LA CORRUZIONE (1963) aka "Corruption" [Eng subs]

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"Even if God didn't exist, religion would still be Saintly and Divine."
Now, you, in leaving this school...
... will find yourselves facing, just as you have studied...
... two conceptions of reality:
... that of the Catholic, and that of the Marxist.
It's useless to think otherwise...
... reality in Europe is just that, divided into two parts.
I don't want to tell you: "You must choose", because you...
... being of the bourgeois, have already chosen.
I will, however, add something that I'd like you to keep with you.
Whatever your position in life may be...
... first and foremost it should be one of moral responsibility.
What does that mean? It means...
... that the story of men, that which has brought man...
... to this point, has always been founded...
... on moral choice, on the impulse of the heart.
Therefore, pure reason...
... cold rationalism, algebra, mathematics...
... isn't the story. Because the story of mankind...
... is an aspiration to that which is good.
An act of love that embraces humanity.
This is the true education.
This is civilization.
This is the blowing of the high winds of culture.
... is liberty.


You look sad, Stefano.
We're going back to life!
Enough of this "Alma Mater"!
No more Latin, I'm sick of it!
Congratulations, Stefano!

- So, you're leaving? - Soon.
- I came to say goodbye. - Yes, goodbye.
- Where will you go? - To my father's house, for now.
- So, you've made your mind up? - I think so.
I've been meaning to give you this book.
The editor's one of your father's competitors.
- Something to remember you by. - I want you to read it.
You think this book will do what you never managed?
That isn't what I meant.
I have nothing against your improbable career choice.
Why? Don't you believe in it?
It's not that I don't believe in it.
It's that... look, let's speak frankly for a moment.
You're leaving, we'll probably never see each other again.
It seems as though your chosen vocation is founded on a...
... true religiousness, Catholic. Yet yours is a vague aspiration...
... full of good faith, of purity...
... but vague, imprecise.
Being a priest is, above all, a discipline.
I know that.
But I can't do anything else.
If it's something that moves me, that gives me strength...
... if the thought of a pure and religious life makes me happy...
... why should I have to renounce it?
What about your father? Have you told him, yet?
No, but I will tell him.
It won't be easy. Goodbye, Stefano.
I hope that your decision turns out to be just and true...
... and that I, all things considered, was wrong.
- You would prefer to be wrong? - Yes...
But, unfortunately, I'm usually right.
Goodbye, Stefano.
- Goodbye, and thank you! - Good luck!
Come, I'll show you your room.
Through here.
Here you are.
If this is what you decide, we'll be waiting for you.
"Alitalia, second call..."
"... departure flight number 14222."
- Father! - Hey, there! Hello.
Hello, Judy!
- Did you have a good trip? - Yes, Father.
- Where are we going now? - To the office.
I have things to attend to.
But after that we have the entire day together.
I wanted to go and see Mother.
Do you know how she is?
No, I don't. And you know well that I've never been fond of...
... your mother's imaginary illnesses.
Perhaps they're not so imaginary. Otherwise, they wouldn't have taken her at the clinic.
Sick people like your mother are a gift from heaven for those clinics.
50,000 lire a day...
But, if you like, we can go and see her.
Will you come as well?
I'll wait for you downstairs.
How are you?
I just woke up, but you know...
... I could have slept longer.
How long will the treatment last?
I don't know. Ten, eleven days.
Fifteen days, Mrs. Mattioli.
Just think, Stefano, another fifteen days.
I'll sleep fifteen days without even realizing it.
- When did you get back? - I've finished at school.
Did you pass?
Yes, I wrote...
Didn't you receive my letter?
Um... I don't know... maybe.
But, you know, this treatment is a must. I've spent my days...
Didn't your father tell you? I want to know...
... what he told you. He finds my exhaustion funny, doesn't he?
No, that's not true. He was worried about you.
Here you are. Today I've made you a heavier meal than usual.
If I could only eat this way outside...
... without the bother of chewing, of swallowing, of...
You would soon tire of it, ma'am.
No, my dear, you're mistaken!
The diet...
... cleanses the skin.
