Behind the Scenes - BTS#7 - Carnillean Rising

Uploaded by runescape on 29.06.2012

Welcome to RuneScape Behind The Scenes. This week it's all about Carnillean Rising,
a fully-voiced mid-level quest from the creator of Swan Song
and My Arm's Big Adventure in which YOU are the quest maker.
You may have already encountered the snobby Carnillean family in the Hazeel Cult Quest,
composed of Sir Ceril the arrogant windbag, Lady Henryeta the snooty madam and Philipe the brat.
Philipe's somewhat lacking in the redeeming features department
and Sir Ceril wants to turn him into an adventuring hero.
That's where you come in. Sir Ceril's already written the quest story
but it's up to you to make all the action happen
- that is if you can handle a small boy with daddy issues and make him do your bidding including wearing a dress!
We know you've all spent many a day slaying monsters, fetching items and clambering over obstacles to save the day
but now it's your turn to lure the monsters, build the traps, paint the bloodstains on the walls and tie up the damsel in distress.
Doesn't it all just make you want to rub your hands together and pull a devilish grin?
To start the quest, just have a quick word with Xenia outside the Carnillean Mansion found in Ardougne.
Carnillean Rising requires 33 Thieving, 31 Construction and 50 Quest Points
and will include additional rewards beyond the end of the quest for players with decent combat skills and lots of quest points.
You'll also get your hands on a treasure chest you can fill with booty and bury in certain areas for your friends to find!
You can play at being the puppet master yourself when Carnillean Rising comes to RuneScape on July 3rd.
That's all for Behind The Scenes this week.
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