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You didn't have to come with me, Father.
I couldn't let you come 4,000 miles alone.
You've never even met this man.
I don't need to meet him to know that he's a prophet.

God knows the situation of all His children.
He has provided for theirsalvation.
My calling is to bear witness
that Jesus is the Christ.
To Him every soul is precious.
That is why this work is so important.
Never get discouraged brethren.
Joseph, the governor insists that we come to Carthage.
Hyrum, if we go to Carthage we will not
come back alive.
So what do we do?
How can you be so certain this man is a prophet?
I've read his teachings,
and I've prayed to know the truth.
We've three more days until we get there, Father.
Read of him for yourself.
I don't blame anyone for not believing my history.
If I had not experienced what I have,
I might not believe it myself.
I will not let you do it.
Be reasonable Mrs. Smith.
What kind of life would he have?
The bone and tissue are both infected.
It happens sometimes after typhoid fever.
Unless we remove the leg
the infection will keep spreading.
There must be another way.
Well, there is one possible procedure.
It is an unproved and complicated surgery.
What's gonna happen, Alvin?
Don't be afraid, Joseph.
God will take care of you.
He doesn't want you to have to watch.
Bite on this, Joseph.
Stay away. Please.
The trials which I have passed through
seem but a small thing to me.
We were taught to trust in God and always
take care of each other.
First you walk, and then you run.
Hold on tight, little brother.
We're almost home, boys.
Alvin. We're ready for more.
Coming, Mother!
Alvin was my oldest brother.
He was a hero in my eyes.
Two more, Joseph.
So was my brother Hyrum.
At an early age I became concerned
about the welfare of my soul.
But the designs of God regarding
His plan of salvation were little understood in that day.
You seem to be a God-fearing man,
but I don't see you with your family in my congregation.
Well, it seems that preaching nowadays
teaches folks to fear God too much,
trust in Him too little.
You're a difficult man, Mr. Smith.
I don't mean to be.
I'm just concerned for your salvation.
Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!
Obey His word or risk His terrible indignation!
Will you be saved?
Will any of you be saved?
Now God determined long before this world was
who would be saved and who would not.
There is nothing to do but search your heart
to see if God has chosen you.
" I will rise and go to Jesus.
He'll embrace me in his arms "
Have you ever wondered what we need to do to be saved?
You worry too much, little brother.
But I need to know.
If you embrace false doctrine and unite yourself
with a corrupt church, you can expect
coldness and darkness all your life.
During this time my mind was called up
to serious reflection and great uneasiness.
I determined to investigate the subject more fully.
Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.
Come on, pull, Sophronia!
Therefore, we must repent and be baptized!
You realize that Alvin has not been baptized;
neither have you.
Without it you cannot be saved.
I often asked myself,
What is to be done and how shall I know it?
I was one day reading the Epistle of James:
''If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.''
The words came with great force into my heart.
I reflected upon them again and again.
At length I came to the conclusion
that I must do as James directs.
That is, ask of God.
It was on the morning of a beautiful, clear day,
early in the spring of 1820.
I kneeled down and began to offer up
the desires of my heart to God.
I was seized upon by some power,
an actual being from the unseen world.
Exerting all my strength to call upon God
I saw a pillar of light.
I saw two Personages.
One of them spake unto me.
Joseph, this is My Beloved Son.
Hear Him!
I am Jesus Christ,
I saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.
They did in reality speak to me.
I knew it, and I knew that God knew it.
And I could not deny it.
I was told in the vision
to join none of the churches,
but that the gospel in its fulness was
about to be restored.
I'm grateful for your help, Joseph.
But you must know how I feel.
There are no such things as visions
and revelations in these days.
All of that ceased with the Apostles
and there will never be any more of it.
Don't speak of it further; it will only bring you grief.
Who you calling old, huh?
Don't you start with me.
Oh, I'll start with ya and I'll finish with ya.
Get him! Get him!
Mind your own business, Smith.
Worry about your brother.
Hey, Joseph!
You seen any visions lately?
Three years passed.
Then, one night as I was calling upon God,
a heavenly messenger appeared.
He said that his name was Moroni,
that God had a work for me to do.
He told me of an ancient record which contained
a fulness of the gospel.
In time the record would be translated
and published as the Book of Mormon.
Until then, I was to wait and prepare.
Some sort of internal blockage.
What do we do to treat it?
