Firefighter Tools : Firefighter Tools: Personal Escape Rope

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.09.2008

One of the most important tools a firefighter can carry, is known as the personal escape
rope. Personal escape rope is usually eight or nine millimeters kermantel rope that can
be carried inside of a bag or just coiled and kept inside of the bunker pants pocket.
The personal escape rope, I would recommend, be tied off, or pre-tied to a D-ring or carabiner,
so that this can be quickly wrapped around a quick anchor point, such as a stud in a
wall, a tool placed in a corner of the window, behind the door hinge inside of an interior
room, or anything else that will suffice as an anchor point. Then quickly, this personal
escape rope can be deployed from an upper floor, the firefighter can wrap that personal
escape rope around their body, an air cylinder, bail out of the window, and use their body
as a breaking device, to slide this rope to the ground. When a ladders not in place, as
a secondary means of egress from an upper floor, the personal escape rope is one of
the most important tools, that will allow a firefighter to get out of harms way, when
flash over is starting to occur, or they become lost or disoriented, or out of air. The personal
escape rope is one of the tools, that every fire fighter should carry. I carry at least
seventy-five feet in length, so I can get down from an upper floor window, higher than
two or three floors. The personal escape rope.