Tito's Storyline 024 (English Subtitles)

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Ms. Carmen sent this especially for you. Now, if you don't want it... -If Carmen sent it, of course I want it. C'mon.
What a coincidence that you brought two plates, right? How did you know I was going to share with you? Come on, eat with me.
Well if you insist, right? It smells delicious. -Yeah.
What are you up to?
Are you still apartment hunting for the boss? -Bruno sent me a selection of apartments that might interest him.
Tomorrow I have to look at them with him.
With Bruno? The guy's kind of cool, right? I mean, he's kind of crazy, kind of strange, but cool.
Yeah, he's nice.
Look, this is Mateo. She is Pamela. -And what's the little one's name?
Lupita, like my mother.
And you haven't thought about bringing them over? Because Cristsóbal could help you.
Yeah, Cristóbal has told me. But stubborn Pamela says she won't live in no other place, other than Tlapetacl.
Better yet, when things get better in Mexico, I'll be moving back with them.
If I had such a beautiful family, I don't know if I would be able to live far away from them.
What do you mean hmm?
Well yeah, hmm.
What? I don't understand. Are you not going to say the classic, "Someday, Tito" or better yet, "Why not you?"
and why not?
Well, I get you, Tito. -You get what?
That you're gay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Where in the world do you get that idea that I'm gay?
You're not? -No! Of course not!
The fact that I haven't been able to find a woman doesn't mean I'm- -Yeah, of course. That's what my uncle Genaro used to say.
Your uncle Genaro? and.. uh.. -And my cousin Rafa, and also Tavo.
And how many relatives do you have that are....
Homosexual?? Oh, only two. Tavo is just a buddy. and you know what's the saddest part?
That out of the three of them, the only one that had enough balls to admit it, was Tavo.
To admit that one is gay, I believe you have to be very macho.
And what happened with them? -Well Tavo is content. He has his boyfriend and all of that.
At first his parents got a heart attack. His father still doesn't talk to him. But let me tell you something.
Out of the three of them, he's more or less the happiest. Rafa married to a poor girl who he doesn't love.
They fight ALL the time. They're very unhappy. And the worst thing is that they don't know why. They do know, but they don't acknowledge it.
And your uncle? -Oh, he never got married.
But he also never accepted himself. If he had ever had partners/boyfriends, now I don't know about that.
But one thing, he spent all his life talkning abdly about queers, and also trying to convince everyone that he was very macho.
But all of knew it wasn't like that.
He died alone. Alone and embittered.
Poor him.
It must be very sad. -I know, right?
Thank goodness you don't that that, 'problem'.
Did you solve the thing with Catalina, Bruno? Last night I found out that today my future father-in-law's campaign starts in Queens.
It would be fabulous for her to close by with her cameras.
Forget about Catalina. They're not going to keep on going with the Cinderella story.
For me, this is more like a 'Game Over', hot stuff. -Then take care of the other thing, are you capable of doing it?
You already know what your objective is, right? -Sara, I need to talk to you about some things.
What's wrong with you, Bruno? Speak, and leave that threatening tone behind.
I think it's a good moment to redefine our relationship, Sara. You know what? I got to go. I'm near to my objective.
Got a lot of work?
Just about enough.
Just in case (you ask), Cristóbal is not here.
I didn't come for Cristóbal. I came because of you, Tito.
Because of me?? I mean, did you bring me something to look at, or what?
Of course. I sent it all to your e-mail. Today we have a lot of work, Tito.
I'm not leaving from here, until we find an apartment for Cristóbal.
Today, you and I are one.