I'm sorry.
I've done everything I know how to do.
Hyrum, you're the oldest now.
The two of you.
Take care of Mother and Father.
Take care of each other.
Joseph, do everything you can to obtain the record.
God has given travail to the sons of man.
For dust we are, and unto dust shall we return.
Perhaps God is trying to warn you, Joseph.
Alvin is lost but there is still hope for you.
Forget these foolish notions.
It gave me great cause to wonder,
What is the purpose of coming into existence --
to live, then die and be no more?
It seemed that God would surely reveal more on the subject.
There are all kinds of fish in the sea, Emma.
You're not getting any younger.
Mother, even if I were trying to catch a husband,
I would never fish in shallow waters.
Father has heard some stories.
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.
That's what I did.
I've thought a great deal about what you told me.
I believe you.
Emma's parents did not approve,
but we were married the following year.
We named our first son Alvin.
He lived only a few hours.
Together we have witnessed many sorrows.
Death has taken four more of our children.
The Lord calls us in our weakness,
but He qualifies us for His work.
At length, the time arrived to translate the record.
All men must repent and be baptized in His name.
How are we to be baptized?
I don't know.
We inquired of the Lord.
A messenger from heaven descended
in a cloud of light.
John the Baptist laid his hands upon our heads
and conferred the authority to baptize.
Peter, James, and John restored the keys
of a new dispensation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The record was translated by the gift and power of God.
It was published as the Book of Mormon.
It is a witness to all the world that
Jesus is the Christ.
Are you still determined to organize this church of yours?
The Lord has commanded it, but it is not my church.
It is His.
It is the Church of Jesus Christ.
Mr. Smith, forgive the intrusion.
But I wonder, could you tell me more about that book?
Yes, yes I could.
Brothers and sisters,
I propose if we are all in agreement,
that we proceed and organize ourselves
as a church according to the commandments of God.
O God, the Eternal Father, we ask Thee...
I do not believe in your religion, Mr. Smith.
But I do thank you for your kindness.
You might say that is our religion, ma'am.
I've never been thrown by anyone,
so I'll just apologize now, Brother Joseph.
Sometimes the Lord brings us low
before He can lift us higher.
Have you begun?
When you climb a ladder,
you must begin at the bottom and go step by step
until you reach the top.
So it is with the principles of salvation.
These Mormons will soon be taking over the whole county.
Can you imagine picking up and leaving everything
behind on the word of a so-called prophet?
I hear they worship Joseph Smith!
Well, there's one way to find out.
Yes, Mother?
My new friend here has a question.
We only worship God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.
And all this talk of revelation?
That is how we learn His will.
What makes you so certain Mr. Smith that God even cares?
He does care.
And you can know it
but first you have to trust Him.
We talk of Christ.
We rejoice in Christ.
We preach and prophesy of Christ
that our children may know to what source
they may look for a remission of their sins.
There will always be opposition.
How much do we have to endure?
Perhaps I am meant to swim in deep water.
Better deep than shallow.
Pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart
that you may be filled with His love.
God has restored to the earth the spirit
of prophecy and of revelation.
I am a witness that Jesus is the Christ.
He invites all men to repent and to come unto Him.
He will bear our grief.
He will carry our burdens.
Come on, fellas.
Morning Brigham.
Come on, boys!
Brother Joseph.
Wait for me!
Sam, come on! Come on!
Get on my back. Come on!
We can still win! We can still win!
You better run, boys!
Were coming up right behind ya!
Brethren, I have just met one of our newcomers.
He has sacrificed a great deal to come here.
He has lost his wife and he has three small children.
They have nowhere to live.
Lyman, know how to use a hammer?
Brother Joseph, I don't know what to say.
Just tell her how you feel.
She'll listen.
Oh no, I meant to thank you.
Papa likes you.
So, it's the floor again?
They have no place else to sleep tonight.
We're almost finished with their new house
except for the roof.
and a couple of walls.
The Lord has commanded us to build a temple here.
I only know that we are to do it.
And how long did it take you to put up two walls?
Keep up the good work, brethren.
You've got a good heart, Lyman.
I certainly hope you've got a good eye.
I'm just an ordinary man.
The Lord calls ordinary men.
But how can he call someone like me
to be an Apostle?
You have been prepared, Brigham.
The Lord takes raw materials; shapes them and refines them.
