Deaf Discrimination: Behind the Scenes at ABC's "What Would You Do?"

Uploaded by NTIDnews on 06.01.2011

>>MAYA: [Now we are here at my home.] [See, they are interviewing my parents about deaf workersí perspective]
[Iím not sure but I am very excited about tomorrow to see if other people will react.] [I wonder.]
>>HANNAH: [I don't know. It's exciting, but weird too with all the lights around us. It's strange.]
>>MAYA: [Yeah! It will be a great experience for us.]
>>HANNAH: [Our 5 minutes of fame.]
>>MAYA: [Yeah, yay!]
>>ACTRESS: Good morning. Good morning.
>>PRODUCER: Diana, this is Maya, and Hannah. Diana. The other mean manager.
So they'll alternate.
>>PRODUCER: OK, so you guys come up here, fill out a job application
and that little conversation goes back and forth.
They make clear, no, no.
Are you deaf? Yes,oh, yeah, I don't need any deaf people working here.
We're going to do this over and over again.
So even if you screw something up or flub up, or whatever, forget what you're doing
we're going to do it 10-20 more times.
Don't worry about it. OK?
>>>PRODUCER: When we're going to start shooting, he comes out with his camera.
And that's Jim, he's also a photographer.
>>PRODUCER: We're going to put microphones on you guys.
Remember those hidden cameras I showed you?
This is what they're seeing. So when you walk up to the counter, you're right there.
>>PRODUCER: You want to do our mics?
All right,great. What's your name?
Dan? Dan, this is Maya and Hannah. Dan.
>>DAN: It's going to go underneath...
>>PRODUCER: Don't start throwing stuff at him or making speeches or stuff.
I just want you to be like, try it a couple of times.
"Look, I've had jobs before. We can work this out. I don't need an interpreter."
Try two or three times to reason with him.
And when you come in and pick up a job application, "I want to fill out a job application"
and stand there keep it in your hands, and at a certain point Vince is going to take it out of your hands.
And that signals you to leave.
So you turn around, spend like a couple of minutes
putting your jacket on or getting your gloves on, we're purposely stretching that out a minute
to give people a chance to say something or do something
because if you turn around and scoot right out
they may feel like it is over.
>>HANNAH: So like if I'm talking with him and she's asking a question what's going on...
>>PRODUCER: Sure, that's fine.
>>MAYA: So I'll say what just happened.
>>ACTOR: And I'm playing it low key, correct?
>>PRODUCER: Right. To start with, you're nice, but you're just not going to hire a deaf person.
You're a reasonable discriminating guy.
>>ACTOR: I'm going to make it very clear in our conversation with my questions
to try to get out the fact that you are deaf.
>>PRODUCER: And also when they come in
they're going to be chatting with eachother.
So, oh my God, it's cold out. Whatever you want to talk about.
But don't talk about anything you don't want to be on TV!
>>HANNAH: I need a job application.
>>ACTOR: Yes! Who is it for?
>>HANNAH: I'm applying for a job.
>>HANNAH: Do you have any availability, right?
>>FEMALE PRODUCER ON RADIO: All right, let's get this guy. He's walking out with a tan shirt.
Bigger gentleman, brown hair, blue jeans. Nevermind. Don't bother about it.
>>RADIO: Copy.
>>PRODUCER: (inaudible)
They're actors.
>>ACTRESS: Can you hear? Are you deaf? Oh.
Well, you can fill out the job application but I don't think...
I'm not going to hire a deaf person.
>>MAYA: You're not going to hire a deaf person?
>>ACTRESS: No. Sorry.
>>MAYA: So I can't apply?
>>ACTRESS: You have the right to apply. But I'm sorry I'm not going to be using you.
>>HANNAH: But you have the job position?
>>ACTRESS: Right, but there's going to be training and working with other people.
I don't think it's a good fit with this business.
>>MAYA: You could write it down.
>>ACTRESS: Right, but I'm not going to hire a deaf person in this position.
>>MAYA: Because I'm deaf?
>>ACTRESS: Yes. Because you're deaf.
We'll, I'm sorry, but it's my decision. Can you tell her that I have a business to run?
I make the final decision. I'm sorry. But I'm not going to hire a deaf person.
All I can do is say I'm sorry. You can fill out the job application. But...
Well I'm just going to put "DEAF" on the top of it. Do you understand that?
>>PRODUCER: OK, we got it. We just want to get a shot of you pointing to your ear.
>>HANNAH: It was a lot of fun. It was nice to meet new people.
And the people here were really friendly.
>>MAYA: Yeah, it was a great experience to see what it was really like to be in a different
situation, to see what really goes on behind the scenes at ABC News.
I thought that was really fun.
I got to meet so many people and see the reactions of the unsuspecting.
It was a little unexpected but I really liked it.
It was very exciting and more than I could have expected.
>>MAN: Were you surprised at the reactions or disappointed or happy?
>>HANNAH: I thought more people would say something. That was disappointing.
>>MAYA: Right. Most people didn't react. But a few really did. That made me feel great.
For the most part, I agree with you.
>>HANNAH: Like the guy who said it was un-American!
>>MAYA: Right, this morning, woo-hoo!
>>MAN: What do you hope the people watching the show will come away with?
What do you hope they are educated about?
>>HANNAH: I think they should just know that deaf people can do anything pretty much. And
don't be afraid to speak up when you think something's wrong.
>>MAYA: Right. And look at all people as the same.
Don't focus on the differences. Focus on the fact that everyone is equal.
>>HANNAH: Good job!