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ALEX ELLIS: Zarkana and Spidey fly in New York.
Sucker Punch hits DVD.
And So You Think You Can Dance has its first elimination.
This is Just Dance for June 30, 2011.
ALEX ELLIS: Hey, y'all.
I'm Alex Ellis.
Happy Fourth of July.
I'm filling in for Sheena while she's swimming
this seas of Guam.
Do you guys have any patriotic plans for the weekend--
barbecue, cookout, boat trip, fireworks?
Baby, you're a firework--
OK, that's going to get old really fast.
Let's get on with the dance.
I don't know if you guys have seen Zack Snyder's film Sucker
Punch, but it's just been released to Blu-ray and DVD.
And it has a slew of Hollywood young actresses.
Here's choreographer Paul Becker to talk a little bit
about the film and the special deleted dance scene.
Paul Becker here, and I'm very excited for you see Sucker
Punch on DVD coming out on June 28.
On this extended DVD, there's giant dance sequences we did.
Each girl--
Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung--
they each did a giant, epic production number.
PAUL BECKER: I had so much fun choreographing Sucker Punch,
and I can't wait for you guys to see it.
Go check it out, June 28 on DVD.
ALEX ELLIS: You should also check out this new website
where you can make a mash-up of clips and
music from the movie.
Just go to suckerpunchvideocreator.com
and start getting creative.
So You Think You Can Dance.
As you know, Just Dance is backstage every week getting
your questions answered.
Last week, Chaz treated @JustDanceNews, and we went
straight to the source.
MISSY MORELL: If I could dance next to Michael
Jackson, I'd be set.
RICKY JAIME: Brittany Spears.
WADI JONES: I would dance for Justin Timberlake.
NICK YOUNG: Gene Kelly.
RYAN RAMIREZ: I love Gregory Hines.
ALEX ELLIS: It was so sad to see four dancers
go home last week.
In case you missed it, Iveta, Missy, Nick, and
Wadi were sent home.
I think my favorite number of the night, though, was between
Chris and Ashley.
It was a Broadway style dance choreographed by Spencer Liff
where there were jail bars between them the entire time.
Speaking of Broadway, Tony and Emmy award winner Kristen
Chenoweth sat in the guests judge's chair to watch the Top
16 dance it out.
So I gotta know, who's your favorite?
And if you haven't already, click here to watch interviews
with the Top 16 finalists.
Cirque de Soleil's surreal acrobatic spectacular Zarkana
officially opened at Radio City Music Hall.
The rock opera blends circus art with the surreal, creating
a truly magical evening.
Cirque de Soleil says Zarkana is the biggest trapeze act to
hit New York, and I truly believe it is.
People doing back flips in the air, catching one another, is
honestly breathtaking.
If you haven't seen it yet, click here to check out our
look at the world of Zarkana and buy tickets before it
flies out of New York in October.
Sheena told you last week that Spiderman--
Turn Off The Dark officially opened at the Foxwood theatre.
Just Dance had the chance to sit down with Chase Brock, who
added additional choreography to the show.
He also talked about his experience with getting Spidey
2.0 off the ground.
CHASE BROCK: We were not coming
in to make our statement.
I think this show, everybody who came into work on this
came in to help.
And our great opportunity was to clarify what story was
being told, which is the story of Peter Parker and his
I was really happy to be able to work with Bono and Edge on
the new numbers.
They were around, actually, quite a bit.
Those guys were not just worried about the music.
They were absolutely committed to the show, particularly in
terms of the one completely new song in the show, "A Freak
Like Me," which is the top of Act Two and how we introduce
the character of Green Goblin in his fully-formed state, and
also then, how he introduces the Sinister Six, the villains
he creates to terrorize the populace of Spiderman.
ALEX ELLIS: So what's your Fourth of July plans?
Because seriously, I'm going to crash your party.
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