How to Make Homemade Yeast Rolls : Pre-Baking Steps for Homemade Yeast Rolls

Uploaded by expertvillage on 24.10.2008

This is Peggy Charlton on Expert Village on how to make great yeast rolls. Now you put
the eggs in before you put your flour mixture in. Like I said, if you still have a little
Crisco and it is floating around it is okay. At this time I'm going to add my flour and
it takes 6 cups so you need to get. It is great if you have one of these really big
measuring cups. Let me see. Let's get the glasses. Let me see if I have, I only have
4 in there. Let me add some more. Okay I have my 6 cups. Now this is, you just don't put
the whole thing in there you have to gradually put your flour in there. Let me repeat you
do not want to just throw it in your flour all at once. Just gradually do it. Maybe a
couple of cups at a time.