Erin Gray on The Guild! - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 12

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ERIN GRAY: What I did for The Guild.
I showed up on time.
I play a character--
what was my character's name again?
I forgot.
Madeleine, yes, of course.
God, how quickly we forget.

One day, Felicia calls.
And she says, hi.
I was told that you were great to work with.
I'd love to work with you.
I said, terrific.
And really still not knowing much about her, you know.
Something about a webisode series.
FELICIA DAY: Erin Gray is actually my agent for
And when I got the idea of a convention season, I was like,
well, we have to use Erin.
ERIN GRAY: Do you want to do it?
It's based on you.
But if you don't want to do it, I get it.
No problem.
Like, are you kidding?
I was so touched.
I was so shocked.
No one has ever done that before.
I mean, that's an actor dream.
FELICIA DAY: The cool part is I was able to write her a
whole part as an alternate character.
So she's not really playing herself.
She's playing a little version of herself.
VORK: Charity Maddox from Time Rings.
Sweet Jeh--

ERIN GRAY: Madeleine, I think, is a lot like me in many ways.
She's an actress who starred in a well-known sci-fi series.
So it's kind of like embracing my world, in a sense.
FELICIA DAY: I'm excited to share her part with the world
and just share how awesome Erin is.
ERIN GRAY: We all hung together in one large room,
let's say when we're on location at the hotel.
And we're telling stories.
And we're getting to know each other.
And there was a wonderful sense of
energy and family feeling.
And we instantly started to get to know each other and
support each other.
And I got that feeling from the entire cast, also having
worked with them first on the phone when I'm booking them at
But then to see them on set is to have the sense
that they're a team.
This is a family.
And they get along, and they work out whatever problems or
differences or things or challenges that life brings.
But you really get that sense of they're united together to
do this project, to create together, to have fun.
Almost like you're back in college, and
you're creating together.
And you're having fun.
And the egos are left at home kind of thing.