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Here at ASUU we are working hard to open your student government.
To hear your voice.
Create a more inclusive campus.
To reduce, reuse, recycle.
And expand our campus community.
All of our meetings are open to campus, with times, minutes and agendas available on the ASUU website.
To show where your student fees go, our budget is now online.
We have joined forces with the University of Utah's very own SPARK website.
SPARK is all about ideas that improve campus, inspiring them,
collecting them, sorting them and finally implementing them.
To get your idea started, go to
To make our office more inclusive, we're having diversity trainings each month.
This gives us the knowledge to better understand our diverse student population.
At ASUU, the goal this year is to reduce, reuse and recycle.
We have continued in the great tradition of Recycle Rice-Eccles, partnering
with the athletics department to continue to be a green and sustainable campus.
ASUU continues to bring quality events and traditions that bring us together, like Redfest, Rock the U,
Grand Kerfuffle, the free film series and performing arts events.
We started the Game on the Green series to bring campus
together, by cheering on our football team while they're away.
ASUU is home to over 550 student groups.
This year we have made it easier to apply for funding allocating
$419,000 to student organizations and providing marketing resources.
We are ASUU.
Your student government.
And your story begins here.