Fieldsports Britain - Game Fair alternatives, wild boar in Croatia, and George Digweed

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Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up: champion shooter George Digweed designs his
first competition clay layout. Realtree pro staffer Simon Barr is out to shoot a wild
boar under the moonlight in Croatia. The novice Schools Challenge is just around the corner.
We are finding out how easy it is for kids to go shooting. First, Sporting Shooter editor
Dom Holtam is off to Denmark to try out new technology in rifles and rifle scopes.
Now and again companies choose to show the great and the good of the European shooting
press what they are really proud of. In this case we have been invited to Denmark to a
very special range to shoot lots and lots of bullets. The event is hosted by Zeiss the
guys of the optic's company want to prove that their new ballistic torret is child's
play and what better way than to invite some of the biggest children in the industry to
have a go.
Aha, just on cue there's Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam and Shooting Sports editor
Pete Moore. They're representing the UK in what will eventually turn into a field shooting
competition - it's a discipline that's incredibly popular in northern europe and tests true
hunting scenarios.
The field shooting competition is something Scandinavian. It is hunting orientated shooting.
You shoot on distances up to 580 metres, but also short ranges something like 60 metres
on game paper targets and shooting them in many different hunting positions. For example
lying down on a back pack, kneeling, or using a shooting stick or from a high seat or something.
So it is perfectly made for training hunting situations.
Before the competition, the guests are allowed to go freestyle - trying moving targets - static
targets, rifles and pistols in different parts of this impressive range. What is even better
is that each lucky journo is given their own Sauer 202 rifle in .308 plus scope, plus loads
of Geco bullets.. ...Just for the weekend though!!.
I am still relatively new to the shooting trade, but you are, let's be honest a bit
of an old hand at this kind of thing.
I am. That is very true.
Why are these trips valuable to you apart from the fact that we obviously come to Denmark
and shoot lots of guns?
Well, obviously the freeby is always attractive, but from my point of view you have relationships
with the UK importers and therefore relationships with the actual manufacturers and I find you
get better service more satisfaction and greater help from the manufacturers. You come on these
trips you contribute, you have fun and they can see you there. And I believe if you don't
turn up they realise you are not interested. So for me it is a chance to get my hands on
new equipment which for an editor like your good self is very, very important, because
we can say two months in advance we shot this, we tested that. And everybody goes ooh, looking
forward to this. So it is work and play combined. And I think any gun journalist worth its salt
would not turn down any of these trips.
Geco is a brand that's busy undercutting the rest of the ammunition market. In some cases
it is half the price of the market leaders at home and abroad. The ballistic soap and
the melons are getting a hammering on this range but the big thing Geco wants to show
is the stopping power of its Express bullet. The folk at Geco believes the design of their
ammo beats the competition, especially at longer distances when velocity is dropping.
The difference is in the construction of the bullet with the ballistic tip. With the hollow
point in it and the combination with the very thin front jacket. This makes it a very explosive
mixture even on slow velocities. It can even shoot animals and kill them very quickly at
velocities of 400 metres per second meaning it could reach out more than 400, 500 metres
Not many countries can offer a shooting range that has so many distances and setups... that
is why a German compamy has travelled all the way to Denmark - a range of more than
300 metres is unheard of in the country next door. But this is the perfect place for Zeiss
to show just what the ASV+ torret can achieve.
When you are signing the rifle you put the ring on one to the ballistic torret and if
you want to shoot on 300 metres for example, you just lift the torret, turn it to 3 and
then you can shoot on 300 metres and you can aim directly on what you want to hit and this
is very easy actually. Everybody knows it immediately. There are other solutions in
the market of course where we have to think about it more. This makes our ASV different
to our competition.
The system comes with nine rings for 9 different ballistics situations. If you shoot something
a bit weird or load your own the guys at Zeiss will make a ring especially for you. It is
a bit like the Hobbit.
Right time to get semi-serious and think about keeping our end up.
So yesterday we had a great day. Product testing, lots of fun shot lots of ammo, tested lots
of new kit. But today it's turned a bit serious with a pan continental journalist based field
shooting competition, something I have never tried before in my life. And watching some
of the guys yesterday, a Swedish guy who shoot 580 metres freehand and hitting the target
every time I think we are in for a bit of pacing today.
Dom's group starts with moving game - boar and stags - with a semi-auto Sauer. It's a
challenging target. Pete does well here even though he shoots the wrong target to start
with. He is not alone. Apparently it happens all the time at these events.
Now we could go on about the quality of the barrel, the trigger mechanism or the special
finish on the Sauer rifles that are being used this weekend but - oh, we just did. Sauer
rifles, once left behind by their groovy straight-pull cousins at Blaser, are having a rennaisence
and are the cool kids in town.
