Getting High off Asian Food with Eddie Huang

Uploaded by vice on May 2, 2012

EDDIE HUANG: Yo, I'm Eddie Huang, and
I got high on munchies.

I got to make fun of my boy eating a pear in a men's
locker room.
I got to tell plan B jokes.
I told jokes about panda shit.
You can't really do that anywhere else.
It's fun.
And we're not knuckleheads.
We're not idiots.
We are telling stories that mean something, but in our own
And that's what I really love.
So there it is, the whole shebang.
Vice presents Munchies with Eddie Huang.

FEMALE SPEAKER 1: This famous cook?
EDDIE HUANG: What is this?
I don't know this.
Oh, I would definitely chef here.
I'm going to create a special health menu.
EDDIE HUANG: Chinese juices, dragon sweat,
panda shit, the best.


My name is Eddie Huang.
The name of my restaurant is Baohaus, and we serve
Taiwanese-style street food.

Bao just means bun or bread in Chinese.
Everybody has variations on pork bun.
But I was like, yo, let's take a step back and do the OG
shit, the real, authentic, Taiwanese way they've been
doing since the '50s.
So I wanted to red cook the pork and topping with peanuts
and sugar and cilantro, like how we do in Taiwan, and it
just really took off.
It's not like my mission in life was to open a bao
This was the item that made the most sense.
It's portable.
It's the Asian answer to a taco.
The names for the baos are cool.
The original's named after Chairman Mao, because Mao's
from Hunan.
And my technique for the red-cooked pork belly is from
Hunan the province.
That's where my family's from.
And then we got the bird house bao.
It's chicken.
The inspiration for that was Robin Givens because she's the
biggest bird in the world.
I hate that bitch.
Ruined Mike Tyson.
So yeah, we're going to go hang out with detective Max
He always sounds like he's interrogating people.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: What do you got for breakfast, a salad?
EDDIE HUANG: The other dude is Simonez Wolf, Chef Sez.
I know Sez from the door at Le Band.
He's always clowning motherfuckers outside, not
letting anybody in.
He's a funny cat.
EMILE HAYNIE: How's it going?
EDDIE HUANG: This motherfucker is the latest one man.
What's wrong with you?
You all know Emile.
He produced "Runaway".
He produced Lana Del Rey's new album.
Honestly, we should just eat the fucking, that new pot pie.
That new KFC pot pie is the moves.
Really we all just hang out.
And we like to eat.
So we're going to go eat at Nan Xiang
Shanghai-style breakfast.
After you Mr. Jimenez.

So Flushing's an interesting neighborhood because a lot of
people feel like the best Chinese
food comes from Taiwan.
After the revolution, most Chinese master
chefs fled to Taiwan.
They came to New York, set up shop in Flushing.
SIMONEZ WOLF: Which way?
You know the way.
EDDIE HUANG: First restaurant we went to was Nan
Xiang Xiao Long Bao.
They do the best Shanghainese breakfast I've had in New York
hands down.
Deep bow.
Deep bow.
Deep bow.
That's a dismissive one.

EDDIE HUANG: You think Chinese breakfast, and everybody just
assumes dim sum.
But dim sum is a Cantonese thing, southern
China on the coast.
A lot of the rest of the eastern coast of China, people
like to eat soup dumplings, hot soy milk, cruellers.
These are dishes that you don't usually see in the
American canon of Chinese food.
So I like people to see it because that's
what I grew up with.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: I'll tell you what man.
Only eat fresh soy milk.
People don't even understand--
EDDIE HUANG: Game over, dude.
Game over.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: --how incredible it is.
EDDIE HUANG: This is a beef scallion pancake, one of my
favorite dishes.

This dish, it's beef and tripe together, spicy oil.
But the folk name for it is [CHINESE],
husband and wife platter.

Now soup dumpling 101.
I'm going to show this.
You see a lot of goons poking holes right in the top.
This is what you do.
Soup dumpling gets a sauna.
You put it in the vinegar.
Let it chill out, maybe 30 seconds to a minute.
It'll cool.
Then you eat it.
This is the only way to do it.
You do it any other way--
MAX KOSHKERMAN: Don't be a hooligan--
EDDIE HUANG: Don't be a fucking hooligan.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: --while eating a soup dumpling.
And you see all these motherfuckers on Facebook, oh
my favorite food is soup dumplings.
They're like poking them like this.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: Respect the dumpling.
Don't be a hooligan.
SIMONEZ WOLF: Can I do this?
This is good?
MAX KOSHKERMAN: I don't know.
EDDIE HUANG: That looks like some crazy French shit.
See, I should host a show teaching people how to do this
called, "So You Think You Want to be a Chinaman." "So You
Think You Can Chinaman." Oh thank you.
Thank you grasshopper.

EDDIE HUANG: Oh and then after that, we went to probably the
best Cantonese restaurant in any of the five boroughs,
Imperial Palace.

