Are Deaf people meant to be on Earth?

Uploaded by DrDonGCSUS on 06.06.2011

You know the "pathological" perspective on Deaf people -- the medical view --
which perceives us Deaf people as "broken", "defective" and "in need of being fixed".
Of course, we Deaf have always said we're fine, healthy, OK,
and our only difference is that we use our eyes instead of ears to live in the world.
Does that pathological perspective have to be so?
Or could it be that Deaf people are just a different species, a different variant of Homo Sapiens?
Just like there are different species of dogs, cats and birds that developed differently for different environments,
and different ways of life,
so it is possible that we Deaf are like that -- a natural variant.
As it happens, I recently read an article by Darby Leigh,
who is the son of a Deaf woman and he is now a Rabbi.
He wrote a very interesting article.
You can see the link for the article below.
Basically, he examines the Jewish Law perspective on Deaf people.
My interpretation of it is that
God WANTS diversity, he wants us to respect the diversity on Earth.
How can we know that?
In Exodus 4:11, God says,
"Who gives man speech?
Who makes him dumb or deaf, seeing or blind?
Is it not I, the LORD?"
This says God created people the way He wanted us to be.
Notice also that God chose Moses, a stutterer,
as His representative to the Egyptians.
So again, we see God accepting and respecting diversity.
Another thing in Jewish culture and law, it is required that if
a Jewish person meets a person who is different, such as handicapped or disabled,
the Jewish person is supposed to say a blessing:
"Praised are you, Lord our God, who makes people different"
A BLESSING about difference!
This means that even though people are different, you should respect them and leave them alone.
God made us Humans, we're made in His spirit or image.
Therefore, our bodies belong to God.
Therefore, according to Jewish law, we must respect our bodies
we must not harm or destroy them -- we have to take care of our bodies
by avoiding danger or injury.
That includes avoiding cutting into your skin for reasons other than health or to save your life.
For example, tattoos -- you cut into your skin to do it, but there is no medical reason for it.
Deaf people are healthy -- there is nothing physically wrong with us -
So cutting into our skin/heads for cochlear implants violates God's wishes.
If you are a person who does not believe in God or religion,
that's fine. There is another argument that can be used:
Evolutionary theory.
Evolution basically says that if a species is not viable,
it cannot live -- it will die out on its own.
We have had Deaf people since the first human being --
and we haven't died out.
Plus, we have Deaf communities and villages where there are a large percentage of Deaf people.
For example, Martha's Vineyard and the Israeli Bedouins of Al-Sayyed
In Bali, there is "Desa Kolok", which is interesting
since they believe that a God gave them a gift of Godhood
by making them Deaf.
In Nigeria, there is a village called Adomarobe,
where they believe that a certain God, who is himself Deaf,
came to Earth and gave them a gift of himself, his deafness
as a gift to the Deaf people of that village.
If Deaf people are defective and not viable,
then we should not have survived all these millennia.
The fact that we do have Deaf people on Earth
shows that Deaf people are a natural variation of Homo Sapiens
and maybe, just MAYBE, God, or Mother Nature, WANTS Deaf people here on Earth!