They are modern. They combine our tradition with the latest technologies and manufacturing
and also our precision and the quality of the complete product is outstanding so that
is why we are so cool.
Back out on the range and the Editor of Austria's St Hubertus magazine Martin Schuster is leading
the group and he is as good using open sights as he is hitting moving game.
We never really do any free hand shooting for hunting in the UK. But you shoot in Austria
Martin. What is the practical application for this kind of shooting?
It is very common in Austria, just while.......because you follow the wild boar especially through
the branches where you can't see very far and the boar comes out very close and very
quick so it is much easier to hit them. The distances can be 2 or 3 .....
So it is very important skill for hunting?
Yes in Austria.
The group now finds itself in the picturesque woodland ranges where the ASV+ should come
into its own. A few clicks is all you need to change from one target to another.
So is Pete Moore feeling confident?
Probably not off the sticks, certainly prone I think. Sticks is always a bit wobbly for
me. I can be good or I can be bad, but I am not consistent which, is not a worry, but
just the way it is. I will do my best.
The day really is testing these shooting journos - and some situtations suit some more than
It was very tough. I was about as stable as a blancmange on that. I have never had to
shoot, never had to shoot from kneeling where I have had to use a stick for a rest. Not
entirely sure I have done a very good job on that one. Really, really tricky. I am sure
there is a technique for that, but I haven't got it.
But every dog has its day and Dom does really well with some long distance boar.
Good shooting.
Can you say that a bit louder please.
Almost perfect shooting.
I don't know what this one was.
You cannot deny the marksmanship of some of these guys. On this range there is a buck
at 70 metres and a stag at 240 metres. Without changing position, the new distance gets dialled
in and, hey presto ... John from the Netherlands has shot this superbly.
John's group, 3 shots at 240 metres having just changed with ASV - bang on. Amazing.
So if golf is a good walk ruined then this seems to be about the opposite. We have covered
a lot of ground through the Danish countryside, but we have had some great fun along the way.
I have to say I am exhausted now. My shoulder is pounding after 2 days of punishment. But
what great fun and what an education shooting with some of these continental hunters. This
kind of training is part of their culture. Some of the Swedish guys say they have ranges
in every village and they do this kind of shooting is part of competition is part of
hunter training. Some of the Austrian guys say they have to do this kind of shooter training
in order to get their hunting licence. We don't have anything approximating it in the
UK this practical field shooting. Watching some of these guys they are phenomenal shots,
absolutely phenomenal and it shows how far we have got to go to catch up really. I will
certainly be practising more similar stuff
in the future and hopefully if we have a chance to come back we will do a little bit better.
Dom doing well there coping with foreigners. Now for someone hopelessly out of his depth
it is David with the Fieldsports Channel News Stump.
This is Fieldsports Britain News.
Now of course the big news of the week has been the cancellation of the CLA Game Fair.
If you click here there's a link to our special report from the site. In the meantime there
has been much speculation about the cost to the area as well as traders. ITV suggests
it could top £32 million. Look out for our new item Calendar, directly after this news
bulletin, which will show just how the shooting industry is fighting back.
The 11-strong Great Britain shooting team has moved from Bisley to the Olympic Village.
Top Olympic hopeful Peter Wilson, competing in the Double Trap, told the BBC he is hopeful
that the London Olympics will help erase the idea that the sport of shooting in Britain
is only for a privileged few. Olympic events start on 28 July with the women's 10-metre
air rifle.
John Bidwell managed to battle through horrendous conditions to win the FITASC British Grand
Prix at the weekend.
John scored 189 leaving a three way shoot off for second. George Digweed, who set the
course at Hicknaham near Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, won the World cup leg of the competition which
was being run in tandem.
And please stay tuned for our film following George as he takes us through his first ever
competitive layout.
The Countryside Alliance's Game-to-Eat campaign is running a full month of game promotion
throughout November in its first annual "Go Wild with British Game" month.
There will be celebrity chef recipe booklets and the Countryside Alliance regional teams
will be working with butchers and game dealers to ensure game is widely available and on
the menu in pubs and restaurants. Go to
You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts.
Stay with us now for Calendar UK with the map that matters.
Welcome to Fieldsports Britain's calendar with dates for your diary, smart phone and
postit note. We start with some events to lift the game fair blues.
EJ Churchills in High Wycombe. They are holding a mini game fair on Friday 20th and Saturday
21st July. They are offering have a go sessions, clay competitions, shopping at their clothing
store there is also an invitation to disappointed CLA stand holders to show up and set up a
pitch. Frances Lovell and Hunter Wellies have already signed up with Hunter hosting a party
on Friday evening. They are hoping for sunshine and smiles. What is best of all, it is free.
