Five Resume Tips for College Students

Uploaded by StudentDevelopmentCo on 13.12.2011

Hey guys, Michael Murray here, President and co-founder of The Student Development Company.
Every year we receive applications and resumes from hundreds of college students applying
for our summer internship program. Today, I’m going to share with you my top five
resume tips to help you avoid some of the mistakes that we see.
All right, the first resume tip deals with the length of your resumé. It’s a common
question – how long should my resume be? I’m here to tell you try to keep your resume
to one page. The person reading through the resumes isn’t going to want to take the
time to look through multiple pages of your resume. Make sure you keep your resume short
and sweet, keep your résumé to one page.
The second tip deals with your contact information. Make sure you clearly state your contact information
at the top of your resume. Make sure you have a mailing address, a current phone number
(usually a cell phone number) as well as a current email address. A common mistake that
we see is putting both your permanent information where your parents live as well as your current
information. There’s no reason to put down y our parents’ address or especially your
parents’ phone number, it’s only going to cause confusion. What I suggest is right
at the center top of your resume, put all of your contact information. You’ll be all
set to go.
The third tip deals with make sure you put everything in chronological order. When describing
your past work experiences, for example. Start with your most recent or current job followed
by your previous jobs in order of when you had them. Also remember to use the correct
tense. Anytime you’re talking about something that you’ve done in the past you want to
make sure you put everything in past tense. When you’re discussing a work experience
that you’re currently doing you want make sure you use the present tense.
The fourth tip is to be specific. Use numbers when appropriate. For example, if last summer
you had an internship with a marketing agency and one of your projects was to try to drive
more traffic to one of the customer’s websites, talk about that. Explain how you were able
to do that. Even give the numbers. What percentages were you able to drive more traffic to their
The fifth tip is to avoid what I like to call the “no shit” stuff. For example, “References
available upon request.” No shit! I know that if I want your references, you’re going
to provide them for me or else you’re not going to be considered for the job. So avoid
little things like that that are really just used to take up space.
If you’re honest and you follow these tips, you’re going to have no problem getting
the attention of employers and getting the job that you want. Again, my name is Michael
Murray. I wish you nothing but the best of luck! I’d love to hear any comments that
you might have and I encourage you to check out our website (
for more useful tips and also to check out our information. Thanks for taking the time,
have a great day!