- Isn't that right? - Yes, that's right!
Hand me the mirror. Go and open the window.
See, it's the second time that I've...
... this sleep treatment...
... stretches...
Close it!
I was saying that...
... it's the second time I've done this sleep treatment...
... it stretches me out, rejuvenates me.
Isn't that right?
And, you know, you don't dream anything, good dreams or bad dreams.
Come here, sit down.
The doctor will be here soon, and you haven't told me anything.
That's true, Mother, we never see each other anymore.
I know, but you grow up too fast...
... and I get old too fast!
I have no way to defend myself!
- From what? - From insomnia!
You're young, you don't understand! See...
... insomnia at my age is a terrible thing!
Alone! Alone at night with all my thoughts, here, here, here!
Don't think about that.
When you leave here everything will be fine, you'll see.
Oh! You'll see, you'll see! What do you think I see, after the life I've had?!
The others, talk, talk... yes!
But I... Do you know what I think, Stefano?
For me death will be the first good night's sleep I've had in my life.
Ready for a nice nap?
Yes, Doctor, I'm ready.
- So, when will I wake up? - In two days.
Did you hear that? Two days. Will you come and see me?
- Good morning, sir! - Good morning, Gianna!
- Ooh, if it isn't Stefano! Welcome back! - Thank you.
Mr. Leo, Pennisi is waiting for you, he's in your study.
- Ah, yes, send him in. - Yes, right way.
- Wait for me through there with Gianna. - Yes, Father.
Come on.
Giuseppe, go on through!
So, you've finished at boarding school?
You've lost weight, though. What, they don't feed you there?
Not too much.
So, Gianna, how's business?
Good, good! As usual.
Who's that?
She's here because of your father.
- Gianna, send me Stefano. - Yes, right away.
Pass it on to administration.
Sir, the storekeeper is waiting for you outside.
- What should I tell him? - Send him in.
- Don't tell me you're tired? - No, no, of course not!
Good, because this evening I'm taking you to a cocktail bar...
... where all the intellectuals in Milan like to hang out.
All good people, you know, my competition, they're always...
... trying to put me out of business, but never quite manage it!
Yes, come in!
Come on, in you come.
Please, come forward.
Don't be afraid.
- Are you the storekeeper? - Yes.
I've never seen you before. How long have you been here?
Eighteen months.
Listen, would you like to explain to me why the accounts are showing...
... a deficit of 870,000 lire in revenue stamps?
I don't know. I swear on my mother's life.
I check them all. I check them every day.
Here, look.
The accounts department is clear, there's a deficit. Where did it end up?
They must be mistaken.
What, machines make mistakes now?
I don't know. Someone must have stolen them!
There's no doubt that someone stole them...
... but they stole them from you, not from me.
If the sum isn't returned within three days...
... you will be interrogated by someone much more qualified than I.
Is that clear?
But what can I do, sir?
I earn 60,000 lire a month, I can't possibly...
I couldn't possibly... How can I, if you don't help me?
You may go.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
He seemed sincere.
They always seem sincere.
I know, I know, there are unpleasant situations...
... there are difficult decisions to make.
But, unfortunately, that's how it is...
... you can't avoid them, it's part of such responsibility.
If I always allowed my sentiments to dictate things...
... at this point, I'd be selling books in a market stall.
Instead, I have 500 employees. And if there's a rotten branch...
... you must cut it off right away, if you wish the tree to remain healthy.
Remember them, these words. Perhaps today they seem absurd...
... but when you come to work for my company...
... and hold a position of some responsibility...
... well, when you're the one running this place...
... you will realise that there exist two sets of morals:
... one for he who commands, and one for he who obeys.
Yes, my son, unfortunately...
... that's the way it is.
One day, you will be have to make unpleasant decisions...
... that go against your own sentiments; I'm sure of it!
But there will always be one important compensation...
... that you are giving work to 500 families...
... meaning 500 fathers that will have secured...
... a future for themselves and their children.
Do you see?
This is what counts...
... because the rest is all lies!
Thank goodness you're here!
