Childhood Obesity - Fat Kids in Foster Homes?

Uploaded by InsidersHealthTV on 06.01.2012

Today, we’re following up on a story we brought you recently. Many states were grappling
with removing children from their homes if they were labeled ‘obese’ by regulatory
health measures. Well, the first case has already happened, and IHTV is keeping you
up to date on the entire process. I’m Kimberly Walleston, with a follow up for Insider’s
Health News.
Only nine-years-old, a Cleveland boy has been removed from his mother’s custody over health
concerns because of his ballooning weight. As it stands now, the child is over 200 pounds,
and was placed into foster care because his situation was becoming dangerous. While many
states have been promising a different culture when it comes to obese children, this is the
first case that has actually gone through.
The boy’s mother was allowed a week at Christmas, but for the time being, it looks like his
uncle is going to be making all of the decisions. Mary Louise Madigan, speaking for the Cuyahoga
County Children and Family Services agency, said it’s a step in the right direction,
with less restrictive placement and the option to keep it in the family until it’s deemed
appropriate for the child to return to his mother.
But this case raises a whole slew of issues, including what right the government has in
deciding the amount of overfeeding that results in a criminal case. There is a fundamental
civil liberties issue that could prove to be a slippery slope when you start taking
children; but many fall on the side of the law, seeing the blatant disregard for healthy
options as a form of child abuse.
For now, we’re at least happy that some sort of progress is being made. The obesity
epidemic is becoming more serious by the day; and even if it takes a wake up call like losing
your child… hopefully people will start paying attention.
That’s it for this edition of Insider’s Health TV. I’m your host, Kimberly Walleston.
And remember: it’s your health. We’re just helping you think outside the box.