Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 3 ~ Traverse Town 2/3] (English Subs)

Uploaded by Cyberman65 on 13.07.2012

Riku: What the heck was that..? I fell asleep?
Riku: Where are Joshua and Beat?
??: How annoying!
??: Thanks, you helped me!
Shiki: I'm Shiki And you are?
Riku: Riku
Shiki: Thanks a lot Riku
Riku: Mh-hm
Shiki: Hey! That's it!?
Shiki: When a you're talking to a girl do you just leave with a "Mh-hm"?
Riku: I'm not used to it... Sorry.
Riku: But it's dangerous here, you should go home.
Shiki: Well then, don't leave me in a place like this. Shouldn't you protect litte ol' me?
Shiki: My knight in shining armor
Riku: Kn-knight? I'm not anything like that.
Shiki: I should really return this before I get in trouble...
Shiki: You're just gonna standing there?
Shiki: You remind me a lot of him
Shiki: Well, I'm counting on you Riku
Riku: Do what you will
Sora: Wow, I've never been here before!
Sora: What's that?
Sora: Hey
Sora: Are you by any chance Neku's partner?
Rhyme: I dunno... I dunno anything other than my name being Rhyme.
Sora: You don't have any memories?
Rhyme: That's right
Sora: Really...
Rhyme: Don't worry so much. I'm totally fine.
Rhyme: Memories come back at the slightest hint.
Sora: Is that right?
Rhyme: Yup
Sora: A hint...
Sora: Oh yeah, Neku may know something.
Sora: Follow me. Let's look for Neku!
Rhyme: Okay!