How to unblock a drain: Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit accessory

Uploaded by eSparesVideo on 17.08.2009

Hi, I’m Matt from eSpares.
And this is a product that consistently gets such great reviews at eSpares. It’s the
Karcher drain cleaning kit, and the reason it gets such good reviews, is because its
Underneath the brass nib here are rear facing water nozzles which protect the draining kit
toward the blockage.
Now, I’m wearing goggles for this because I don’t want any nasty splashes coming into
my eyes. So, begin by feeding the drain cleaning kit inside your drain. Do this for a few feet
without pressure, as you don’t want any nasty splash back. Once you’re confident,
turn the pressure on and feed the pipe through. Feed the kit through the length of the pipe
and back, do this a couple of times just to make sure the blockages have all gone. Once
you release the pipe from the drain, make sure you do so without pressure; again, you
don’t want any nasty splashback.
The kit comes in a 7 and a half metre or a 15 metre length and is certainly cheaper than
paying for a professional drain cleaning service.