To register email
Let's head north to York Guns. They had sorted a shooting simulator to play with at the game
fair this year and don't want to see it gathering dust. So they are throwing open the doors
of their shop this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a game fair Yorkshire style. Kids can
shoot for free. They are promising a hog roast, drink, good prices and good times.
There are an awful lot of people who come to this country and book time for CLA game
fair, so if they are about and they want to see products and get involved with the shooting
industry then get themselves up here.
For more information go to
Now moving closer to the source of all this trouble. We go to John Bradshaw's gun shop
in Fothering Hay near Peterborough which is only 40 miles away from Beaver Castle. They
are having a special event on Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 4pm. There is a huge
selection of new and second hand guns and optics experts from Swarovski and Meopta will
be there to answer any questions. There is also advice from guys from Edgar Brothers
with Remmington, Horner Day, Hatsan, Zolly and CZ Products. There is a prize draw and
hot food to keep those blood sugar levels up. So you can concentrate on buying. Visit
Let's head east to the Oxford Gun Company. They are also hosting an event on Friday and
Saturday with guests like Mike Yardly. Mike will be showing off his new Boxall and Edmiston
shotgun and the Fieldsports Channel cameras will be there too on Saturday.
Now looking ahead and the forecast is promising. In the world of agriculture the Royal Welsh
Show is going ahead on the 23rd and 26th July. North of the boarder and the Moy field Sports
Fair takes place at Moy, south of Inverness on the 3rd and 4th of August. We will be in
Ireland at Birr Castle for the Irish Game Fair on the 27th and 28th August. Visit
And wrapping up our round up countryman fairs has 2 events coming up. One in Cumbria in
August, one in the Midlands in September. Lowther Game and Country Fair is on 12th and
13th August. And Britain's second biggest festival of fieldsports, the Midland Game
Fair, is on the 15th and 16th September. Countryman Fair says that in 30 years they have never
cancelled an event.
As you can see nothing has touched this ground since this time last year. So we shouldn't
have too many problems particularly if the weather stays nice for us.
If you want to be on calendars map that matters next week. Talk to James
Thank you David. Now George Digweed has won world championships in sporting and FITASC
over 4 decades. For the first time he is trying his hand at designing a grand prix.
A tennis court is a tennis court - a rugby pitch a rugby pitch but for some sports the design
of the course makes all the difference - golf, motor racing and of course shooting are all
affected by the layout, the set-up, and make-up of the ground.
For the first time, 19-times world champion is designing a competitive shoot, the FITASC
British Grand Prix. So what is he bringing to the party?
I want everybody to be able to walk onto every stand and think I can hit that target and
yet the subtle changes in speed angle, line of the target, takes targets off people. So
basically when they go onto a stand they think they can hit everything, yet they might miss
one or two.
George works closely with Promatic's Jamie Peackham. George describes him as being like
his golf caddy - working with him to get the best out of each stand. There's a lot of tinkering
going on especially with a virgin ground.
Can you just move that out a touch. Have to go out a touch so it goes through that gap
rather than into the oak tree. Is there any way we could tilt that?
Which way do you want to go?
That way.
The targets where ever you go are going to be similar in comers going away, but it is
the different settings. And what I like is actually here. Each stand you go to is a different
setting. So we are shooting over a cover crop here and then the trees and then you go over
there and there is a different aspect. And then you have the platform pegged down through
there. Then George has done the rabbit stand so it is all rabbit targets. They have been
very friendly here and looked after me which is nice.
You are an old pro when it comes to this sort of thing, but you have got a novice here you
are working with, unfortunately, Mr Digweed. How has he shaped up?
He has been very good actually. He has shot enough targets. He knows what he wants. So
he has been pretty easy going. As long as he tells me what to do I just get on with
To give you an idea of what George is trying to achieve he takes us through the subtleties
of a target.
The target A is coming out from below your feet going straight across the field. Now
what we have done on here is we have put a bit of tilt on the trap so the shooter will
look at this target as a straight going away bird, but when they come to actually shoot
the target it is actually just tailing to the right a little bit and we are hoping to
catch an odd shooter or two out on the fact that they are going to shoot up the side of
it. So it comes out straight at the tree and then drifts to the right.
Now, George is not only designing this competition but competing too. Some might find this odd
but, George is not into foul play and hasn't fired a single shot here.
I really don't think there is a home advantage as such because a target is a target. I might
be able to work out slightly the subtleties of what it is doing, but I can probably over
read that and miss them because of that. I am sure all will become apparent at the end
of the weekend. But I certainly wouldn't class a home advantage and with the standard of
shooting in Britain now, it is an open event for 50 people I would think.
