Animal attacks on a plane: Plane crash caused by crocodile

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Crocodile caused Congo plane crash, says survivor
This plane crashed in August this year
in the Democratic Republic of Congo
killing 20 people with one survivor.
Now that survivor has revealed what
caused the crash.
The survivor has told it was a crocodile
that one of the passengers smuggled on board in a bag
that he was taking to market.
He didn't think the crocodile.
would escape the bag and wander round the plane
scaring the passengers and causing
the pilots to think they were being attacked.
The passengers swarmed to the front of the plane
and threw the plane off balance
and causing the pilots to lose control
and crash into an empty house.
The airline's poor safety record
means it has been put the EU blacklist.
But while the crash was originally thought
to have been caused by a lack of fuel
nobody thought that a crocodile was the cause.
Flight safety experts meanwhile were also dumbfounded.
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