The Lord has great things in mind for you, Brigham;
greater than you have ever dreamed of.
Brigham Young, in the name of Jesus Christ,
we lay our hands upon your head.
Let's see, that's why we need a plan.
So when will the Lord reveal the full plan?
My mission is to testify.
This should be our finest work, brethren.
Nothing but the best for the Lord.
We're not just building a temple here,
the Lord is building us.
The Lord did build us in wonderful ways.
He revealed every truth, every principle,
every doctrine pertaining to life and salvation.
God is the Father of our spirits.
Jesus Christ is His Son.
Their work and Their glory is to bring to pass
the immortality and eternal life of man.
Prophecy was fulfilled.
The Lord did come to His temple.
Behold, I have accepted this house.
Other heavenly messengers appeared.
Moses, Elias, and Elijah.
The Lord revealed that
''all who die without a knowledge of the gospel,
who would have received it shall be heirs
of the kingdom of God.''
Shall be heirs of the kingdom of God.
I think Mother would've believed that.
When we are accomplishing the most good,
the greatest opposition comes.
Even Oliver has turned against him,
as have many others.
They let pride rob them of faith.
Is the same thing happening to you?
He asks too much of people.
Its time we got rid of these Mormons for good.
And if we need to kill Joe Smith to do it
all the better.
How can we leave this behind Joseph?
It's not safe to stay.
Will things be better in Missouri?
You told us to gather in Ohio.
We gave up everything to go.
You said to build a temple.
We had to leave it.
What more do you want us to do?
It's what the Lord wants that matters.
We must trust Him.
And if faith's not enough?
Then what?
Missouri proved a refiner's fire.
Intolerance and misunderstanding increased.
Rumor and slander flew. In the confusion,
the governor issued an order to drive us from the state.
General Lucas?
I was told you wanted to talk with me?
Here are your prisoners, General,
as we agreed.
We only came because we had your word of honor.
Well, you sir were misinformed.
Gentlemen Gentlemen please!
Tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock,
General Doniphan and his brigade will take these men
to the town square in Far West
and he will shoot them!
This is cold-blooded murder.
These men are innocent.
I will not obey your order.
And if you execute them, I will hold you responsible
before an earthly tribunal so help me God.
I knew they were gonna betray him.
You knew?
And you didn't warn him?
Prophesy, Smith!
Give us one of your revelations.
Tell us, Joe,
which Mormon house is gonna burn tonight?
The Lord invites all men to repent
and come unto Him.
Hey, you ever actually kill a Mormon?
Two, maybe three.
Course the youngins, they don't count for nothing.
Yeah, but they make good for target practice!
These men are past feeling, Joseph.
Nits grow into lice.
No one here is going to listen.
Hey! You know that blacksmith out there in Far West?
He claimed I owed him some money.
Well, we paid him a little visit.
Near beat him half to death!
Shoulda seen the look on his face when he saw
that place go up in smoke!
Because his kids were inside the house!
They were screaming like pigs!
His missus. Now, she put up a fight.
Silence! Silence!
Silence, ye fiends of the infernal pit.
In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you
and command you to be still.
I will not live another minute and hear such language.
Cease such talk, or you or I die this instant!
The worth of every soul is great in the eyes of God.
Will I see them again?
My doll!
Why don't you keep your so-called revelations to yourself!
Hey, Joe!
This faith of yours is such a waste.
Seem's that God's forgotten you.
Get yourself up here.
Don't you try nothing.
It's so good to see you.
I love you.
I've brought someone to meet you.
We have a fine new son.
One at a time!
O God, where art thou?
How long shall thy hand be stayed and thine eye behold
the wrongs of thy people?
There are no such things as visions and revelations.
What is the will of God?
You are a fool!
O God, where art thou?
My son, peace be unto thy soul.
Thine adversity and thine afflictions
shall be but a small moment,
and then, if thou endure it well,
God shall exalt thee on high.
How do we endure well?
We trust in God, Lyman, and we go on.
At length, we regained our freedom
and found refuge in Illinois.
We had suffered but not in vain.
Our hearts had been made more tender.
Don't lose heart, brethren.
Nauvoo in Hebrew means ''beautiful place.''
What's the Hebrew word for swamp?
That first summer, hundreds were sick
with chills and fever.
Many among us died.
Here, let me help you sisters.
The Lord has brought us here.
