HetaQuest 29 [ENG subs]

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[Pudding] Eats pudding. Uses up 1 x Pastry.
- Scarlet - Scale Shield - Ten-Gallon Hat - Usual Jacket - Ice Ring
- Crossbow - Magic Hat - Magic Robe - Leather Cloak
- Magician Wand - Magic Hat - Magic Bolero - Wizard's Bracelet
... The war council decided to name the monsters after the legendary creatures called chimeras.
Very good.
Er, was the war council held while I wasn't here?
K-Kirkland! Y-you're back?!
Oh, welcome back.
Your Majesty.
Don't listen to the other generals. We did hold a war council without you. But... we didn't mean to ostracize you!
No, I don't mind. (Actually, I find that rather offensive!)
It couldn't be helped, since you've been so busy. Anyway, the captain attended the war council in your place.
I'm sorry. I think you'll get the report on it in your quarters later.
There is absolutely no need to bow your head to that sort of people.
Head Wizard, do you really think you and Charles are equals just because you can attend the war council?
It's a miracle that an Elgnandian like you can even set foot in the royal palace.
To say nothing of the fact that you're a Head Wizard who wasn't even qualified to have the Jewel...
Father! Kirkland and I are fellow troop commanders. There is no difference between us!
How dare you defy me, Charles! As if your young colleagues weren't enough, even you have been poisoned by Elgnand...
All right, that's enough!
But, Your Majesty...
If you two are going to fight, can't you please take it somewhere else? I want to hear the Head Wizard's report.
You can leave now, Prime Minister.
... Yes, sire.
Man, that old geezer was pissing me off!
Al! You can't call him an old geezer just because he isn't here!
Pff, old geezer... Almost everyone in this castle must look like an old geezer to you.
I'm sorry, Kirkland. My father never changes.
You don't have to apologise, General Bonnefoy.
Bonnefoy? But that's the same name as Fra--the King.
Oh, so you're a member of the royal family?
Well, yes, but...
You two seem awfully interested in Charles.
He's the son of Joseph Bonnefoy, who is the Prime Minister as well as my uncle. In other words, he's my cousin.
Incidentally, he's also one of the generals of the Âgean Army. He isn't anti-Elgnand, so you can rely on him if you are ever in trouble.
All right, now that we're done with that rough explanation, your report, please, Head Wizard.
Yes, sire.
To think that there were so many ores left... and that the place was closed up by a boulder, to boot...
That means... someone deliberately left it there.
I don't like the sound of it, but if you burned them up, I guess that's good enough.
Well done, Head Wizard. You can take the next five days off. Do what you need to do in Elgnand.
Yes, sire.
I'm so glad you can have some time off...
We can finally focus on looking for Peter.
I'll go back to my room, then.
So, five days. First of all, let's go back to Elgnand.
You're going to look for clues as to where he went, right?
All right, then let's go to Elgnand!
There are still many things we don't know about the chimeras. Just killing them won't solve anything. We in the Army will have to do our best.
Oh, right!
What is it, Al?
I'll go talk to Francis about the gun!
You're going to return it? Try not to be rude about it.
General Bonnefoy is still in the throne room, so don't just walk right past him.
Go, quickly.
Oh, you were with Kirkland... I didn't catch your name.
I'm America, the hero of the world! I'm best friends with Alfred, Arthur's brother-in-law.
America? What a strange name. Is Alfred the kid with goggles who was next to you?
No, that's Matthew, Alfred's twin brother.
I see. So, why did you come back? Did you drop something?
I wanted to talk to the King about this.
A gun. So you're the other person who owns one.
If you have one of those, that means the King trusts you. You may go see him.
Of course!
Well, then, I'm going back to the control room.
Huh? Are you sleeping?
Hey, give me some warning next time! You almost gave me a heart attack!
You were sleeping at this time? Are you sick or something?
Uh... no, it was a siesta! Nothing wrong with an afternoon nap, is there?!
I didn't know you had that habit, too.
It doesn't matter! So, what do you want?
Oh, yeah. I don't want to get any more guns from you.
Arthur told me. You never told anyone the price for the power of the Blue Jewel, did you?
No, but what does that have to do with you not accepting guns?
It's unfair that you have to pay a price for them while all I do is keep receiving them.
That's all right. After all, you test the guns for me. That's enough contribution from you, you know.
I still feel like you're getting the shorter end of the stick! Besides, why would you give me guns when you know I'm not Alfred?
If it's just an experiment, you could give them to someone else, right?
Oh, I was wondering about that, too!
(Hey, Alfred. Long time no see.)
Alfred says he was wondering about that, too!
Really, both of you...
You may not believe me, but about a month ago I started having strange dreams, though not every night.
Yes, dreams. I just hear a woman's voice. But I don't know whose voice it is.
And she kept telling me, "I want you to protect Alfred."
Alfred? I wonder whose voice it was.
I don't know. I thought it was a strange dream, but I didn't really pay it any mind and went on with my days.
Still, I did go to Aricema to check up on Alfred under the pretense of an inspection.
Then those monsters... the chimeras started appearing, and I got a little worried, so I sent Alfred a new gun.
But then, Alfred...
You were already dead.
She started telling me something else after Alfred died.
"I want you to protect the man who looks just like Alfred."
This one is pretty self-explanatory, right? It's very straightforward.
It's you, the one who came from a parallel world when the chimeras appeared, when I heard that voice in my dreams and Alfred died.
I think there's some kind of meaning to helping you. That's why I'll keep sending you guns.
