Macrobiotic Cooking & Recipes : Making Beans for Macrobiotics Cooking Recipes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.11.2007

Hi I'm Christy Morgan on behalf of Expert Village I'm going to tell you how to make
beans now. I'm going to make some azuke beans but, you could use all kinds of beans theres
black beans, we have white beans here, you could use black soy beans, you could also
use lentil and split peas. So theres wide range of beans that you could use in the macrobiotic
diet and beans are about 10 % of that diet for your protein. So next we are going to
wash the beans cause you want to get all the dirt off the beans and also sometimes beans
have stones in them. So you want to be sure to scrub the beans. Then we are going to drain
them. You are going to soak this beans 6-8 hours just like the rice or over night and
you could wash and do this right before you go to bed with your rice and get it ready
for the next morning. So I'm going to put it in our pot here. Then I'm going to put
about 2 cups depending on how many beans you use. You just want to cover it. Probably about
2 cups of water to 1 cup of beans. You always want to use filter water or spring water when
you are cooking because tap water is not very good and has lots of chlorine and other chemicals
that you don't need so. You are also going to use kombu which we talked about earlier
it is a sea vegetable. It is good for helping this to be more digestive cause some people
have trouble digesting beans. So you want to be sure to soak them and use kombu when
you are doing your beans. So we put a piece of kombu in there and then we will boil it
on about a medium flame for about 45 minutes. So our beans have bean cooking for 50 minutes
now on a medium flame. I'm going to seasoning them with choy uyo and you want to be sure
to seasoning them at the end of cooking. So if you put to much seasoning or to much salt
at the beginning the beans won't cook all the way through. So you are going to lightly
seasoning your beans and this are azuke beans and there you go cook beans.