Hicknaham Farm does have a game shoot but it's the first time a clay competition will
be hosted here, with help from Gamebore, CCI clays and Promatic. So why would you put yourself
through it especially when the ground is so wet?
It was last year at the world in Orvil, the.......we were all in the restaurant with ....Smith
was here and George and I said why don't we raise the profile of FITASC in the UK and
why don't we organise something at Hicknaham Farm and with the designer George Digweed
and we all spoke together and they said ok let's do it.
Are you regretting that now?
Yes! No, we are going to deliver a fantastic venue. The location is fantastic. Nobody else
has shot the targets. It is on virgin ground, it is a one off and it is going to be fantastic.
Of course George can't just turn up stick out a few traps and open the doors - it all
has to be checked and verified. Hugh Smith is the Chief Referee and with notepad at the
ready he's making sure everything is in order, but how much sway does he actually have?
There will probably be a bit of horse trading will go on so we will come to an agreement
because what I don't want to do is pull out the artist and throw his picture away. This
is what he wants. Now I will be looking at it from a different prospective to see that
it is shootable, like I have said previously that the targets are visible, but they are
good targets and safe targets is one of the top priorities as well.
Huge describes FITSAC as the formula one of shooting sports -let us find out if that's
true - probaby best to ask the boss.
Ah it is a technical problem because when you are a sporting shooter, a FITASC sporting
shooter you must know all the technique. You cannot stay with any hole in your technique.
When you shoot a fixed trajectory like a big drop, double drop of course you need to have
a talent, but it is a mechanical shoot. With our shoot, with our discipline you must always
use your intelligence before shooting for every target. You need to understand the target,
the speed, the distance of the target, where it goes. This is why we need to have very,
very careful people with a lot of attention on the target. And the champion for this game
is of course George.
There is a desire to promote FITASC here - as Jean-Francoise says it is a discipline that
really pushes the competitors - And whether it's the novelty value of participating in
a Digweed designed shoot or the attraction of FITASC, a 260-plus field must show there's
a thirst for competitive shooting in this country.
Next a new series for anybody missing the CLA Game Fair retail therapy. It is Kit Special.
We're knocking down seven items for you this week. Rockbottom prices from across the British
shooting trade.
Let's get going my loves with a superb walking boot from Jahti-Jakt, the clothing company
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Wear this outdoor pursuits vest from gundog specialist Kennelmate not just for dog training
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The Blade-Tech is known as the ultimate sharpener. Quick and easy to use - no need to worry about
correct angles when you are sharpening it is as easy to carry as the knife itself. Simply
draw the blade through the tungsten carbide "V" half a dozen to ten times to achieve a
razor sharp edge on any straight edged knife, including pen and pocket knives, gardening
knives, kitchen knives and even a small axe. RRP is £10. It's yours for £7.99 from STS
North Wales. Go to
Are you the consummate sportsmale or female? Dirty Dog makes goodlooking safety glasses
for speedskiers, gnarly snowboarders and now shooters. West Country Guns would have had
them on sale at its stand at the CLA Game Fair 2012 but there's no CLA Game Fair so
they are a sale item at Half the price and twice the looks of other
clays shades, Dirty Dogs start at just £40. Bite their hands off.
That well-known gunshop York Guns has a good stock of Tasco Rangefinders it is keen to
dispose of. Ever fancied a rangefinder at a reasonable price? Now's your chance. The
Tasco 600 gives you an accurate reading from its laser from 10 yards to 600 and it has
a 4-times magnification. It was £165.95. It is £129.95. Can't say fairer than that.
It's waterproof, it's breathable, it's packed full of features to give you plenty of protection
and lots of movement - it's the Musto Clay Shooting Jacket, here seen on the cover of
Shooting Times. Should have had one for the FITASC grand prix. Synthetic suede panels
make for for sure placed gun-mounting and there is a super D3O recoil pad facility on
each shoulder. Best of all the price. From Gilsan Sports only its £100, down from £170.
That is it feast your eyes, fish into your pockets, if the websites ask you the promo
code is 'fieldsports', thanks for watching, this is Kit Special.
Throughout August the Schools Challenge gets kids who have never tried it before to take
up shooting. So how does that work?
Never shot before? Well, you are going to learn something, as will Laura Ford and Fran
Hook. They are in the capable hands of shooting instructor and Great Britain double trapo
shooter Stevan Walton.
Right Laura, do you want to have a go first?
Why not.
As long as they can walk away with happy smiles on their faces and just enjoy the day really.
