Preaching 101-4

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from here in the gym all the way here
and he was living
another man had a
ice pick hole
right about here
and he was dead
I said to the man who had the cut all the way down to here I said man what happened to you
he said I had a heart surgery
open heart
which means the surgeon
cut him open
with a vicious cut
broke bones in here
opened him up
and put him back together again
now the mugger
just stuck a ice pick
and the man was dead
the other man was opened all the way up
and he's still alive
the preacher
should not be a mugger
the preacher should be a surgeon
and even though you opened somebody up
before we leave please sew me back up
he must not strive but must be gentle apt to teach
because now if I'm apt to teach and I want this child to learn this
I'd say now darling fold it like this
okay your turn your turn
and baby just
say no no fold it down
watch daddy real close now
fold it like this
ok you try now you try
no no no
give me a hand give me a hand then you take the baby's hand and then you
fold it like that
now notice now notice
you're not losing patience
you're not getting ugly with it
folded like this
uh... you just like your mama you just so
he must not be a pugilist
and he must have an aptitude to teach
teachers are calm
teachers are ready to go over it again
and again and again
and and and and and when you want somebody to get something
and you know they're not able to bear yet you chew it up until
my second son of my my my second son he's what they call in Jamaica nice
nasty he
ah you know it if you're drinking something and say to him here man taste this no no no
see give me your fork man and then if my mouth
touches a fork he don't want to deal with it
I told him I said now let me just tell you something
when you were little guy this size your mother used to take the food and chew it up
and stick it in your mouth
whatever it
takes to get
the word across to somebody you care about do it
a preachers responsibility is not to get angry and walk out and go crazy talking
mad and
and and and hurt everybody's feelings no sir your job is to back-off
and come at it another way if that don't get it back off and come at it
another way
but I'm going to come at it until you get it
because that's my assignment
amen apt to teach
let me show you something apt to teach time should be about up I guess
notice now notice now
in meekness now that's a difficult word
because praiotes in the Greek has no English
no English word that's equivilent to it actually
but but what it means is
meekness is I'm in this situation and God knew I would be in this situation
so he must
have a way to work it out
a meek person
doesn't get overly excited
when things are going well and they don't get very far depressed when things
are going bad
they're very constant
a meek individual is not a weak individual
because Jesus was extremely strong but he was meek because he knew who the
power was
the preacher who approaches I used to in my early ministry get up and do a whole lot
about a whole lot of stuff I didn't like
you know and it turned out
I mean the people just left tired
they left with all of my burdens
and I finally discovered if
preaching the word can't change it
nothing in the world can all your running your mouth all day long
get up preach sit down and let
God do what he's gonna do with his word yes
because you're striving you're fighting meekness
now notice this
meekness is now meekness is instructing
that oppose
don't get it wrong
they are not opposing you
they're opposing themselves
we used to play when I played basketball there were some guys we
wouldn't check
we doubled up on somebody else man
and and we'd leave them alone and and and and and why because they self check
we want somebody to throw the ball to them
because they gone
the man of God the woman of God
must see people
who are opposing themselves
I'm not angry with you
I'm really
because when I look at all you could be
and I see you just so totally
destroying yourself from your next level
it brings me to tears
I can't get up and fight you
because you're already fighting yourself
I don't need to get up and
condemn you
you already condemning yourself
I need to bring every bit of the power of God to
help to bring you out from the way you are
and every time I preach
I just sit back and look because I'm hoping that God is going to
bring it out this week and so next week I'm anxious to see where you
are because I'm hoping and waiting for God to bring you out ain't opposing
me I'm anointed you ain't opposing me
I'm delivered you ain't opposing me
you are
opposing yourself
oh I feel it here
give somebody a high five say I'm on assignment
to bring somebody out
amen see now
now notice now
the handling of the individual
through your behavior
because now
what God is saying is I don't want my servant
to become a reason
why someone won't accept me
do you see the subtlety in the text here
because because oftentimes an individual who was opposing themselves would like
to find
a justification
wy they don't do
what they know they should do
uh... at many times I can talk about it
many times you you you're here at home and uh...
