Vasya, the smallest gnome (english subtitles)

Uploaded by nadejg on Jan 16, 2009

The Smallest Gnome
In one forest there lived Vasya, the gnome.
He was so small that nobody ever noticed him.
He didn’t notice me.
Hel-lo! It is me, Vasya!
Is it you...Vasya?
Didn’t notice me either.
-Grandma, I’m so so so small
that nobody notices me... somehow.
-And what have ever done to get noticed?
-Nothing? When I was your age,
I took the spell off Nils,
guarded Snow White, when she fell asleep.
You have to do something good, to get noticed.
-But what should I do?
-Just listen to your heart.
-Why do I have to wait for my heart’s hints?
-So what do we have?
Only one operation in the last period
can be reported as successful-
Grandma’s grey goat. What a nice little goat he was!
All other stints failed!
We’re still being laughed at by 3 little pigs,
the 7 kids and the Red Riding Hood
It's time to reclaim our evil name!
So, on today’s agenda: three little piglets.
-Musical instrument, 6 letters
-Grey predatory animal, 4 letters
-Who’s there?
-Who? Who? Crossword championess
-You’re just the one we need!
-So, what do you got?
-Grey predatory animal, 4 letters
-You guessed it right for the first time!
-Wash your hands before eating!
-What to do? What to do?!?
-Who...who is blowing!?
Drafts are a common cause of seasonal colds!
No worries. Piglets’ thing bombed,
now we go after the kids.
-The kids need help!
-And we begin...
-Stop wasting your time on this junk!
Fellas, come out to play soccer!
-No, we can’t.
Balalaika auditions are coming up and we need to practice.
-How ‘bout a game of tag?
-No, we need to keep practicing.
-As you wish, fellas.
How shall I entice them to leave the house?
-Who’s that?
Stop! Where are you going?
Fine, we’ll take it all out
on the Red Hat one and her Gram.
Who’s this here strolling through the forest?
Who’s so beautiful and cute?
-Go away, Wolf. I don’t want to talk.
Someone just like you almost
ate me and my Grandma recently.
-Shame! Shame upon my grey head!
Because of one good-for-nothing,
there’s now a stain upon all of wolf-kind.
-Don’t cry, don’t...
So you are not like that?
Not me! I’m not like that at all!
I represent honest and decent lupine intelligentsia.
Look! See? I’m not even asking you where you going.
-It’s no secret. I’m going to visit my sick Grandma.
-No,no,no! You did not say it,
I didn’t hear it. And I don’t wish
to know where your Grandma lives!
-She lives behind the forest.
-No, don’t say! I’m not interested in these things...
to the left or to the right?
-There’s road sign there.
Now we’re good.
What’s up, Gramps?
Get out of bed, I shall be dining now.
Now you can go home!
-Grandma! Grandpa! I saved 3 little pigs,
7 kids and Little Red Riding Hood
with her Grandma from the Wolf!
-Well, did anyone notice you?
-Me? I don’t know.
But they must have noticed what I did...
Especially the wolf!