Man turns 350 sq ft apt into insanely chic home - tiny, eclectic, amazing spaces video

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BILL INDURSKY: I'm Bill Indursky.
My studio is 350 square feet.
And I've been in this apartment for 18 years.
I actually like small spaces, because I think it makes you
very disciplined in buying things, collecting things.
We don't try to bring anything new into the apartment.
If we bring something new in, we tend to remove
something as well.
I occupy the space with my boyfriend and my dog.
The design style for the apartment is
London bachelor chic.
London bachelor chic is a mix of manly bachelor pad mixed
with kind of a cool, edgy modern twist.

The color is one of those things that sort of takes you
by surprise.
Not many people paint things black.
And when you paint something that sort of strong and
dramatically, it either garners amazing reactions or
the complete opposite, which is like, oh my
God, this is scary.

The problem with having a desk is that they're too wide on
the market.
And so what I did was I found two pillars of recycled wood
and basically commissioned just a
little piece of tabletop.
And then it was bolted just with a simple L-shaped
bracket, right into the bottom of the pillar base.
Sleeping, obviously, is a big issue in a small space,
because a bed takes up a ton of room.
And when there's two people and a dog in that bed, it's
got to be pretty big.
So what we did was we used a Murphy bed to actually save
space because it will pull down at night.
But I had them just do a little bit of extra custom
work by adding an extra line down it and pre-drilling
several holes so that I could add hardware to give it sort
of an upgraded custom look.

I love art.
I am an artist myself and create art.
So I needed to have art, even in a small space where there's
very limited amounts of wall.
By creating a cluster of similar colored items, it
really holds together as one piece versus many.
And So it doesn't seem like 100 things sort of jumping out
at you or cluttering it up.
No matter how big your space is, it's really about your
creativity and how you use the space.
It's a personal expression.
It's very homey.
And I don't think you need a lot of space to
have a great room.

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