Os Barbixas - Improvável - Troca (Fábio Lins e Allan Benatti)

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Allan, Andy and Elidio will play "Quick Change".
For this game, Dani will get a text message.
The last text you sent or received.
Okay, we got a text...
'Nadi, I need to talk to you ASAP. Roseli T Gestiona'.
It's "Quick Change", go.
- Yeah? - There's a note for you on the fridge.
It's a note just like the one I wrote...
Did Gestiona leave you a note?
What were you leaving?
- 'Gestiona, I need to talk to you'. - 'Gestiona, need to talk to you ASAP'.
You two need to talk more, huh?
- I get it. - Change!
You get it.
- Nadi, aren't you getting my messages? - Change!
- What are you doing instead of talking to me? - Change!
- You don't talk to me, you're too relapse! - Change!
I wanted to talk to you, but you don't talk to me,
so it's better if we don't talk to each other anymore!
No, Ge, I was just writing a note saying I wanna talk to you!
What was it?
He was hitting on Cariola!
- Pig! - Change!
- Son of a bitch! - Change!
- Bastard! - Change!
- See? - Ge, help me with a plan, I want revenge...
- I won't go into this house with him inside! - Change!
- I won't go into this stinking house! - Change!
This house stinks beceuse he's in it!
- That's no reason to... - Each photo with your husband will be 10 dollars.
- I'm a real detective, I won't talk to anyone and nobody else will see the pictures. - Change!
- It's 5,50 each photo, you get a 32 exposures film, super trendy... - Change!
- It's all digital, I'll post it on YouTube, It'll be a hit... - Change!
- It will be on Newsweek's cover, no bullshit... - Change!
It will be on New York Times, Newsweek and I'll put on YouTube,
with the tags 'boobs' and 'cute kittens', so everybody will watch!
That's what I want, humiliation!
I want the world to see!
- Nice! - There he is, there he is...
He's normal, on the street, looks like he's eating an apple...
- I like eating apples. That's what I do in my life. - Change!
- I like eating apples while drinking water, that's what I do in life. - Change!
I like eating apples while... My God, look who's here!
They're getting close, looks like they know each other!
Hey baby, how you're doing?
Not yet!
I need to say something!
Hey, what are you doing?
There's no more pictures!
Here! The disc with all the pictures.
He broke my camera, so it's gonna cost you more.
No problem. We'll spread it in the media,
in the high society, the low society, the medium society!
Honey, I...
- I bought another one, smart-ass! - What is he doing here?
- What are you doing here? - Change!
What is he doing here?
- I know you maybe knew she was with me, but... - Change!
- I know that I knew I was with her, but you didn't know. - Change!
I know this is on us, but we have nothing to do with we being here.
Meaning... That's no excuse!
Bernardo, if you ever start to make sense...
- I'll marry you again, but now I'm divorcing you! - Change!
- Leaving you! - Change!
- Breaking up with you! - Change!
Exploding you!
Beacuse I can't take it anymore!
You'll see what happens to your image and...
It'll happen the same thing that happened to her and this knife...
- I killed her! - Change!
- I deceased her! - Change!
Yeah, move over a little bit, you're out of the frame... That's it!
- All right, kill her! - And the same thing will happen to you!
I'm filming it!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.