No, even Vittoria is coming! She's at the "Olive Branch" with her mother...
... the one who won a good will award...
... it's always the same people and always the same food...
See? What am I supposed to do with all these starters?
No one comes here anymore! Who knows what they'll do, then...
Do you want something to drink? Whisky?
- Hey, Morandi! - Ah, hello, Boss!
- How are you? - Fine, fine.
Here, this is my son. He's a big fan of yours, you know!
Stefano, here's your chance! I'll leave you two to it.
I think I must have read everything you've written up to this point.
My dear boy, you surprise me.
I know of your opinions already, your father has told me a lot about you.
I wouldn't think that a young Catholic, these days...
... would be interested in my books.
I wouldn't be a good Catholic if I didn't try to understand.
When the war was on and you were just a little boy...
... when he really started to read, to become interested...
It's an old industry, you know. Not the most fitting business for your father.
Italy isn't a country of ideas, but of electric appliances.
I'm surprised that you've read my work.
Isn't it the ideas that make a story?
No, it's the objects...
... or, rather, a certain number of objects that can be sold.
But your ideas are not made of objects.
That's why they don't sell, and why people don't read them.
Tell me, have you thought of going into politics? - No.
- So you'll be working with your father. - I don't think so, for now.
- That's a shame. I hope to see you at the publishing house. - Of course.
I go there three times a week. Why don't you come?
- All right! - Good!
Listen, Morandi, don't bother putting my photo on the cover.
- Just do your own nice presentation and that will be enough. - Okay, okay...
- Why, have you written a book? - Of course? Didn't you know?
And you're presenting my father's book?
Of course, Stefano. Aren't you happy?
Who's for some Parmesan?
Hey! Hello, Adriana!
I came by the office this morning.
- Ah, yes. What did you want? - Nothing, I was just passing.
- Ah... do you know my son? - No.
Very well, here he is!
He knows everyone, your father. He's like the devil.
All at once his heir appears.
Good for you!
So, what did Morandi tell you? He's alright, isn't he? - Yes.
He was a smart man. Did five years in Ponza in confinement, under fascism.
- Did you know that? - Yes, I knew.
- Now he's working with you? - Yes. He's always been a prestigious name.
A moralist who writes in the left-wing and pseudo left-wing newspapers...
Anyway, he's useful.
It's that I'm paying him to do nothing in particular that bothers me a little.
His books are important.
Well, I wouldn't call them important, but fortunately for us they still work.
He's a saint of the Resistance, you know.
Ha! A true idealist! Even more than you.
You don't much care for idealism, do you Father?
Of course not! It's old news, and a miracle that people still believe in it.
Then what are you?
Do you believe in ideas or not?
My son, I don't go to school anymore.
These days I'm an industrialist, meaning someone who believes in facts...
... not in ideas.
And tomorrow you'll be an industrialist yourself...
... now that you're done with your needless education.
I don't think so.
You don't think what?
I've made a decision, Father, regarding my life.
And what would that be?
I've decided to join a monastery.
Come, come! Let's at least hear why.
- Would you like something to drink? - No, thank you.
I hope...
... actually, I'm sure you don't disapprove, do you?
I didn't say anything, just asked a question...
... I asked you why.
What can I tell you?
All I can say is that above all this decision is a necessity for me.
Oh, really? Well this necessity of yours must stem from something...
... you know, an opinion on the world, a long time spent reflecting... or no?
- Perhaps I'm mistaken. - No, you're not mistaken.
It's a result of these past two years, a combination of opinion and reflection.
Just as you say.
Help me understand. Opinions, reflections... and they are?
Meaning, that I feel the need to believe in something...
... immaterial, something idealogical.
Careful! "Idealogical" is a dangerous word.
If a Jesuit heard you talk like that, he would doubt your career choice.
It's true, but it's so tiring for me to speak with you.
- What? Why? - Because you...
... don't believe in anything.
Who says so? That's what you're saying.
No, I actually quite firmly believe in many things.
You know which? I believe in power.
And I also believe in money. Why not?
Things that disgust you, I'm sure. Isn't that right?
