Inside the Elmer's Test Lab: Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler -- Stainability Test

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on 04.05.2012

Hey guys, I'm David and I'm back at the Elmer's labs to hang out with my buddies
Van and Yogi, I don't know what they have planned for me today, all I'm worried
about right now is that they're as excited to see me as I am to see them
What are we testing? Like I said, I have no idea, but we're about to find out
Hey guys, I'm back. Van, how're you doing? Doctor Y, Yogi, hey there
All right so what are we doing today? We're testing something, what are we testing?
We're testing wood filler. What is wood filler?
Wood filler is a product used to repair any kind of hole or scratch in an article of wood
Let's go ahead and test for stainability
Stainability is one of the key properties for a good wood filler
So I've got the competitor. I've got the Elmer's
Let's stain it up
How're doing over there Yogi? I'm doing pretty good.
Well I think you're going to be impressed
and happy
It's Yogi, it's you Yogi! No, this is not properly stained, let me show you how to stain
well it's
You want to add a little more hair at the top
or just cover it up completely. We have the competitor product to look at
and here is the Elmer's interior/exterior product. And what you want to look for is the
degree of staining. You can see in this
in this stainability test we have a lot of good depth and penetration
and acceptance.
You don't this in this product. Okay, you can stain it, but can you paint
the stuff?
We have good paintability with all the paints that are out there
We have excellent stainability on all the stains that are out there that are
water-based or solvent-based. So this is stain,
a couple different types of stain (two types of stains). Any type of paint?
Any type of paint, water-based or oil-based. Okay, so the next time I'm
working with wood i'll be using Elmer's wood filler. And the next time I see you
I'll be right here
with more Elmer's experiments. We'll see you then