Pinksixty News TUESDAY 20 MARCH 2012

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Hello, Im Mahalia and here are today's headlines from Pinksixty.
A French lesbian couple have lost their appeal in the European Court to adopt their daughter.
Neither gay or straight unmarried couples may adopt together under French law.
In the next edition of the Advocate magazine, Omar Sharif Junior comes out as gay.
In fear for his home country of Egypt, Sharif's article appears in the April edition.
A new study suggests adjusting unsafe sexual practices based on your partners status, can
be nominally effective in preventing HIV transmission.
However, other studies do not support this claim.
The list of Olympic torch bearers announced yesterday,
includes some inspirational gay people.
They include the chair of the Gay Football Supporters’ Network, Chris Basiurski;
Tim Sullivan of the Kings Cross Steelers and nurse Adam Chojnacki, who is particpating
in memory of his partner, Matthew.
And finally, it's been announced that Nepal will host Asia's first Gay Olympics in September.
Nepal is the most progressive Asian nation, already recognising a third gender.
That's all from us today. Join us again tomorrow.