Lego Star Wars - Death Star Tales 2

Uploaded by AlNickelsFilms on 05.08.2010

It's time once again for another exciting edition of...
Tales from the Death Star
Tonight's episode
Attention all Death Star personnel.
Due to the tragedy that occurred earlier, work has been canceled for the rest of the day.
Please feel free to return to your living quarters at this time.
Be advised; full day work will resume tomorrow starting with a meeting of all personnel
in Conference Room 7G.
Attendance is mandatory. Thank you.
...and so...
Glad you could make it...
...five minutes late!
As I was saying...
because of what happened yesterday, Human Resources felt it was important to give everyone the
opportunity to express their feelings, to share
and express their sorrow.
And so, we have for you today,
a grief
Hello, my name is Trevor
and I'm a grief counselor.
I'm here today to help you work through your emotions
and to let you know
that it's okay to remember your fallen comrade
and it's okay
the be sad.
Let's start by sharing memories of your coworker.
Who wants to start?
Anyone? Anyone at all?
Yes, you!
Ummmm...he could...
Good. More.
He kept his blaster really clean.
This is good. This is very good.
Let's keep it going!
[Gentle piano music]
Well, we sure did make a lot of progress today
and I hope you can all feel better as you go about your day.
Thank you for your attention.
I must say,
that went very well.
- Thank you for coming in today. - Yes, thank you.
It did go well!
Now don't take this the wrong way, since the only time I'm ever out here is after a death,
but let's hope of we never meet again!
Hmm, mmh. Indeed!
- Hey watch it! - You watch it!
What did you say?
Screw you!
Uhg ugh ghh...
Ug ugh uhhhhhhhhh...
Same time tomorrow morning?
Tune in next time for another exciting edition of...
Tales from the Death Star!