[ENG SOFT SUB] HanGeng韓庚_韓庚新歌《hero》MV教學版Teaching

Uploaded by watermelonstrawberr on 21.07.2012

Hello everyone, I'm Han Geng.
This time, in July,
my second solo album will be out.
It's called <> (<<寒更>>).
In this album,
there's a song called <>.
We wanted to film an MV.
For this MV, we wanted you guys
to participate in this MV, let you guys be the star for once.
Now, I want to use this opportunity to call to fans worldwide
to record down someone you think is a hero.
In a little bit, I'll teach a couple of dance moves.
Everyone can follow along. After you've learned the moves,
you can upload the video
to a couple of our websites.
Afterwards, I hope that in my MV
we'll be able to see you
and we'll be able to see your hero.
Right now, I'm going to teach everyone every little detail of each move.
It's actually quite simple.
The first move is like this.
Crayon Shin-Chan's
signature movement.
The second movement is Superman.
The third movement, wave.
Very easy, just these four steps.