- Yes, that's true. - I know, I liked to judge people at your age as well.
But becoming a priest isn't necessary.
And besides, I'm sure that after just a month you'll be back home.
No. I've decided. And, anyway, you'll see.
We'll see.
Anyhow, we can talk about it more tomorrow, can't we?
- Go on, go to bed now. Goodnight. - Goodnight.
Sorry to wake you. Listen, I have an idea.
Tomorrow I'll attend to some business, and then on Saturday we'll take the yacht...
... and we'll go out to sea, you and I...
... for a nice trip.
That way we can talk and get to know each other better, can't we?
What do you say? Does it sound like a good idea?
Yes, it sounds great!
Okay, then.
- Night. - Goodnight, Father.
What, you don't say hello?
- How are you? - So, which one is "Noah's Ark"?
- What? - Your father's boat, no?
- Why? Are you coming with us? - Of course! Do you mind?
Come on, get in!
Well, it's about time! I was about to leave without you.
It's not like I can fly! I left as soon as you called me.
Wait! Take your shoes off before coming aboard.
Oh, really? Are those the rules?
Gian! Take the lady's cases upstairs, go on!
Remember that you're on a yacht, here, we're not on the street.
You didn't tell me she was coming.
- Oh, I didn't? - No. - Oh, dear.
Hey there, Captain! Are we ready to cast off?
We're ready, Mr. Leo!
Go on, more!
You looked good up there. Aren't you afraid of heights?
Hey, where are you going?
- To take a shower. - With all this water around us?
I want to get changed.
You're not a very good host, you know!
- It wasn't me who invited you. - Tell me how you really feel!
What do you want me to do, dive in and swim back to land?
Say, what do you have against me?
- Nothing. - Then why do you look at me like that?
Come on, let's have a chat.
Come on.
- How old are you? - 23.
And... have you been with many men?
Are you really interested? It sounds like you're collecting data for a census!
- How do you earn a living? - Oh, on whatever I find.
- In the city there are enough opportunities. - Like what, for example?
Have you seen those photographs sailors keep in their cabins?
Well, I've done that as well.
- Can I ask you a question? - Yes, why not? Of course.
Have you ever been with a woman?
- Well... - So, you have?
- No. - Why? Don't you like women?
What does that matter?
If you liked them, you would have done it already, no?
Is that all you think exists between a man and a woman?
What else could there be?
There could be... love. One could fall in love.
That's what I'm saying! That's what I mean!
No, you're saying that love is to sleep with someone.
Of course! What else could it be?
You know, you sound so foolish.
- So, you would go with anyone? - No, with the men I like.
If someone is good...
What does "good" mean to you?
"Good" can mean many different things. If he buys you things, if he's kind...
But above all if he really wants you...
... if he wants only you, and he wants you at all costs.
Then he really loves you. It's quite rare!
So by "good" you mean...
... good in general?
Good with others, you mean, good with everyone.
No, that's an asshole! I mean good with me, not with others.
If he's good with others, what would that make me? Just anyone?
- And that's it? Nothing else? - What do you want there to be?
So, for you a man is just something that you find useful?
If a woman doesn't look for protection and affection in a man...
... what does she look for?
Anyway, a woman knows right away what a man is really like.
- And what's that? - I already told you!
It has to be someone who wants you at all costs.
So then you're sure, you don't have to worry...
... you feel supported. - Yes, even better if he's rich!
You're such an idiot!
So, Cosimo! Are you going to put the ladder down?
Right away, sir!
Come on, I want to test the water!
- Stefano, you can watch me from the boat! - Yes, Father!
- Ready, Mr. Leo! - Here I am!
Beautiful sea, isn't it?
Look at that! Venus in the flesh!
- Beautiful, isn't she? Hi! - Hello, there! What is there to eat?
- Are you hungry? - Mmm, very!
Go on, Federico! Go and get the food ready!
Right away, sir.
- So, have you been with many men? - Does it interest you that much?
Your face and eyes are so childlike...
... and, yet, you're so different. You're like...
... like something without a soul, without anything!
You're a difficult one, aren't you?
You think a little too much.
