Speck CandyShell Grip for iPhone 4 / 4S Review

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 22.01.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a
review of the Speck CandyShell Grip for the iPhone 4
and 4S. The CandyShell Grip is still one of my favorite
cases for the iPod touch but now that it’s out for the
iPhone how does it stack up? At first glance very well.
Just like you would expect from a Speck CandyShell case
it’s a mixture between smooth, glossy plastic and soft
rubber. Not only does this look and feel very nice but
it also does a great job with protection. Between the
lay on the table design and the fairly thick sides of
the case this should do a great job in handling most drops.
Along the left side there is a large cutout for the mute
switch that will work for all versions of the iPhone 4
and 4S and a pair of rubber covers for the volume buttons.
One problem I had with the case for the iPod was that
these were a bit stiff when trying to change the volume
however I had no problem with the iPhone version of the case.
You’ll also see the ridged rubber inserts on either side
as well as on the back. Speck is marketing this towards gamers
to give you a better grip on the case, even when your hands
get sweaty. While I can’t exactly say I’ve ever dropped my
phone during intense gaming the texture does feel quite nice
and looks sharp. There are also four small bumps on the front
which are supposed to help you keep your fingers on any
virtual D-pads or buttons however I really can’t see myself
gaming at any kind of angle where they would be useful.
On bottom you have full access to your 30-pin dock connector
and both the speaker and microphone are clear. Up top you have
the sleep button which has a rubber overlay just like the volume
buttons and an opening for the headphone jack. On the back
you’ll see a very nicely sized cutout for the camera and flash
as well as the Speck logo. Overall I like the CandyShell Grip
quite a bit. It is slightly bulky but it makes up for that with
great design and looks. My only complaint would have to be the
price which at $35 is a bit hard to swallow...even for candy.
Awful jokes aside, thanks to Speck for providing this
case for review. If you enjoyed this video be sure to leave
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