How to Prepare your House for an Infant : Bottle Feeding Supplies for Newborns

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi, I'm Liz Hood on behalf of Expert Village and right now I am going to talk about stuff
that you need to get if you decide you are going to bottle feed your new baby. Now, there
are many types of brands of formula out on the market today, quite honestly generic brands
have everything that the non-generic brands have and they are about half price. Like this
Members Mark Infant Formual has seven milligrams of DHA and it also has enough iron, it compares
to Infamil and Similac which are both the name brand types of formula. It's every bit
as much DHA and ARA as Infamil has along with all the other nutritional ingredients. Now,
I got this as Sams Club for $20.00. You would get this exact same, you would have to pay
at least twice that to get this much Infamil and babies really do go through a lot of formual
very fast, you wouldn't think so but they really do. Another thing that you need to
get is little burp cloths. Quite personally the burp cloths that they sell specifically
for that purpose, I found to be kind of small and too thin and you could use once but it
would be too dirty and wet to use the next time. So, what I would do is I would just
use a hand towel, the same hand towel all day. You just have to kind of take it easy
on yourself those first couple of weeks because you already have enough to worry about and
no sleep so to make it easier on yourself it's definitely worth it. This I found was
much easier to kind of protect your clothes so that you don't have to wash your own clothes
that often or have to take them off after half the day or whatever because you have
spit up all over them. Anyway, this is better than that. Also, one thing you should also
get is just a little bib, it kind of catches any spill that the baby might have down its
side and in the creases of his neck and it's also a good drool catcher and stuff like that,
so bibs are great. One other thing that you might want to go ahead and get even if you
are breast feeding, these are milk pads to but in your bra, even if you do decide to
bottle feed, you will leak milk for a couple of weeks after the baby's birth any time you
hear them cry you will leak a little bit. This is to kind of keep your bra dry and to
keep you from leaking through, all the way through your clothes. I found these to be
extremely helfpul and comfortable. So, these are Gerber and they are kind of made a little
bit like a maxi-pad but these are great, they keep you, the inside of your bra dry. And
you definitely need some bottles, you know it's good to try different bottles. My son
actually preferred this bottle for about the first two months and then preferred this type
of nipple.