How To Curve A Soccer Ball - Quick Tips To Learn How To Curve The Soccer Ball

Uploaded by EpicSoccerTraining on 29.06.2012

Hey guys. Matt here from Epic Soccer Training. I want to take you through the basics of how
to curve a soccer ball.
OK, guys. Welcome to sunny California, North Hollywood. We're in Glendale right now shooting
this. Beautiful weather out. I wish the wind was going this way but it's not. So I'm going
to show you how to curve a soccer ball and how to kind of do it the right way. When you
think of curved soccer ball, you're thinking more of just going left to right or right
to left. We're going to get into more bending which is kind of going to have that top spin
as well.
But the basics of how to curve a soccer ball is simply like passing. It's the same fundamental.
So you want to hit the ball with kind of like right on this part of your foot and you kind
of want to bring your foot around. So a normal pass, if I was passing you a normal pass,
would be just straight through the back of the ball and forward. When you're thinking
of bending or curving a ball, you're going to kind of come out and you're going to hit
on the outside of the ball so you're going to put that little spin on it. And if you
just touch the ball simply with a normal pass, it's going to have the backspin but when you
curve it, it's going to kind of have this little left to right or right to left spin,
whichever foot you are. I'm a lefty so I'm going to show you a little bit here.
So what I want to do with curving and again, you can do some curving on the ground. It's
a little bit of a short field here so bear with me but you're going to come like onto
the ball at kind of an angle so you want to come at a 45-degree angle. When I'm just simply
passing the ball, I'm coming on more straight. But for a curve, you actually want to get
more of an angle. See?
And it will have that curve on. You're not going to see a whole lot of curve because
we're pretty close to the goal. Let's see if I can kind of get in the air a little bit.
See? So you will see a little bit of curve again and the wind is kind of going against
us here but that's the basics is you want to be able to hit it with the inside of your
foot on the very, very outside of the ball and then you want to bring your leg around.
You kind of want to bring your leg almost across the body because that's what's going
to give it a little bit of curve here.
So again, it's going to be hard to tell but you're going to see that spin and that's what's
going to be good. So here we go, Chas. See, he has got a little curve there or a little
bit of spin. Again it's going to be almost impossible to tell this quick unless I blast
one. So again, you're going to see that little spin where it's going to kind of tuck it away.
When you're doing more bending, that's when you're going to actually get more of that
curve that's going to go from up all the way down right or if you're a righty, it's going
to go up and then down to the left which I'm going to explain a lot about.
But a lot of the problems that people have with how to curve a soccer ball is they're
not getting enough power on it and what they're doing is they're actually hitting the ball
too far over on the outside of the ball where you want to hit it here and you want to follow
through and push it.
So when you follow through and push it, it's going to have that little kick. Again when
you're passing the ball, when you're reaching a high level and playing professional soccer
like I did, you want to make sure that you're actually getting a lot of speed on the ball.
I would say that's one of the main things where people mess up is when they get to higher
levels, they're not used to the quickness of pace and part of the quickness of pace
is having very, very driven balls or having some that have a lot of a I guess a lot of
power behind it.
So even if you're doing a simple pass, you should put a little nice trap, Chas. You should
put a little bit of a power behind it and the same is true with chipping and the same
is true with curving. You want to make sure that you're not just giving it like this little
curve like that. You actually want to make sure that you got some pretty good pace on
So again, that's just kind of how and that works for shots too because one of the things
that I like doing is I like bending the ball away from the goalie. Sixty-five percent of
all goals are scored by placing the ball. It's something I teach in my course but you
don't always need to go crazy. But a curve is good for that type of shot or bending it
around the side down the field to your forward that's coming on to it.
So again, that's just the basics of how to curve a soccer ball. We're going to teach
you some other stuff as well. So make sure you subscribe up here. Like and give us five
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I will be happy to come by and answer them because I do this page for you guys and if
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