That's why you've never been with a woman.
- Why, shouldn't one think? - Yes, yes, but you see...
Not if one thinks like you, you know.
Go on, I know it's just a phase you're going through.
- So, am I "good" enough for you? - I'd say so.
- And why is that? - Because you have nice eyes...
... you're well built, and you also have strong hands.
- So what I think doesn't interest you? - Of course not! Why should it?
- And, anyway, I already know you. - What do you mean by that?
Go on, you know what I mean!
- Why did you say that you already know me? - I know you a little.
- Look out, Adriana! - How disgusting!
In olden times they fed little girls like you to the eels.
I'd kill someone before they could do that to me.
That's gratitude for you. You tire yourself out catching dinner...
... and all you get back is death threats.
But you see: there has always been...
... a war between the snake and the woman...
... ever since the famous apple, the original sin.
It'll never be over between them, you know.
And everyone screams: "Where there's woman, there's sin."
So, get rid of the woman...
... get rid of sex.
We must be chaste, pure, impotent...
And, of course, that's the problem...
... sex maniacs, sick in the head...
... and the women, frigid and immaculate.
You would think that it would be something so simple...
... so right, no?
Far from good and bad!
That's the only relationship. Remember that, my boy...
... the natural relationship between the male and the female.
So tell me, do you have something against women?
No. I find them very beautiful.
Hey, look at that, those five stars.
That's Orion's constellation, also called "The Hunter".
And over there, those three in a triangle, that's the Greater Dog.
Well! I'll never understand how you can see a dog in the stars!
Well, it's very simple.
And because our ancestors probably had a better imagination than us.
So what's changed?
Nothing has changed, it's just that we know more now.
And science will inevitably kill poetry.
For example: when someone living in the olden times saw lightning, they thought of God.
These days we know it's electrical discharge.
This is why we're less religious.
And what would you do if you saw a gigantic hand in the sky, right now...
... pointing a finger down at you?
Well, nothing! What do you think I'd do?
I'd repent my sins.
Stefano, find my constellation for me. I'm a Sagittarius.
Well, you see those five stars?
That's the bow and that's the arrow.
And you, Leo, what star sign are you?
- I'm a Sagittarius as well. - No good!
A Sagittarius never gets on with another Sagittarius.
What about you, Stefano? What sign are you, Virgo?
- Gemini. - Sagittarius and Gemini: assured happiness.
- Say, are you going to bed? - Yes, and you?
We'll stay out here a little longer.
No one is to wake me before 9 O'clock, understood?
Then we'll let you sleep.
- Stefano... - Yes?
Tell me the truth, now. You were just joking when you mentioned...
... closing yourself in a convent with your prayer beads.
It's not a joke.
It's crazy talk. I mean...
... how on earth did you come up with such an idea?
It's a decision I've spent a lot of time thinking over.
- Really? Since when? - This last year at school.
I see, but you know that at your age many people make rash decisions.
- Let's at least talk about it. - Yes, of course.
So you would believe in God...
... in the Son, the Holy Ghost, in Immaculate Conception? - Exactly.
Don't you realise how that sounds?
Men are about to set foot on the Moon...
... and you still believe in such lies?
And you're an intelligent kid! How can you believe in such things?
It's all clear to you, is it?
Everything simple, everything explained...
Mysteries just don't exist, do they?
Don't you realise that, to reason in the way that you reason...
... is merely to simplify things...
... to see only the superficial, and not the substance in things?
Unfortunately, the substance in things is the thing itself, all else is lies!
No, no, I'll never see that.
Otherwise I might as well be dead.
There exists higher values, believe me, than things, than money, than power.
And what power, anyway? And for how long?
- It doesn't matter how long it lasts, just that it lasts. - There, you see...
... I like to think that we have the right to live better lives...
... without staining ourselves, without marking our conscience. - Oh, really!
Just to be clear: in a world that isn't religious...
... I wish to live religiously.
And what about me? You don't think about me, do you?
You want to love everyone, except me.
You don't realise that it's because I have just one son...
... that I've worked for my whole life, up to this point?
