How to change the motor in a Dyson DC08 vacuum cleaner

Uploaded by VacuumSmart on 02.12.2010

>> ALEC: This step is to get rid of your dust container, all you have to do is push the
latch in here and pull that away. Now, I recommend keeping everything nice and neat,
so you can access it later. Next part, just use your finger here, and lift up that. That
allows your filter door to move out of the way. Flat-blade screwdriver just goes in between
this section and the arm, then gently twist that
out, and that will pop away. Put that aside as well, along with your filter. Now the next
part, you have to take off both rear wheels. Flat-blade screwdriver goes inside between
the wheel and the body. Push it in a couple of inches and that will lift off. Put that
one aside. Then the same here, just in a couple of inches.
Just to show you, I'm only putting in that far.
Then away it comes. Now, there are six screws to get access to the motor cavity, and you
are going to need a number 15 Torques driver to undo them. The screws are here, one, two,
three up here, four in there, five and six on the wheel hub again. I'm just going to
quickly undo these. Now, as you are doing this, really pay attention to how neatly you
keep your gear. If you put it back together and you have a
screw left over, if you started with a nice, clean bench, you will know it was relating
to this project.
The other thing is, whilst you are opening this up, it's a good opportunity to check
for any material that is inside the motor cavity and to get that out. There is no point
replacing a motor if it's going to be immediately inundated
with dust and muck. That will shorten it's life straight away.
OK, all those screws are undone now. What's going to happen here is this whole back end
will come away. What you have to do first though is just pull out a foot or two of your
cord retract, because if you don't, when you pull it out,
the plug is actually going to force the cord retract to fall out, and it's just one more
thing you are going to have to align properly. Now this just comes away. I'll pick the screws
that I didn't quite grab before. Now, what we can see here, is with this machine, you
have easy access to the cord reel, the motor chamber and the switch, all in the
one go. Now, today we are going to look at the motor. All I need to do to pull this out,
is to literally lift this whole chamber, like that.
To make it a little bit easier for myself, I'm going to un-clip, you can just see here
I am undoing those. Now, what I'm going to do is release this blue wire,
which comes from the cord retract. Then my brown, which is also from the retract. That
gives me access to the whole motor chamber, and we have it here. To release it,
just put your screwdriver back in here and lever it up, turn it around and do the same
to all four points.
Just loosen it up, and there we go. The lid comes off, and you can put that aside. OK,
now we have access to our motor, all we have to do is just lift him out like a paddy-cake.
That comes out like that. Now, just remember that we have brown and red connected, so we
can disconnect those. Then blue and black. It may be a different colour combination on
yours, but if you just connect them back in the same
order, then you are set. There is nothing wrong with our motor, but I am going to point
out that this is a YDK type of motor. Now, the other type of motor that is commonly used
by Dyson is a PANA motor. You can't take a PANA motor out and put a YDK motor back in.
They are slightly different in this fan shape here,
and they just won't fit. So, just be aware to replace a YDK motor with another YDK. Now,
in this case we are just going to put it straight back in. So, red and brown went together,
like so. Then, blue and black. At this point, we have
to look down inside our cavity and see that we actually have a locator here, which we
are going to need to extract because it makes it a lot
easier if you put this onto the motor itself. Now, it will only fit in to one set of of
screw holes, so as long as it's sitting in there nice and plush, it's in the right spot.
OK, now we have our locator positioned. What we have to notice, is that there are three
points on our locator. That is going to line up with the three points in our base.
All we have to do is just lift this on,
give that a little wiggle, and see how we have now got our locator lining up here. Flip
it back over, and our motor is sitting in there exactly how it is meant to be.
Now, we are going to grab our lid, and notice that we have one arrow around that motor.
That points to the switch. So, if you just line it up, then press that down, press on
each tab.
Once you have those four clicks, the motor is now ready to fit back in. Now, remembering
that your switch is on the left, and the terminals go toward the outside of the machine.
What we are going to do is just hook up our wires, brown going to the switch. Then, blue
to the other blue connector. At this point, we have to do a little jiggle, and we are
lining up this whole square boot here with the back
of the Dyson. These two lugs here have to go into place in there and there. So, what
you have to do is generally position that like so,
that's not quite in, like so. Put your switch back in. Now, there is a little step that
the switch sits on, see there? Then that sits into place. Now, we have to tuck our cords
back into their little locator's,
like this.
now I'm just repositioning the cord retract, but I'm going to do that in another video.
OK, now with everything sitting there, the easiest way to do this is to loosely fit the
back end on, and then tilt the whole machine up. What this
is going to do is allow the motor to sit in there pretty straight. Now, you will never
have to force this to make it sit in properly. It will line up evenly all around. If it's
not, then something is not quite aligned inside. Before you put any screws on, just pull your
cord out and test if it runs freely. That let's you know that your retract is sitting
exactly where it is meant to be. From here, I'm just going to quickly put our screws back
Remember there is two on each side, where the wheel goes in. One above the fan unit.
One located to the left of the, uh, cord retract button.
OK, so that is all screwed back together. All we have to do now is fit our filter cover
on. Put one locator here in place and just gently push that one on.
Our filter with the hole side out. Lock that in. Our wheels go back on with the tongues
lining up with our circles here. There is a moderate amount of force required to put
those back on.
Then our dust container back in. So, that's how to fit a Dyson DC08 motor, from Smart
Alec at VacuumSpot.