Garlic Mozzarella Rolls

Uploaded by RhodesBread on 24.03.2011

Hi welcome to Rhodes Video Recipe box my name is amy,
and today i am going to show you how to make Garlic Mozzarella Rolls
What you will need is a package of Rhodes Dinner Rolls
You want them thawed but still cold
and then you need a sixteen ounce brick of mozzarella
and what you want to do is you want to cut your mozzarella cheese into sixteen cubes
so i have cut it in half and cubed half of it, and then the other half
to get your sixteen all you want to do is cut it in half and then in half
that will give you four and if you cut those fours in half you will
have your sixteen
just like that, and then all you want to do is take a dinner roll
and you just going to to faltten it out, press it out to about
four-inch circle and it is not a very big circle
so it is really quick and easy just like that and then just take your
cheese cubes and put it in the middle, and then just pull the dough
up around it, and then just pinch it real good to keep it sealed
and this reminds me of a fried mozzarella stick but this is like
a much healthier version, becuase it is baked
so then you just going to put it on your baking pan
and you want to spray your baking pan with some non-stick
spray before you get your mozzarella rolls on there
You want to take some olive oil, and just brush each side
Just Like that
You can also use butter, or beaten egg
but we are using olive oil
sprinkle a little bit of your seasoning on each roll
Just like that
Then these to rise until about double in size so you will need to cover them with some plastic
and then when they are ready you bake at three hundred fifty degrees for fifteen to twenty
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