[ENG SUB] Dalmatian's Simon Is Kidnapped By A Crazy Fangirl (Predebut Hidden Camera Prank)

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Why is it so itchy? Why is it so itchy?
True tough guy should be full of fur like this.
Why aren't you going?
Ok, should we confirm again today's targets?
Target 1: Park Hyung Jun (Visual: 93, Popularity: 89) Total: %91 Target 2: Park Junho (Visual: 76) Target 3: Jang Kyungmin (Visual: 69)
What will happen to Park Junho and Jang Kyungmin?
I am really curious about that.
Let's look at target Park Junho's profile
Activity Area: Apgujong
Does he have girlfriend currently? -No
Dating Experience? -No
Woow, how can it be?
Girl type that he likes? -Skinny girls
Ideal type in celebrities? -Jennifer Love Hewitt
Style that he hates? -Girls who talk too much
Allowance? -600.000 won
Fashion Style? -Street hip-hop
Brand that he likes? -Beipuk
What? With that face and age, you haven't date before? How can there be such a lie!?
Let's look at his photos at internet first
This is completely Bigbang's TOP, I am in mood right now too.
He looks like SUJU - Kangin too
Paparazzi team who will be pulling prank, depart!
He is out! Let's look at where he is going.
He looks like Super Junior's Kangin
He is absorbed in music even in early morning
But where are you going? You can't be going to club at early morning
He is going to practice room
Let's look at what is he doing there
Junho is waiting someone at Apgujong
What are they doing, gathering all men?
Woow hip-hop club. I knew it would be like this.
No need for subtitles until 3:47, Just watch :)
2nd episode is starting, subject's "Noona's Dream"
Step 1: We will invite Park Junho saying "We will introduce you to a pro-musician"
Junho will come without knowing anything and at that time our program will start.
Step 2: Junho will be taken by scary hyungs and brought to a noona who is madly in love with him.
You are Park Junho right? We came to front of company.
He is out! He is coming.
You just need to get on.
Close your eyes. Close your eyes, you jerk!
(In other car, cameraman team is following them.) Isn't he screaming? -No, there is no sound coming.
What is your name? -Park Junho
How old are you? -I am 22
Is there someone that you want to see? -Yes
If you listen us, we will let you see them again -Yes, I understand
What is this? -But I can't see anything right now
What is this, a photo?
Ah that is, when I was in U.S.A, I got driver's license
Aren't you gathering your legs?
I told you to gather them!!
Are you comfortable? -Yes, I am comfortable
Forget it, forget it
Yah, sing something in Korean -I am sorry
Do I know that song? -I am sorry
Handsome guy is taken to somewhere 2 hours out of Seoul
Come to front
Let's apart with good feelings -Yes, I understand
Scary hyungs go out...
More scarier crazy's entry!
How do you feel? Are you scared? -Yes
Are you really scared? -Yes
Do you know who I am? -I don't know
I... love you so much
How old I look like?
Thirty? -Yes
Tell me again -25, 25
What? -In early 20's
In early 20's? -Yes
Oh! He is looking at camera!!
-How come? -He keeps looking at camera
Yah, look here. Where are you looking at?
Wait here. I will go and come again.
What will Junho, who is alone now, do?
Hmm.. He is just... desperate
---Just an explanation of situation---
Did you miss me? -Yes, I keep missing you.
Why you didn't miss me? You came here to meet me, your heart need to be about to explode.
There is someone you love, your heart... -Yes, it is excited, excited
Is this even acting? Maybe they really bring that kind of person there
Is it enough?
---Just an explanation of situation---
She calls responsible person and goes out.
-Are you scared? -Yes
Our boss may release you if you listen her well, so listen her.
Did she ask you to bring many guys here other than me?
( We didn't prepare an answer for that kind of question!)
Crazy woman who prepares cooking ingredients
I am making something to eat for you. Do I look lovable?
-Yes -I look lovable? -Yes
Is that so? Sing for me.
Can you sing? -Yes
Sing then
Hey! I told you to sing. Why aren't you singing?
You are really good at it
I will put on make-up on your face beautifully
With this, kiss my cheek. Here.
And this side
Lips too
Ahhhhhh don't do that! What is she doing!!!!
---Just an explanation of situation---
Put your head up and propose to me.
Propose to me
I .. love you -You love me?
Thank you
There is a problem -Why?
These guys are funny
-I am sorry -Are you scared?
I will do whatever you tell
-Really? -Yes
Whatever you tell. Please save me.
What you want to say as a farewell? -Please save me!
Don't you have anything else to say?
I really miss my mother. Please save me
Your mother? -Yes
I was not a good son to my mom. Let me ask for my mom's forgiveness. I really felt this today coming here.
I don't wanna cause any trouble
I don't have things like heroism either
I just... -Really?
1, 2, .. -I did wrong
Yah! Don't interrupt me!
1, 2
You need to come with me somewhere -Ok
I will do everything
Will you do whatever I say? Can I believe you?
We are from Humiliating Handsome Guys!
Me, what handsome guy?
That thing kept moving.
He still couldn't gather his strength
Ah sorry, really sorry, seriously sorry. We didn't mean to go this far.
Who are you?
Our crazy woman was kind of out of her mind
I thought "If this goes like this, she will ask to look at my pants."
Didn't you notice anything suspicious?
When I saw that thing moving, I thought "What is that?" but
I am not a celebrity. There is no reason to pull a prank on me with this much effort
There is no reason for me to get pranked.
Anyway, how do you feel now?
I survived.
I was so happy to see staff and my friends.
Anyway, that was really funny
I am ok.
---No more subtitles---