We must not lose faith.
Aren't there enough graves in Missouri?
Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ?
I don't know what.
By the authority of His holy priesthood,
and in the name of Jesus Christ,
I command you to be healed.
Thank you.
Thank God.
Brother Joseph, my pride has brought me very low.
Now the Lord can lift you higher.
Ah, you play the pipes.
Brother Joseph, please don't encourage him.
The building up of Zion is a cause destined to
change the world and bring about the salvation
of all the human family.
Brethren, a man filled with the love of God
cannot be content in blessing his family alone.
He will be anxious to bless the whole human race.
This is what the Lord desires for you.
In ancient days, God spoke to prophets,
who in turn shared Gods word with all those
who are willing to listen.
God has again spoken to His prophets,
who have given us His word.
The book of Amos teaches us that this is part of Gods plan.
We must declare this gospel to every nation,
kindred, tongue, and people.
If ye ask with a sincere heart, having real intent
and faith in Christ,
He will manifest the truth of it unto you
by the power of the Holy Ghost.
There are many in this world who are kept
from the truth only because they know not
where to find it.
The Lord has revealed an additional testament
of the divinity of Jesus Christ.
The truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly,
and independent, until is has sounded in every ear
and the purposes of God shall be accomplished.
God desires to bless all of His children.
We walked almost 900 miles to get here.
God bless you, Jane Manning.
Oh, He already has. He already has.
Brother Joseph.
I was thinking.
People notice everything you do.
And I wonder if a man of your position
should engage in such menial chores?
Well, if there are demeaning things
to be done in a man's house,
who better than the head of the house to do them?
Well, my wife does most such work at our house.
Maybe, maybe she could speak to Sister Emma.
How long have you been married?
Three years next month.
That long?
May I offer you some advice?
The Lord intends for marriage to last much longer than that.
In fact, forever.
Now, if a man is not willing
to help and cherish his wife here,
why would she want him hereafter?
Now, you give that some thought.
Therein lies happiness, brother.
Start, start counting again.
One, two, three.
Two, two, three.
Do not count out loud.
Happiness is what God intends for us.
Hello, it's so nice to see you.
Every blessing we receive comes through obedience.
Thank you. They are beautiful.
Perfect for going fishing.
It is mountains, that's right.
Let's draw another one.
Now there's a very wise man.
Why couldn't you heal our son, Joseph?
I can only do God's will.
Do you ever wonder if He asks too much?
I do not let myself.
Sometimes I do.
Does God intend to take away everything that I love?
Just a little weary, that's all.
You've watched after us all of our lives, Father.
That's what fathers do.
Let us watch after you.
Will I see Alvin again?
Yes, you will see Alvin again, and be with him.
You will always be his father,
and he will always be your son.
The Lord has revealed that that is His plan.
We can be together with the ones we love forever.
We will all see Alvin again.
There are many souls whom I have loved.
To them I am determined to prove faithful.
''We would not be surprised to hear
of the death of Joseph Smith by violent means.''
This isn't news.
It's a threat!
It's as magnificent as they say.
It will be.
The Lord has great blessings in store for all of us.
Easy. once more. over.
Over, easy, steady.
In this temple, God will reveal
the crowning ordinances of salvation.
You will have your children again.
All our losses will be made up if we are faithful.
Father, all our losses will be made up if we are faithful.
I wish I could believe that.
You can.
I've never been a slave, but Anthony was.
Took him 1 2 years of scrimping and saving
so he could buy his freedom.
Now he's trying to buy his sons freedom.
He didn't know he was breaking the law.
Brother Joseph, please, the sheriff will listen to you.
The laws are what protect us.
If we want to be truly free, we have to be willing
to obey all of them.
Do you understand, Anthony?
You must pay the fine.
I paid the fine, like you told me.
It was the right thing to do.
Anthony, this horse has been one of Emma's favorites.
It now is yours.
Sell the horse and use the money
to buy your son's freedom.
God bless you, my friend.
Now Jane, you and I have a problem.
What is that?
Which one of us will tell Emma?
Not me!
I had sealed upon my head every key,
every power, and every principle of life and salvation.
And now, I seal them upon you.
Hyrum, you know what will happen if we go to Carthage?
Whatever happens, Joseph, the Lord is in it.
What's going to happen, Joseph?
We will do the best that we can and go on.
I'll see you again?
You are coming back.
