Facebook and edit those right on your iPad. So let's take a closer look at Photoshop Express
for the iPad.
Photoshop Express is an application from Adobe and when you first open the application you
get the screen right here. And it goes through a little tutorial for you that shows some
of the features of Photoshop Express. But really to get into the meat of it we'll go
here to this online button.
And when I push that, this is my online account and I have already created this account. If
you are first time into Photoshop Express, you are going to need to create an online
account to Photoshop.com and it's free. So it is not that big of a deal.
Now what I have done is, I only have two pictures in my online album. But you can on your desktop
computer bring in many, many albums. And you can connect your Photoshop.com account to
Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and a bunch of other online photo sharing applications.
So this here I can go and I can look at this photo right here. This is of Don Berger. I
can go to the other one. This is one that I am going to show you how to do today.
This is another picture of Don that I edited. You can tap this. Then you can click this
button right here. And you can share the photo with somebody either through the email. Or
you can also upload this to something like Facebook, which is pretty cool.
And if you've edited this on the online version on your desktop, you can push that little
button right here, and this will refresh the screen. So I am going to go back here and
let's do some editing really fast. And so I'll hit edit.
And the first thing that's going to come up is a screen that says select a photo. Now
unfortunately you can't bring in your images from your online portfolio and edit those.
You can upload it to the online portfolio and edit but you can't once you upload it
to online, edit it on iPad, which is unfortunate. But you can edit things that are already on
your iPad.
So I am going to go in here. I am going to go into ...let's see here...let's go into
this one. This is a photo of Don Berger that we took for previous episode of Adorama TV.
And I am going to bring in, let's say this image right here. And there is the photo that
I showed you earlier.
OK. Now I am going to go through some of the buttons down here. The first one is the crop
button, and this gives you some options. You can crop straight and rotate or flip.
So crop, if I push this, it gives me and I am going to hide these tips so they are not
showing up. But these tips will pop up throughout the application. If you are brand new it will
tell you what to do. But I can just drag these corners here and set this wherever I want
so I can crop this image.
So if I want to really tight crop let's say just her face right here, I will say OK and
then there is the crop. Now the nice thing is I can always undo what I have done. So
I didn't want that tight crop. So I'll select undo.
The other things I can do here, I can straighten an image. So let's say I wanted her face,
her eyes to be straight. Well I can just move that like that until I see that her eyes are
level. And I'll say OK and there we go, we have a nice straight image.
Again I want the full image, and so undo that. I'll go in here. Now rotate is pretty nice.
Now what this does is if you have sometimes when you import a photo it's upside down on
backwards, and so what you can do is, this will let you go in 90 degrees increments.
So you can rotate your image so it aligns up exactly the way it should be, which is
really, really a nice feature.
Now I'll go in here and show you the flip feature. And this will, say you wanted a mirror
image of this, I can just do that, and there it is. It is a mirror image. I can take it
back. If I want it upside down, I just flip it back. So it's really, really quick just
to do all these crop features. The next button over here, this is exposure, saturation tint,
black and white and contrast.
Now all these work in the same fashion. So if I hit exposure, what will happen is, if
I drag my finger to the right, you'll see at the very top there is a little indication
which says this is taking my exposure up by 60. Right in the middle is 0.
Or I can underexpose so that goes either plus or minus 60. And so I can adjust the exposure
which is really nice. And I cancel that so we have our exposure set to where it was before.
Saturation works the same way. So if I want it to be more saturated, I drag to the right
and you can see that Don becomes really orange and nasty. Or to the left she becomes a nice
black and white image. So there we have that.
The next one is tint and so you can drag right and left. Now, tint is pretty cool because
you get this little chart at the very top that shows you what kind of tint you are getting.
So from the reds to the blues to the greens, yellows, etc. So you can get maybe a nice
seep here if you want there. I'll cancel that.
And then black and white, it just goes to black and white. And then I'll undo that.
And then if you have this last one is contrast. Contrast works the same way, to the right
higher contrast, to the left lower contrast.
So it's really, really fast to do all those kinds of editing. Now you can also do some
things like sketch. Now, in Photoshop sketch is actually called posterize so you can have
different levels of posterization.
But in here it makes it look like a poster or a sketch and I can drag it to the right
so it looks more postery. Or to the left and it looks a little bit less postery or sketchy.
You'll like the sketchy application, I like that.
Or I can go in here, I can say soft focus. And what this does it makes things look like
the old grandma shops which I really don't like. What you can do it, when to the left,
it is less glamory. So, I'll undo that.
And then finally, we have sharpen. And sharpen starts out with no sharpening and as we go
to the right, more and more and more sharpening. And so you get something that's way over sharp.
But this is a really nice feature.
I wouldn't do that much sharpening. But if you have an image that you've edited and you
want to post it to your website or something, you can actually sharpen with Photoshop Express
which is really, really nice.
So that's what the icon does. And then last, we have some effects and borders. So these
effects, we have vibrance which adds some saturation. I can go and hit the next one,
that's [indecipherable 06:30] , they call it pop. I can hit this third one here. And
sometimes these don't take, so push this a couple of times.
There is a vineyard blur so there is actually Gotian word around the edge of this photo.
This has a warm vintage look, so it makes a little bit summery. This is a rainbow look.
It is so good, you can almost taste it.
And then we have this white glow here. So that makes it very, very white and blows out
on our face which I don't really like. And then I'll go to the last one, which is a soft
black and white.
So once you choose that, the nice thing is you can stack these effects so you can apply
one and apply another and apply another so you can do all kinds of different effects
on your image.
Now let's take a look at these borders. The borders, we have just a rectangular border
here, you can have some rounded edges, so you've got that sort of weird high school
1970s yearbook look.
And you've got this round border. So these first ones are very, very traditional. And
as we go through here you can see we've got a soft edge. That's a little bit of vineyard
around that, we can add this one here which is more of a vineyard with a straight edge
around it. And we've got this rough edge here that actually adds a really nice rough edge.
I am not sure you can see all that.
We've got this guy here which is a half tone border which really puts some big things there.
And then last we have this edge right here. So it is a film in motion. So really, really
nice effects that you can add to your image. So let's take this really fast one, and do
it. And I am going to show how you can really quickly take something and make it really,
really nice.
So I am going to add it black and white. When I take my contrast, when I take my contrast
way up, then I am going to say OK. I'll take this here. I am going to take this sharpening.
I am going to sharpen it so it is way over sharp.
So we have that there about 50 which is really cool. I'll say OK. Now add a border. So I
am going to add this half tone border around it. I'll say OK. That's there. I'll now hit
save. So now it's on my iPad and it is saved.
And then last but not least, I want to share this with some people. So I'll take this image
that I have manipulated. OK. Now it is there. I am going to take it from my saved photos.
There it is. Pops it right there.
And I'll hit upload. And I will save Facebook. And I've already logged into my Facebook and
I'll say Don Berger and it is really cool. And upload. And then just like that, it goes
to my Facebook account for everybody to see.
We'll that's Photoshop Express for the iPad. Remember if you have an iPad application that
you'd like us to take a look at, you can send that to me at askmark@adorama.com. Well, thanks
for joining us this week. And I'll see you next week.
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