MAX KOSHKERMAN: Respect for that.
I can't reach that.
Oh now hold on.
Oh, can't reach you.
EDDIE HUANG: I got the crab on rice, seafood
on pan-fried noodles.
I got a little fried grouper.
I think we're good.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: Is that lobster in that?
MAX KOSHKERMAN: What are you saying?
EDDIE HUANG: So Max was being extra difficult.
I usually don't go to restaurant and order all
fucking shellfish dishes.
I asked Max what he wants.
He goes, oh, lobster.
Son, we're getting dungeness crab.
You still want to get lobster?
He's like, I only want to eat lobster.
He wants lobster.
He's going to be difficult until he
gets his fucking lobster.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: I just want to try that Cantonese style.
EDDIE HUANG: How difficult.
I thought you were difficult.
This guy's fucking difficult.
SIMONEZ WOLF: I'm difficult?
EDDIE HUANG: No he's difficult.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: I'm just high maintenance.
SIMONEZ WOLF: I'm not difficult.
I'm just proper.
EDDIE HUANG: We got only shellfish.
That's some bowl of shit.
We only ordered shellfish.

And we got dungeness crab over sticky rice there.
They take a live dungeness crab, butcher it live, take
the top off.
They'll take sticky rice.
Then they'll throw it in the wok a little.
Then it goes on top of lotus leaves into a bamboo steamer.
Game over.
It's probably the illest dish out there in any restaurant in
the north right now.
Go ahead.
Go ahead Emile.
You go in.
Go dig in Emile.
This is the best part, see inside the brain?
That yellow shit.
Get up in the brains.

This shit is the best.
So this is steamed oyster with XO sauce, chili oil, dried
scallop, all kinds of good stuff.
And then the fried rice dish that we had was a salt fish
fried rice.
The protein that you see in there is diced chicken bits.
But the flavor for that fried rice is coming from salt fish.
And I think I just said fried rice.
EDDIE HUANG: That Chinglish just
pops its head up sometimes.
So ugly.
SIMONEZ WOLF: Oh look, look, look.
EDDIE HUANG: Oh here we go.
I want you to take a photo with your lobster.

Yo, if people knew Sim was geeking out, taking food
photos like that, I don't think he could control any
door in the city because he stunts on everyone.
He the coolest guy you know.
But now he's got his Yelp on, fucking taking photos of food
for his blog.
So it's a funny dynamic, all of us.
But we don't give a fuck.
We'll geek out over shit.
We act a fool.
Anywhere we go, you see we act a fool.
After Imperial Palace, Emile pussied out.
He didn't want to go to the Baths.
SIMONEZ WOLF: You coming?
EMILE HAYNIE: No, definitely not.
EDDIE HUANG: So then we went to the Russian Baths.
Just sweat it out, because we felt gross from all that food.

How are you Simonez?
We are here at the Russian Baths right now.
SIMONEZ WOLF: Whoa whoa, gangsta.

EDDIE HUANG: Max was in there with a bunch of dudes with no
drawers on eating a pear.
Definitely let the streets know, that's Max's shit.
See, he was eating the fucking pear.
You see him eating the fucking pear.
No better place to eat a pear than in a locker room full of
naked dudes.

Yo, I like to just get blazed and sweat.
It's kind of cool.
It's the perfect thing to do high because you don't have to
think about anything.
Your mind is just consumed with sweating.
And you feel like you worked out.
You feel like you burnt some calories,
even though you didn't.
So we just fucking go to the baths.

Look at this shit.
Some intense negotiations going on here at the baths.
Max, the price is listed man.
The prices are listed.
Max is always fucking negotiating with people.
He don't ever want to pay full price for anything.
He'd go to Chipotle and fucking negotiate if he could.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: This plug, I want one more round on the
house next time I come here.
EDDIE HUANG: These Persian people are the cheapest.
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Yeah, but he know how to deal.
EDDIE HUANG: You should take another photo here of him.
Put it up.
This man steals.

Stealing memberships.
MAX KOSHKERMAN: I'll see you later.
EDDIE HUANG: Take care.
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Good luck.
EDDIE HUANG: After we went to the baths, we
just had the munchies.
And we were like, what could we make?
We're going to go to Baohaus and make fried bao ice cream
It's going to be good.
It's this way.
MALE SPEAKER: We're happy, no.
SIMONEZ WOLF: Neighborhood watch.
EDDIE HUANG: Damn, you just stunted on him in front
of his girl, yo.
You stealing shorties tonight?
You stealing shorties?

All right, we're going to make this.
Drop eight baos in the fryer.
EDDIE HUANG: No, just for fun.
You want one?
We'll make one for you.
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Can I have one?
EDDIE HUANG: Yeah, we'll make you one.
No problem.
MALE SPEAKER 2: Can I have one too?
EDDIE HUANG: Had them fried baos with the red bean paste,
the little shiso leaf, all the finest greenery.
And then vanilla ice cream or green tea ice cream, depending
on what your flavor is.
Oh delicious.
Here you go Sim.
You want ice cream sandwiches?
All right, come get it.
Don't be shy.
Y'all scared of ice cream sandwiches?
MALE SPEAKER 3: I'm a little confused about this.
EDDIE HUANG: Yeah, what are you confused about?
It's fucking ice cream and fried baos.
What's there to be confused about?
We're going to feed the streets right now, everybody.
SIMONEZ WOLF: It's like a soup kitchen for ice cream.
EDDIE HUANG: Yeah, it's a soup kitchen.
This is a ice cream soup kitchen.
Here you go.
Enjoy man.
Yeah man, motherfuckers love free shit.
They like anything free.
I could've taken a shit in a bao and they
would've loved it.
See this high munchie shit, it doesn't need to be pretty.
It just needs to be delicious.

It's a fucking recession.
I'm going to feed people.
I'm going to run on this platform, ice cream.
If your platform can be like, no, you cannot use Plan B.
I'll be like, I'm a nice guy.
I want you to eat ice cream and use Plan B.