The 1st of Touhou M-1 opening (English sub caption attend.)

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Now, at last "TOUHOU M-1 Grandprix" has started.
And since this the first one, this is quite an honor.
I'm one of your host MORICHIKA RINNOSUKE.
Glad to Meet you all.
Similarly, I'm SHAMEIMARU AYA.
Thank you.
This program is being broadcast live from
HOURAI Temporary Housing Studio
Now, The tounament will start soon.
But there is no tension in the studio.
and most of our viewers are youkai.
Yeah, but the order we have for the final match is what worries me.
Please explain.
the turn for each group has already been fairly decided
by lottery draw around 6:00PM today.
All right, let's check the order plan for the semifinal and final.
Yes. We'll conduct a four-way semifinal. The time limit given is ten minutes.
The two team with the highest scores will go to the final.
And in the final match, they must include jokes concerning about the other team.
And then, the judge would vote for the group she thinks is the most funniest.
After that, the "Grand Prix Crown" together with the "Hourai Elixir" will be given to the champion.
Yes, the championship prize is the "Hourai Elixir."
Drinking it would make you forever young and immortal.
Yes, I want to drink it.
You want to drink it, huh...?
Umm.... As for me, I'm not sure...
Well the, shall we start?
First things first, we will introduce the panel of judges for today's strict examination!
The nine-tailed Fox who fully understands Gensoukyou's entertainment .
The strongest Youkai beast, Yakumo Ran-san! very tasty....
What's that you're eating?
Deep-fried tofu...?
She's a genius who doesn't fail to make everybody laugh.
Princess of Eien-tei, Houraisan Kaguya-san!
Good evening.
And even if she does, she'll change that "moment" without fail.
Spring wouldn't arrive if she doesn't come. Lily White-san!
Her being 'here' is absurd!
And, someone who wants to judge Gensoukyou's Comedy in black and white.
the founder of Touhou M-1 Grandprix and also the chairperson of this tournament.
Yamaxanadu Shikieiki-san!
Hi, good evening.
She hold the supreme power, the Ruler of Hell. Welcome to the show.
Well, shikieiki-san.
The first Touhou M-1 Grand prix has started.
How do you feel?
Yes, I'll enjoy it very much.
I had been watched from first round,
today's participant was actually selected from 1800 team.
I'll smack them with black or white.
Yes that's true.
how about you? Kaguya-san?
Yes, I haven't have a nice big laugh for 200 years.
I want to laugh out loud as much today.
OK. Please have 200 years worth of laugh without forgetting making judgment.
And Yakumo Ran-san.
um...umm.....very tasty.....
umm, To tell the truth, I don't know why I'm sitting here.
I just suddenly found myself here as I followed those deep-fried tofu.
Well... what do you mean?
Because the judge was not enough,
some of them were *just* chosen.
Is that all right?
Can you judge them, Ran-san?
Hmmm? Hmm... it'd be easy.
Well, it'd be better if you do it thoroughly.
Okay, the last one is Lily White-san, how do you feel?
Yes Yes.
Ah-, I see.
I didn't understand anything at all.
No clue at all.
Did you understand her?
Oh, so you did? Ok,
please translate it.
Lily White-san, please say it again.
I am...
a fairy...
who announces...
That's all.
That's all?
Why did you say that just now?
We that know about that.
I feel unpleasant about this somehow.
But who cares?
Welcome to the show.
Though I feel uneasy about panel of judges...

I'm more worried about the main cast of Gensoukyou's Comedy that will appear soon.
4 Teams, right?
The audience are all pumped up as if they want the tournament to start quickly.
Okay, let's start this tournament without delay.
Please do the honor of opening the tournament, Shikieiki-san.
All right.
Please applaud.
OK. Ladies and gentlemen.
The first "TOUHOU M-1 Grandprix" has now begun.
Please have fun.
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
Let's do this quickly.
Okay, each judge can give up to 100 points,
making the highest score to be 400 points.
First, we will squeeze the contestant from two to four pairs.
like that.
Shall we start then?
Let's start!
Touhou M-1 Grandprix, Here's the first team!
Please come in!