I thought that he would be here.
Brother Joseph?
Not today.
He's leaving for Carthage to stand trial.
Um Sir?
We're too late, Father.
We don't have to meet him to know he's a prophet.

I love you, brother.
What do we hear in the Gospel that we have received?
Truth out of the earth,
mercy from heaven,
a voice of gladness for the living and the dead.
Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
They’re coming up the stairs. Hurry!
Joseph! I’m a dead man!
Hyrum! No!
O, Lord, my God.

This world consists of two sorts of people:
those who are acted upon and those who act.
My father, a stonemason named John Rowe Moyle,
was always one to act.
He and my mother, Phillippa,
were converted due to an article published
by an enemy of the Church, which so much
aroused his curiosity that he determined to learn more.
But rest assured those accusations are false.
I bear testimony to you that God has...
They agreed to baptism on the very night
they were taught the gospel.
On April 1 1, 1856, the family left Plymouth, England,
and heeded the call ''Come to Zion.''
After arriving in Boston,
they rode by rail to Iowa City,
where Father hoped to purchase a wagon
to cross the plains to Salt Lake.
When he learned there were none to be had,
a different mode of travel was presented.
They became part of the Ellsworth handcart company,
the first handcart company to attempt the trek.
From the beginning, it was a perilous journey.
Thursday, June 26, 1856.
Traveled about one mile.
It was very hot.
Only a half pound of flour allowed per head each day.
With so much hunger, death soon joined our trek.
The young and the feeble were the first to succumb.
July 26, 1856.
Aflash of lightning killed Henry Walker
as he held the bar of his handcart.
His body was carried about two miles
to camp and buried there.
As I saw him lying dead, I thought of his words
at prayer meeting two or three days previous.
He had said, ''I would rather die
with my hands ahold to my cart with my face
toward Zion than to falter and turn out by the wayside.''
My father was a great strength to the entire company.
Stephan, help the others.
He was so concerned about imposing on others,
he refused to let anyone else push or pull his cart.
On September 26, 1856,
they finally entered the Salt Lake Valley.
For all those who saw the ragged state of the company,
it was easily apparent how perilous
the crossing had been.
In all, 16 persons in the company had died.
One of Brigham Young's counselors,
Jedediah M. Grant, wept as he looked at Father's hands,
still clutching the bar of his cart
and looking for all the world like the claws of a bird.
The Perpetual Immigration Fund allowed me,
James Moyle, to come to the Salt Lake Valley earlier.
Father had taught me the masonry trade,
and I had been working and saving
to bring my family to America.
Life in Zion agreed well with my father,
who quickly recovered and set about trying
to find a place to settle.
After earnest prayer, he chose 160 acres
in what later became Alpine, Utah,
which he carved out of the wilderness
despite constant threats from cougars,
bears, and hostile Indians.
Oh no, no, no, I don't want snakes next to my house.
Agreat change was about to take place
in Father's life as President Young
called him to be a stonemason on the Salt Lake Temple.
John, the temple site is over 22 miles away.
We need the horse for the farm work.
How are you ever going to get back and forth?
Are you going to walk?
I married well, my love.
You are brilliant!
He knew the Lord provides a way
to accomplish the things He asks.
And my father never was one to make excuses.
Though he was partially compensated for his efforts,
he approached the task with unusual
dedication and zeal...
even for John Rowe Moyle.
On Mondays, he would rise at two in the morning
in order to arrive at the temple site by eight o'clock
with the other workers.
I was newly married and living in Salt Lake.
Father would stay with us during the week,
then begin his journey home when he had completed
his work on Friday evening.
I knew it.
He would arrive home about midnight.
Saturday was his only day to farm and do all the chores
needed to be done on 160 acres.
This was his life, week after week,
month after month, and soon, year after year,
until he had done so for almost 20 years.
Then one day my father did something that would
forever change his life.
It's agreed then.
Her name was Old Lindy, and she came from
a herd on Antelope Island.
She was the first cow the family ever owned,
a cow that turned out to be more
than anyone had bargained for.
Father had been working
on the temple's beautiful circularstaircases
when he came home early one evening
to help the family with chores.
Whoa, Lindy.
Let's be minding now.
Perhaps Father was impatient with her,
or maybe Old Lindy was just having a bad day.
Lindy's kick caused a terrible compound fracture,
with bone breaking through the skin.
