Polls # 01 - 03/07/09 - Anketa celebrity na festivalu, poll about celebrities at the festival

Uploaded by kviff on 03.07.2009

Yes, Vary are not about stars.
We don't care about stars.
We crave for profoundness and films and serious culture.
But we should admit everybody is looking forward
to elegant Malkovich and desperado Banderas
Without stars it wouldn't be the thing.
They make a face to every year of the festival.
The last year was connected with Robert De Niro
as well as the year before with Renee Zellweger.
And in the future?
Who would you like to meet in the next festival?
It is enough I will see Antonio Banderas.
>>So you don't have a dream-actor?<<
No, I really don't dream about it every day.
I'd like Josh Hartnett.
Because I love his freckle.
No, I like him as an actor.
He is an entertainer.
That's why.
I like Czech directors
and I'm really glad to see Miloš Forman.
George Clooney.
Because I like him as a man
and he hasn´t been here before.
Bill Marey,
he is a big star of an independent film.
Jeniffer Lopez.
Because I like her.
I'd certainly like to meet Paul Newman,
but it is impossible now.
For example Antonio Banderas
>>He is going to be here this year.<<
Also Keanu Reevese.
Because he is my favorite
And he is really good in his films, he is really good.
Really good.
For example Delon or Belmondo.
I grew up with Italian and French films,
American film is far-distant for me.
And the television programme is not quality.
No one. I don't care about stars.
What about Matthew Perry?
He is likeable.
I like this actor.
Seeing that the king of pop is not alive any more,
so I won't see Michael Jackson.
Robert De Niro has already been here.
Then I'd like to see Al Pacino.
I'm the fan of Tomáš Hanák,
so Tomáš Hanák.
Perhaps Michel Gondry.
In the future I'd like to meet...
I really don't know.
>>Actor, director, actress...<<
Quentin Tarantino for example.
Just because I love his films.
Zac Efron.
He is handsome, gorgeous...
I don't know, for example Johnny Depp.
His films are good and he is an interesting guy.
I am satisfied with stars that are visiting this festival.
>>But to the future you can dream about someone.<<
So then Daniel Radcliffe for example.
Because I like Harry Potter
and it takes me to my childhood years.