Adventures In Service | ATVs and Zip Lines (Part 3)

Uploaded by TheBechtelSummit on 29.04.2011

In our last Adventures in Service, Venturing crew 365 participated in a
new ATV pilot program sponsored by the BSA and the ATV Safety Institute.
While the crew thoroughly enjoyed their 4-wheeled trip through the woods
it wasn't the only rush they would experience that day.
We also went down the zip line. It's half a mile long, which makes it the longest zip line east of the Mississippi.
And we got up to speeds like 60 miles per hour.
And even though it was raining a little bit, that's okay.
It was a great time, with friends, racing down the mountain and the scenery is just gorgeous.
It kind of adds to the experience, to have rain in your face.
It's not everyday that you're going to do a zip line in pouring rain, so it was fun.
The zip lining, we went through our little talks to see the safety precautions and everything like that,
how it works, and then we put on our harnesses and they drove us to the top of the hill and then
They've got two points to start from and boards going across them like starting blocks.
They lean you up against those when both people are ready and then on 3, 2, 1, GO, they lift both of them.
And then you take off you want to curl into a ball.
You shoot out of this gate and then I did the luge cause I wanted maximum speed cause that's the only way to have fun.
And then you just go and it's a lot of fun.
It's really cool to see everything from that perspective and just go down really fast
You're at the end in no time. It lasts about 45 seconds, but it seems like no time at all.
And you want to get back up there and do it again.
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