The only option was to amputate.
His leg was cut off just below the knee with a bucksaw.
But as terrible as the amputation was,
the worst fear was infection.
Spring came, but the infection never did.
When the leg began to heal,
Father took a piece of birch wood and made
a peg leg with an ingenious articulating ankle.
He carved a little bowl in it
and lined the inside with a piece of leather.
He made straps to fit around his waist
and hold the leg in place.
When he was able, he put it on
and despite the pain,
walked around the house with that homemade leg.
Eventually he made it around the yard,
and then the entire farm.
John, what are you doing?
I'm... packing.
To go where?
To Salt Lake.
John, why do you have to go to Salt Lake?
Why, I don't recall being released as a stonemason.
Do you?
My dear sweet husband, there is work enough to do
in the kingdom here.
You are only a stonecutter.
I'm sure the Lord has plenty of people
in Salt Lake to carry on with that calling.
But it's my calling.
And callings are seldom convenient,
are they my love.
For many, the loss of a limb would signify
the loss of their life, but not for John Rowe Moyle.
As long as he could breathe,
he would continue to chisel away
at the obstacles set before him.
In 1885, John Rowe Moyle once again chose
to act and limped the 22 miles to the Salt Lake Temple
and as a 77-year-old man,
climbed 100 feet of scaffolding
and continued his duty as a stonemason
on the Salt Lake Temple.
There are two sorts of people on this earth.
I watched my father for many years.
He was the sort that acted.
I love you, Father!
John Rowe Moyle never saw the completion of the temple.
He died in 1889, four years before its dedication.
But his handiwork, carved high on the east wall
and penned by a prophet centuries earlier,
continues to be seen by millions.
John Rowe Moyle wasn't just carving words;
he was setting in stone
what it was that motivated him to act,
Holiness to the Lord.
My husband, John Tanner,
was a kind and generous man.
He was also a self-made wealthy man,
but all his money could not save him.
Seven revered physicians examined his diseased leg,
and each brought unwelcome news.
John, this canker will soon overtake you.
The leg cannot be saved.
The leg must be amputated or you will die.
I am grateful for your efforts on my behalf,
Doctor Black, but the leg and I
came into this world together,
and together we shall depart it.
John, to be obstinate at this point.
Thank you, Doctor,
but the leg and I will now be leaving.
John, keep it dry at least.
John also left that office with two intentions:
to set his business affairs in order
and with what time he had left,
to do all the good he could.
The opportunity came through a notice.
Being a Baptist lay minister and wanting
to protect his brethren,
John prepared to expose those Mormon elders
as the imposters they surely were.
I know that God has once again sent heavenly messengers
to the earth and that He's called a prophet,
Joseph Smith, to reveal the words of the ancient prophets.
John, I've had enough
of this ''golden bible'' drivel.
Care to join Catherine and me for coffee?
Most kind of you, Barton,
but I'd like to hear them out.
A Book of Mormon prophet said, ''And now,
my beloved brethren, I would that ye
should come unto Christ,
who is the Holy One of Israel.''
But as Elders Simeon and Jared Carter
taught that night, a powerful feeling came
into his heart unlike anything he had ever experienced.
Pardon me.
Would you have a copy of that book that I might review?
Yes, of course.
Would you care to meet with us afterwards...
Over the next several days, he poured over it,
comparing it side-by-side with the Bible.
Yes, I believe everything.
For John and me, everything those Mormon elders
taught resonated with an undeniable spirit.
Then will you accept the Savior's invitation
to be baptized?
I know baptism is essential, but I cannot.
It is my...
my leg...
my lameness.
I cannot endure baptism,
and I'm about to depart this life.
John Tanner, do you believe that Jesus Christ
healed a crippled man at the water of Bethesda?
Well, yes, with all the certainty of my soul.
And did not His disciples Peter and John heal a man
''lame from birth'' at the gates of the temple?
If that priesthood power
was part of the primitive Church,
would it not follow that it would be found
in the restored Church?
Do you have faith sufficient to be healed?
I do.
Yes, I do.
Then, John Tanner, in the name of Jesus Christ
I command you to rise up and walk.
and by the authority of His priesthood,
You need not fear.
The Lord can do all things.
John insisted on baptism that very night.
And though he had not put weight on his leg
for six months,
he walked the quarter mile to Lake George.
He then walked home,
continually giving thanks to God.