You don't do it for me, you do it for yourself.
Because that's how you are, because it's your calling.
Mine is different, actually, the opposite.
And I've decided to follow it with all my heart.
Anyway, I'll never allow it!
Now, that's enough talking. Alright?
Then I'll be forced speak with you again.
When we go home I'm leaving you and moving to the convent.
- Which convent, anyway? - I've already spoken to them, they're waiting for me.
- You're still just a minor. - Yes.
- I'm asking you for permission. - Ah, no!
I won't give you anything, not until you're 21 years old!
That's not right, Father. What, are you forcing me to disobey you?
If I stop you doing this foolishness, one day you'll thank me.
It's useless, Father!
I'm sorry, but this is my path.
This is very upsetting for me, you know?
I'm sorry Father, but you've caused me a lot of pain.
Ah, I have?
What about the pain that you've caused me?
Do you think that I'm indifferent to the fact that I might lose a son...
... now, at the exact moment that I've found him once again?
But you won't lose me!
You'll always be my father, it's just that you'll have a priest for a son.
I already told you that having a priest for a son is something I will not tolerate!
It's an idea that mortifies me, that disgusts me!
I want a son who follows in my footsteps...
... who continues what I've started...
But Father...
... don't you understand that I can never work with you? Never!
Do you think that I could live like you, ordering people around, people who..
... only obey me because they're afraid? - No! You're the one who's afraid!
People talk how you're talking when they're afraid and weak.
This is life!
He who commands, and he who obeys! It's always been the same, my dear boy!
Yes, but you're not interested in living, you just want to hide behind a robe...
... just like your mother hides herself away in those clinics.
This isn't a career, it's cowardice, that's what it is...
... and I don't want a coward for a son.
But I'll make you change your mind, my dear priest.
We'll see if you're strong enough.
Come on, don't be afraid, defend yourself!
You have the strength of your vocation, no? Then fight!
Let's see how you do, with all your saints and holy mothers!
I pity you.
What have you done?
Come on, in here.
- Captain, we're just off Cala Brigantina! - Very Good, Mr. Leo!
Half an hour early...
My estimates are always exact.
- Hey! Hi! Did you sleep well? - Yes, thank you.
Where are we going?
Where's Stefano? Still sleeping?
- How should I know? - You should know, shouldn't you?
Hey! Wake up, sleepy head! Come on, it's a wonderful day!
- Where are we? - In the shallows of Palmarola.
Come on, let's go fishing!
Come on, get up.
I want to leave.
If you drop me ashore at Ponza, I'll take the ferry.
What are you upset about now?
Are you still thinking about that stupid discussion from last night?
Our holiday has only just started.
- We won't speak about it again, okay? - Father!
- Let me leave, please. - Where? - I want to leave, Father.
Come here a moment, come closer.
What's all this about you wanting to leave? Has something happened?
- No. - Then what's this tantrum all about?
You should stay here. You'll see...
... it's a beautiful island, I'm sure that you'll really like it.
Young master! What are you doing?!
Hey, you!
Hey, you!
Help, Father!
Father, help me!
Help me!
I'm sorry!
Pull alongside him.
Leave me alone.
Yes, of course, right away.
I just brought you some cognac, that's if you want it.
No, thank you.
You know, Stefano, I'm really not interested if you drink or not.
The thing that worries me is your inclination to always say "no".
If you always say "no", people will stop offering you things.
I said "thank you".
Yes, I know, you have good manners.
This is a nice watch! Is it yours? Did you buy it?
- In Losanna. - Ah! In Losanna!
- Father... - Yes?
For the first time in my life...
... I've sinned. I've betrayed both you and myself.
Last night...
- I slept with Adriana. - I had imagined as much.
Besides, I saw it coming, considering how you act together.
Why won't you let me off?
Order them to dock somewhere.
I'll go away.
Go where, Stefano?
I don't know.
- Help me, Father! - How can I, if you won't let me?
Father, please, I didn't know... I swear, I didn't mean to...
What do you mean?
What do I care about Adriana?
No, it's you I'm thinking about. It's you I'm worried about.
