Counting Down 9 Tech Things In My Home Office

Uploaded by RobertoCPR on 29.10.2012

Hi guys! Roberto here with a video response for Lamarr Wilson who asked us to show him
nine tech things we have around our house. And right here in my office I have more than
nine but I'm gonna be showing nine.
I'm not gonna make it a silent, dancing show and tell
like Lamarr did first because I suck at dancing and second because I have
blind friends and coworkers who might watch this video and they need to hear what's going
And number 9 will be my computer monitor like you see over there.
It also doubles as a 1080p HD television which is why you see an antenna on top
of my PC tower over there.
Number 8 will be my latest addition, my MIDI keyboard controller.
This thing doesn't make a sound on its own. You plug it via USB to your computer
and using music recording software you record your music.
There is an annotation somewhere in this video where you can hear a sample
of something fun I made using this keyboard.
Number 7 will be my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. You see, I had a mini tablet
long before the iPad Mini, and because it has a micro SD card slot
I get much more storage than if I went with a Nexus 7 tablet.
Number 6 will be my handheld video magnifier. I do most of my reading on my computer
using screen magnification and speech software to assist me,
but there are still printed materials out there:
books, letters, food containers, medicine packaging that I need to access and this is
where this machine shines. I can actually magnify the labels and read
them. I can even switch the colors so instead
of seeing all that white background with black text
I get to see a black background with white text
which is much easier on my eyes.
Number 5 is gonna be my USB cassette deck. You plug in a USB cable,
hook it up to your computer and you export your cassettes and after cleaning them up
you convert them to MP3s. But not only it does that, powered
by the USB port from your computer, you can even put two AA batteries here,
connect a pair of headphones and use it like an old-fashioned Walkman
when you are in the old-school mood.
Number 4 is gonna be my Galaxy Tab 2 10.0 tablet.
As I was mentioning in my vlog last Saturday when talking about the iPad and the iPad Mini,
large tablets and small tables shine for different purposes, that's why I have
Number 3 is my handheld camcorder. This thing can shoot 1080p video
but I still find it much easier to shoot video with my 720p webcam on my computer than using
this cheap camcorder. [Camcorder plays tune when closed.]
Number 2, one of my most used gadgets my Galaxy Glide phone with its physical keyboard.
And this is my phone. I talk a lot on the phone.
I also text and do some messaging with it, and it's also my portable music player.
And what could be number 1 in this tech gadget countdown?
It's gotta be my laptop. This is where I record my videos,
this is where I edit them and where I do most of my work.
It's the most valuable piece of technology I have at my disposal.
So there you have it. These are my 9 tech gadgets,
some of them for entertainment, some of them essential tools in my life.
Thanks for watching this video and I'll see you guys later.
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