I love you boys.
Bye, Mother.
From the moment of his conversion,
John gave his all.
He supplied and equipped two of our sons,
Nathan and John Joshua, plus another 50 men
to go to Zion's Camp, and a few months later
paid to furnish seven families
headed to Kirtland and Missouri.
John, Elizabeth, this is not a commandment,
but it is a Word of Wisdom.
But John Tanner's story is not only about what he gave,
but also about what he gave up.
The day the Word of Wisdom was made known to him
he quit the use of alcohol, tobacco,
coffee, and tea and never used them again.
Barton, it is so good to have you in our home.
Well, it was nice of John to have me over for coffee.
who has sworn off cream and sugar!
Now all you need is a friend
As we prepared to join the Saints,
John sold our hotel, several homes,
two large farms, orchards, a dairy, a sawmill, an island,
and more than 22 hundred acres of timber land.
Thanks John, I really appreciate it.
In early December of the following year,
the Church was in serious financial trouble.
Mortgage payments on the temple land were past due.
Resources were exhausted.
Foreclosure was imminent.
We have two, perhaps three weeks at best.
Then they will reclaim it, tear down the walls,
and plow them under.
I am not sure what else we can do.
Thank you, Brother Rigdon.
But I believe there is something we can do.
That a miracle might be performed,
that Thy holy purposes may come to pass,
we petition for Thy mercy and help
in sending us one with the means to pay the mortgage
and save the temple.
Are you ill?
I dreamed we are needed in Kirtland.
When shall we leave?
Now for our journey to Kirtland, we'll need 55.
Hold on a minute, John.
Did you say Kirtland?
As in Ohio?
As we prepared to leave, most of the town
believed John had gone mad.
Kirtland is hundreds of miles, John.
It's the middle of December.
Appreciate your concern, Barton.
But no man, having put his hand to the plow,
and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.
Despite every effort by friends to dissuade him,
on Christmas day 1834 we loaded up our family
and a few others, all our earthly possessions,
and departed.
Twenty-five days and 500 miles later,
our tired and winter-wearied family
finally arrived in Kirtland,
knowing we needed to be there
but not really knowing why.
But the rigors of our journey seemed to melt away
as we were finally able to meet the Prophet.
And I am John Tanner.
Brother Tanner, I know of your good heart.
I believe a better name for you is Father Tanner.
Had we arrived in Kirtland just one day later,
the temple land would have been foreclosed on,
but John paid off the $2,000 owed,
taking a note from Joseph in exchange.
He then gladly loaned the temple committee $13,000
and signed another note for $30,000.
All this while making liberal donations
to the temple fund.
John would never say it, but I will:
because of John Tanner, the temple was saved.
When the temple was completed,
we were blessed to participate
in its dedication.
Miracles occurred not just inside
that hallowed building but outside as well.
During a later session, our son Myron beckoned me
to come and see angels standing on the temple roof.
never to be forgotten.
It was a heavenly manifestation
But John's giving didn't stop there.
to shore up the troubled Church-sponsored bank.
He invested hard cash in an attempt
Despite his sacrifice, the Kirtland Safety Society
and with it went the last of John's fortune.
closed its doors in November 183 7,
Unfazed, he was determined to follow the Prophet,
and we embarked on the 1,000-mile journey
to Missouri with nine of our children.
I paid my obligations and was then left
with one old broken-down horse, an old wagon,
and seven dollars and fifty cents.
Please sir, a bit of buttermilk for my family...
and some bread if you can spare any.
We're very hungry.
Good day, son...
and what is your name?
Joseph Smith Tanner.
No, sir, I beg of you.
Did I do a bad thing?
No, you said your name just perfectly.
In only three years, we had gone from vast wealth
to begging for our bread.
to sickness and hardship and died on the trail.
Then our precious daughter Philomelia succumbed
Moving with the Saints again, we settled in Montrose,
just across the river from Nauvoo,
and worked hard to rebuild and to pay off
other Church debt still owed from the Kirtland period.
My brothers and sisters, the following brethren
have been called to serve missions.
Parley P. Pratt, Brigham Young,
John Tanner, Wilford Woodruff,
Then, at the April conference of 1844,
he was called on a mission to the eastern states.
With his typical unwavering faith,
he immediately prepared to leave.
Lyman Wight
Brother Joseph!
Father Tanner!