Don't you see that even you really don't know what you want?
You can't make that decision.
If your chosen career was one of sincerity, authenticity, honesty...
... I would have probably given in.
But how long has it lasted, that which we spoke about?
So, then, how can you still think of it as your true calling?
No. I know.
It's not that I'm always right about everything, quite the opposite...
... but I take my reasoning from facts.
You cannot be chaste.
No one was born for chastity, no one. Get that into your head.
I know.
I know.
Now, it's all over.
All these years of renunciation, of exaltation...
... only to arrive at this...
... at this betrayal!
What betrayal?
Actually, I find it right, the thing you did...
... it's so human, natural.
... strength of will isn't enough.
And just like that...
... it's over!
- What's over? - Everything, Father! Everything!
Nothing is over, my son, quite the opposite...
Now, you will start again, start your life alongside me.
I need you, Stefano. My strength isn't what it was.
I'm an old man, my son.
It's not easy always being so hard, intolerant.
And only you can help me.
What can I do? You know how to do everything...
... all you need is you.
But you can do... you can do so much.
Come to Milan with me.
We can run the publishing house together.
- Wouldn't you like that, Stefano? - Yes, I would.
Good! It's yours, you know!
You can choose which books you want and you'll have fun, you'll see.
Books aren't just money, you know, they're ideas, important things...
For a young man like you...
... it will be a duty just as noble as religion.
Well, get some rest, now.
- Father... - Yes?
When did you and Mother start hating each other?
When we got married.
- He saw you, Father! - So?
He took your license plate number!
Well, I hope it brings him luck! It ends in 13, you know!
- Welcome back, sir! - Thank you!
- Welcome back, sir! - Thank you, Gianna! Any news?
Lots of letters and two calls from Brockhaus, about the dictionary.
Good morning, sir!
Stefano! What are you doing, Stefano?
Here I am, Father!
Come on!
- What were you doing back there? - Nothing.
- And does he have a say in the commission? - Of course, he has the decisive vote!
- Then send him a cheque. - A cheque?!
Of course, a cheque! We'll see if he sends it back.
It's not an offence, you know. Want something to drink, Stefano?
- A whisky? - Okay.
Eight volumes in a single month... I'll have to increase production.
I ask myself how you sell so many.
- It's not like people read that much. - Oh, but they sure do sell!
In Italy the book has become a consumer good these days.
- Yes. But do they read them? - How should I know?
Anyway, they buy them, and that's what counts.
They buy them as they would buy a tie or a pair of shoes.
What happened?
- What happened?! - The storekeeper, out the window!
Ribechi, call the police! Out of here, you! Go on!
- Where are you going? - Father, let go of me! - Stay right where you are!
Give me a cover, something... Here!
Away! Get away from him!
Get away, go on! Get back inside!
Very well, sir. Yes...
No, no responsibility! Hey, what can you do...
Okay, the one....
Sort it out for me. A couple of million or even more, it doesn't matter.
These things happen...
Very well. Let me know...
I don't want the newspapers to breath as much as a word of this!
Everyone looks to make a scandal out of a story like this!
Don't worry, I told you. No one will talk about it.
I still have some authority left. It's nothing to do with you, is it?
- Do you want something to eat? - Why not?
- Vincenzo! Prepare a plate of cold meats for the professor. - Right away!
Are you eating with us, Stefano?
- Good evening! - Good evening, Ribechi. Well?
- The father of the boy is here with me. - Ah, good!
I convinced him. Though perhaps now it's best if you talk to him. You know...
... how these things are... - Yes, of course. Where is he?
I left him downstairs in the car.
I already hinted at the amount you mentioned earlier...
... and he's in agreement, he doesn't wish to make a fuss. - Okay, okay. Come on.
And just like that, you...
... the moralist...
... the one who dishes out morals to Italians in the newspapers every week...
... is hired to cover up a murder.
With your pure man facade...
... you've bought the public...
... the newspapers, everyone, and you've placed a rock on top of a murder.
What murder? That guy was just crazy!
Come on, Stefano, I'm surprised at you.
Surprised how sick you make me?