and some people you married to you know
and uh...
some people don't listen to you
there's a difference between
and waiting to talk I'm a mess with you
there's a difference and it goes like this
are you finished yet
are you through yet
is it my turn now
yes you can talk and then they talk about something totally away from what
you just said
not even connected
some people are listening
to find something
to stop them from being
what they know they should be
and what the Lord says is I need a servant
who does not mix into
my word
negative attitude
because my word
effectuates faith
in the individual
to change
to be transformed my word does
but your attitude in dealing with my word
allows a sensual perception
to off set the influence
of my word
because you get ugly presenting my word
then you have now allowed
the individual an opportunity not to do my word
I don't want that
at the end of the day
I want straight
without a loop hole
to escape when I've got somebody
locked into my word
so I need a servant
who is literally there but not there
because my servant ought to be nothing but a conduit
that's not adding any attitude
adding any anger
adding any funny disposition
adding any
personal agenda
I ought to touch that too
because i don't you know churches do what they want people raise money any
way they want and I have no condemnation for it
but I don't do dire might
as a project
and i am i
because i don't want to come in the church
and see anybody as a commodity
I don't know if you understand me I don't wanna see you
as a way to raise money
other than through the biblical way
that does not say we can have some business things and network i did it all the time
and do investments and stuff
but I don't want to walk in the church and look at somebody
like sardines on a shelf
because it influences the flow
of how I preach
I am not
preaching to make myself rich
I was saying to Bishop the other day we were talking and and it was a marvelous
conversation we should have it more often
I was saying so now you know
we ain't broke
I mean God has blessed us
but when we started preaching
we were preaching to perfect a gift
and to touch people's lives
the was all
man when I was down in Longview Texas a little church
and and and and architectural no it was just warped
it was no architectural design
and and when I first went in you'd shout and dance
and and looked like the shekinah of the Lord just filled the whole place
it wasn't the shekinah it was dust amen
I put some air conditioners in the place and got you know
I'm twenty four and I'm saying air conditioning uh... cold air
falls and hot air rises
so I put the air conditioner up high
you'd have to sit up there to get some air because
in Texas
ain't no cold air falling in Texas when it's hot a hundred and twenty degrees
inside the house and I mean I mean all I wanted to do
was bless somebody
I mean we were having convention in New York and and I wanted to go to the convention
but I didn't have enough money to go
you know like I wanted to so one of my deacons and old chevy sixty
six wagon I said fix the wagon man
man I laid my babies in the back of the wagon pulled up in New York at the
in this yellow station wagon
that needed some paint on it
and pulled up in front of the meeting got out and the valet looked at me what
is this
all I wanted to do
was to bless somebody was to preach
that's all
I didn't care about no money
one day I looked up
and I said my God
I got some money
amen yeah
yes first hotel I'd see driving
uh... if its cheap that's me
cheap and I'd ride around three four hours
trying to get the best price
it was cheaper then when I'd come to Dallas I'll just look for the
big ball whether big ball I'd go straight to that hotel
because you'd ride around I wasn't trying to get rich
didn't see people as commodities to put money in your pocket
because it taints your message amen
I'll ask this question
to all of you young people
men and women
who look across
and see
houses and if you average it over the years of preaching it ain't but ten
dollars a message
oh I want to talk to you about it now
now if you walk up in here and your focus is money
then you gone do some striving
because you're not concerned about making the soul better you're concerned
about getting something in your pocket
but I'm glad so you're going to have gimmicks
you're going to come up with all kinds of stuff
you're going to sell all kinds of stuff from dirt from jordan to water candles
you're gonna turn off the lights look under the pew go to the bench you got
all kinds of gimmicks but that's the word of God that takes care of your business
and if you take care of God's business
he'll take care of yours
I wish I could talk I got a few minutes I'm closing
you have to understand the significance of this text
because God's vessel has to be a pure conduit
it must flow through you purely
that's why you can't have a lot of personal hangups
and sometimes people follow psychotics
sometimes you follow leadership
that's got serious
mental problems