Francis knew I might die. And I'd never really thought about why you came to this world, America.
Yeah, but... I know your reasons, but I still don't know the price for it, so I still can't accept them!
You're still not satisfied? Fine, I'll tell you, but I'll make an exception just for you!
I'll explain it in a way that even Alfred can understand.
How stupid do you think I am?!
Oh, so you're finally going to talk?
I lose points!
What? Points?
Yes. You get points when you make a contract with the Blue Jewel.
I can create things by using those points. Incidentally, these points are restored if I live a well-regulated life. That's why you don't have to worry about it.
However, I'll lose one point every year, anyway, and that point is never restored. Do you understand now?
Yeah, I get it, but... what happens if you reach zero?
I'll just cease being a User. If I want to keep it up, I have to be careful not to reach zero.
I see now... I thought it was something worse, since you were trying to hide it!
I'm so relieved now! If you just lose points, I guess it's not so bad.
Don't tell anyone about this, all right? It wouldn't be very becoming if people knew I have to keep count like that, so only the User can know about it.
All Users have always done so. I can't escape fate.
Okay, I won't tell anybody. So, your fate is to keep count of your points?
Yes. It's a tough job, even if you can't see it. It just doesn't suit my lovely self, does it?
Hey, it's cool! You get to be a hero, too!
Now that I know what the price is, I won't hesitate to take the guns! I look forward to it!
Well, now you should go back to those two. I must endeavor to recover my points.
OK! Good luck with that!
(Points, huh?)
Come on, I want to get some sleep now. Just leave already.
You thought I was sleeping, didn't you? Just go, or else those two will get worried.
It is the picture of two young brothers. It's half-painted.
(One is blond and the other has silver hair. Hmm, who are they?)
There is a small glass case with a white stone inside next to the flower vase.
(Is this the Memory Stone?)
We tried to bring the bodies of the chimeras we killed, but they crumbled away like ash in less than a minute.
They're very strong and like several animals combined against their will. We think the chimeras are artificial creatures.
That was my report to this war council.
Thanks for attending it in my stead.
Also, take this portrait to the security department. This is a thief who got into Blue Mine. Tell them to issue a wanted poster.
Yes, sir.
I talked to him about the guns!
Then why are you still carrying one?
That price is no big deal. It's just a little conservative.
Huh? What do you--
C'mon, let's go back to Elgnand!
Are you listening to me?!
This is a military area. Unauthorized people are not allowed to enter. The Head Wizard alone may enter, though.
WANG YAO Do you want to see this character's portraits? - Yes - No
XIAO MEI Do you want to see this character's portraits? - Yes - No
TAO Do you want to see this character's portraits? - Yes - No
YONG SOO Do you want to see this character's portraits? - Yes - No
PETER Do you want to see this character's portraits? - Yes - No
Greetings, Prime Minister. How are you doing?
Do you really think this is going to work? The ores that I left in the mine have probably been destroyed.
That's too bad, but the ores I got from you are quite enough. I have other connections, as well.
I've intercepted the letters from the emperor of Ära, just as you said.
The Head Wizard is running around the whole continent, and Francis seems to use the Jewel often, as well.
I never liked the Head Wizard, so I don't really care either way, but why do we need to use him? What do you fear about that Elgnandian upstart?
We cannot underestimate the Head Wizard. He may have failed to become a Jewel User, but he is a diligent man. He might be able to analyze my magic.
That matter is beyond my understanding.
Well, then, what is the point in making Francis use the Jewel? It may make the country more powerful, but that doesn't help you at all, does it?
There is a point to him using the Jewel without rest, both to me and to you.
Fine, then. Will my wish really come true if we work together, though? I don't want to repeat the same mistake from fifteen years ago.
The young eagle got in my way then. I failed even though I was close to him. But this time it will work out.
I have already struck the Black Eagle's weakness. The results will show before long.
By the way, Prime Minister, did you know the Head Wizard has a brother-in-law? His name is Alfred.
What? That came out of nowhere. I had no idea. After all, I have no interest in him.
I see. Actually, I want you to ask the Head Wizard how his brother-in-law is doing.
Why do I have to do that?
I want to know if he realizes that his brother-in-law is dead. I know you don't like the idea, but please do it.
... If you insist. I'll ask him once he comes back from his vacation.
Father, are you there?
It's my son. You'd better leave quickly. Don't worry. I'll do as you said.
Well, then, I'll bring the usual next time. If you will excuse me...
Come in. What is it, Charles?
Excuse me.
It's about what happened in the throne room. Why won't you accept Elgnand?
I know you suffered a wound at the hands of the wizards who invaded the city during Elgnand's revolt.
But how can you blame the wizards who work at the institute or in the army now? We are supposed to work together.
Are you actually here to lecture me? You've never had to fight them, so you wouldn't understand.
They may look meek, but you can never tell what they're really thinking...
That one-sided hatred won't get you anywhere. We have to work together in face of the threat of the chimeras...
In any case, I am displeased that you are in the Army rather than in the Council. That is not your place.
We've been through this 32 years ago. On that day, I vowed to be this kingdom's sword and shield.
I'm through hearing that, too. Your future is waiting for you.
What do you mean by that, Father?
Just leave. I have nothing else to say to you.
Oh, right!
What now?
I want to go back to Aricema for a bit. Do you mind?
Aricema? That's in the opposite direction. You can go if you want, but you're on your own. We're going back to Elgnand.
OK! When I'm done there, I'll come to join you.
See you in Elgnand, then.
Matthew and Arthur left the party!