You, my father, everyone.
Do you know that he was just an unfortunate kid, that he wasn't to blame?
A harmless being, a desperate boy.
I saw him, he came to me...
... and for a measly million lire they pushed him to suicide!
I beg you, can you not go to the newspapers tomorrow...
... tonight, right away, and tell them everything that happened?
Tell them about a mad man who threw himself out of a window?
I beg you, do something!
I beg you, do it...
... now, right away, no matter how much money my father gives you!
What should I do, in your opinion?
Make a scandal!
I'll be with you, against my father, I swear it!
Alright, Stefano, that will do!
Such a fuss!
Yes, such a fuss for someone who just died...
And for who none of you give a damn about, you most of all.
So, you're corrupt too.
You're up to your neck in the world of the sly, too.
All done! What did I tell you?
Everything can be sorted out with a little goodwill.
Now, he's speaking with the lawyer and then he'll be gone.
- Did you leave him downstairs alone? - Well, he asked me to.
We have to be careful about these things, we don't want him to lose his head.
Vincenzo, call the gentleman downstairs in the car...
... and offer him something to eat. - Right away, sir! - Let's go.
- Stefano, sit down! - Stefano is quite agitated.
I know, he's always agitated.
He'll end up in one of those beds next to his mother at a clinic.
Perhaps you should listen to him, that might be better.
Oh, of course! Come, no! Let him speak...
... he can tell us what the Bible says we should do at this point.
How boring your irony is, Father.
It sounds bad, vulgar.
And you know why it's vulgar?
Because it's useless, Father.
You're not funny.
You're not a good person!
Did you hear that, Morandi?
If I'm not mistaken, you were the one who wanted him to talk...
... and you only ended up angering our little altar boy here.
But since all of this talk was started...
... because of some crazy guy who threw himself out a window...
... even if I wanted to, I can't resurrect the dead.
I can, however, pay them, and that's exactly what I'm doing.
You may as well spit on them, too, if you're going to pay them.
Don't talk like your mother.
You spit on everything.
You did the right thing to call me. I wasn't sure I'd hear from you again!
Well? How do I look?
Actually, tonight I look terrible.
I ruined my skin on that damn boat.
I shouldn't have come, I know. But the trip was quite nice.
- Did you know that I've not seen your father since then? - No?
Of course, I couldn't after what happened between us.
To tell you the truth, I'd have carried on all the same...
... it was clear that he only invited me for you...
... so it can't have offended him.
You don't think so? I think that's exactly why he invited me.
Anyway, I don't regret it.
Do you know what I told him? "All right, Leo, I won't make a fuss."
"I'll pack my case and leave."
As if I didn't know why he asked me to come.
And anyway, it's true, because if I'd known, I wouldn't have done it.
No! Well, for you I'd have done it.
What's wrong? Are you sad?
What can you do? I'm a little sad, you know, because I ended up...
... really liking Leo.
He's quite charming, don't you think?
Never mind!
Anyway, it's not like I'm being left alone.
Ah, my darling, I could never carry on without someone in my life.
And, anyway, with the money he gave me...
I bought two apartments: one to rent, and the other to live in.
But I have to finish paying for them before the year's out.
You're not happy to own your own place?
Of course! But you need money, and lots of it.
Money is something your father understands.
What can you do? The world is what it is!
Your father is right about that, too.
- Don't you think? - No.
He's not right.
A world in which my father is right can never be good.
Take it from me, Stefano, live your life! Live, and don't think! It's better that way!
But how?
How am I supposed to live?
Come inside with me for a minute...
... you could use a distraction.
- What are you going to do? - My brother is in there.
I need to help him with something, then we can leave.
He gets into a mess every day, imagine if I didn't keep an eye on him!
So, are you coming? Come on, I'll take you home afterwards.
- What are we really doing, anyway? - Right.
- Why, what do you want to do? - Exactly, where are we going?
You're right, the world is what it is and can't be changed.
That's more like it!
I'm rich, and I'll defend my money...
... just like my father does.
Finally, you understand!
Lucky you! And, anyway, money does grow on trees!