Big Fat Liar (4/10) Movie CLIP - I Think I Wrote It (2002) HD

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[ Preview Narrator ] In a time...
when a little lie...
can grow bigger...
and bigger,
one man will pay the price.
Next summer, people everywhere...
will stop and stare.
Marty Wolf Pictures presents...
Kenny Trooper,
the Big Fat Liar.
[ Kaylee ] What do you think? Wanna see it?
See it? I think I wrote it.
[ Dad ] Not that again,Jason. I'm telling you!
Wait a minute. This is it.
Big Fat Liar is already being touted as next summer's must-see movie event.
I recently sat down with Marty Wolf,
the mastermind behind this sure-to-be--
That's him! That's the guy from the limo.
- How'd you come up with this idea? - Some ideas you...
struggle and struggle with.
But the great ones, well, they just come to you.
Yeah! From my backpack, you loser!
-Jason. - Dad.
I'm serious. That guy stole my paper.
You have to believe me.
I can't.
I just don't trust you right now,Jas.