[ENG][Fancam]090921 Happy Camp - Han Geng Punishing Henry the Underwear Thief

Uploaded by sk8ergalx on 10.10.2009

The two of you, please feed each other a piece of sushi with wasabi.
After eating, that is after the other person fed you, you have to say... Henry: Wasabi?
MC He Ling: Wasabi Female MC: Wasabi sushi MC HL: Yes, wasabi. Sushi with wasabi
Henry: I don't take spicy food.
After eating...the most important thing later is at the last part
After eating the sushi the other person feeds you with, you have to say to him,
"Gege, thank you for feeding me such a delicious cake."
I think it's a little unfair.
Since Henry is the one who is sorry to Han Geng,
I think Han Geng should decide how much wasabi should be put on the sushi
OHHH...look at him being bad. (Geng throws down his paper towel)
Gege will feed you cake.
Female MC: WOAH, this is scary!
I'll feed you cake.
(Squeezes a lot of wasabi out)
MC HL: It's ok, it's still humane.
MC HL: Oh, he squeezed to the side. Got a shock.
MC: Don't forget your own share.
There's still your own piece of sushi. HG: There's still my own.
HG: Does mine have to be same as yours?
MC HL: Wow, it's the same amount! Henry: I'll give you (more)
HG: You're such a merciless person!
Siwon wants to smack him already (?)
[MCs saying some irrelevant stuff and about how there are other segments, so they can just eat a little]
Wow, I'm so touched.
He's being carried off again.
Siwon is doing all the tedious jobs today.
Ok, now it's... Female MC: Siwon is the most ehausted one today.
HG: (can't hear clearly) Henry: I really can't eat spicy food.
MC: Your Gege has something to ask you. HG: Gege will feed you (evil tone)
Henry: This is the most. HG: Can you eat this (amount)?
MC HL: You have to say "Thank you Gege, for feeding me such a delicious cake."
"...thank you for..." MC HL: Say it after swallowing.
"...letting me wear your underwear!"
Siwon, go! Siwon!