Lego Celebrity Jeopardy

Uploaded by AlNickelsFilms on 19.01.2010

Welcome back
to Celebrity Jeopardy
I'm your host
Alex Trebek
With Round One behind us we now enter Double Jeopardy
but before we do that
let's take a look that the current standings
in first place is Darth Vader
with twenty five thousand and seven hundred dollars
it will be difficult but let's see if he can duplicate his success from the first round
I find your lack of faith
With zero dollars
Batman is in second place
What did you say?
You're in second place. Who?
Uhh, you
Who's you
You. Batman.
I'm Batman
Me. I'm Batman
Moving on...
Currently in last place with negative twelve thousand three hundred dollars
is Dr. Henry Jones Sr.
Ohhhh I'll have my day Trebek
and I'll come out the winner
I'm sure you will
Let's take a look at the categories.
We have...
TIE Fighter Weapons Systems
Death Star Technical Specifications
Theme Music
Famous Light Saber Duels
and lastly, Sith Lords Named Darth
I think someone's on the take Trebek
I can assure you I had nothing to do with the categories. They are, as always,
selected at random
Ohhhh I'm not talking about you Trebek. I'm talking about your mother. Your mother's on
the take. In fact she took... Okay then
Darth Vader
you have control of the board
Pick a category
I'll take Death Star
Technical Specifications for two hundred
four-hundred, six hundred
eight hundred and one thousand.
The answers are: What is the detention level; What is a tractor beam
What are proton torpedoes; What is a Superlaser
and What
is the reactor core
Wow! That's amazing!
I can't believe it! You're correct!
Three thousand dollars for your correct responses.
How did you do that? I know how he cheated...
and cheaters never win.
What are you, some sort of
fruity Boy Scout?
I'm Batman
Batman you say.
Well, answer me this Batman
Well I don't like where that is heading
Dr. Jones, the board is yours. Please choose a category
All right, I'll play your game Trebek
I choose
Low Bottoms for Five Hundred
I don't know what you're talking about Trebek,
but unlike you,
I've been a fan
of the ladies low bottoms for quite some time now...
You know what
let's skip it, in fact
let's just go straight to Final Jeopardy