Obviously you have to go through the basics, getting the feet right, gun on the shoulder
so it is nice and steady and cheek on the stock. So it fits good, shoots well and hopefully
hit a few clays.
And footwork and mounting the gun is exactly what they learn. The basics. Get these right
now and Laura and Fran will shoot better than most of their brothers and boyfriends for
the rest of their lives. First Laura takes the stand.
Next it's Fran's go
I am just going to put the gun in your shoulder. It is most important that you keep your cheek
on the stock at all times ok? There are no cartridges in it. We will just give it a quick
go. In your shoulder head on the stock, so your right eye is looking down the barrel.
Lean forward, absolutely fantastic. That is perfect.
As Steve says, your first shooting lesson is not about being taught to do anything - it
is about enjoying shooting - oh, and not learning any bad footwork or mounting habits.
It is all about accessibility. The girls are here as part of the Novice Schools Challenge,
which is for under-21s who have not shot before - or not shot much. They get a day's tuition
at the Oxford Gun Company's award-winning clay ground throughout August for just £109
including cartridges, clays and lunch.
So do you think there is a possibility you might do it now?
Yes, now that we have come along here and seen what it is all about we are definitely
You are part of the Facebook Twitter generation Fran. This kind of thing can you see shooting
sports promoted that way?
Yes, definitely after seeing your brother shoot and you go on Facebook and you see the
pages for Oxford Gun Company when you go on them and find lots of information I think
it is a good way of getting people into shooting.
Are you allowed to see your brother's Facebook page or has he blocked you?
I am allowed to see it, actually yes, I am allowed to see it.
Are you allowed to see yours Laura.
No I have been blocked off part of it.
So has he blocked off the bits where he shows off his shooting skills?
Yes, his pictures and everything, the bragging.
Well it is up to you then to send this video out to your mates.
So how does that compare to other sports the girls could take up? We drive to a local tennis
club to find out how much it costs for a lesson there. They didn't really want to talk to
us but one of them said it comes in at £90 an hour!
Supposing the girls enjoy the sport enough to want to buy a gun. Will it ruin them?
If you want to take up shooting and just want to stay at a club level and you go out and
shoot on a Sunday morning and you go down the pub at lunchtime. You can spend £300
- £600 and a new gun as well. Or if you want to get right up and get to GB level, county
level or even Olympic level then you have got to put a lot more work and lot more money
into it. The bottom of the range for what I would call a proper sports equipment gun
is about £1,200 - £1,500.
What would you reckon for these girls?
Something like a Browning 525 which is going to cost you £1,200 - £1,500. A brilliant
starter gun for somebody who wants to get into it and go into competitions.
How does that compare to other kit in other sports. We take the girls to a bike shop in
Oxford to ask what bicycles cost.
To go for something like a full on down hill bike you are looking at a minimum of about
£2,000. Otherwise if you are looking for a good race XC bike you are looking at a very
similar price of £1,800 and they are going to be a good performance mountain bike to
either do one or the other.
Back at the Oxford Gun Company, the girls are surprised.
Was actually very surprised, yes.
So there you are. Shooting is cheap and easy to do. Visit
And, if you enjoyed it, please Facebook and Tweet this film to all your non-shooting friends.
Now we are off to Croatia. Realtree pro staffer Simon Barr really wants a wild boar.
Baggage handlers can be brutal with gun cases. So the one thing I prefer to do when hunting
abroad is check my zero as soon as I can once I have landed.
That was quite a boom. Just got off the plane about an hour ago. And as we expected the
rifles need to be zero'd and checked. I have just had a go with mine and it was about 2"
down. So we are just making sure everything is hunky dory before we go out this evening.
It is swelteringly hot but this is a very important exercise to make sure we get everything
bang on before we go out.
I am in eastern Croatia with Artemis Hunting to assist with the preharvest management of
wild boar. Conveniently just over 2 hours from the UK there is an abundance of quality
game and exciting hunting opportunities throughout Croatia.It is also famous for its enormous
subspecies of wild boar for ......Heat and humidity are perfect breeding grounds for
mosquitoes. So thank goodness somebody has remembered the deet.
I want to see the damage these animals are doing first hand. Also to find out how hunters
and farmers try to balance eachother's needs at this very vulnerable time of year. So they
will root the crop up when the soil is soft and when it is not they will push it over.
Yes you can see the example here. It is pushed over and then they were grazing on it.
And the farmer says this is 50% damaged?
Yes, as you can see you have patches of damage and it looks really bad. And in the end we
have to pay for the damage.
So you have to pay for the damage?
Yes, the hunting society and the hunting clubs.
So the hunting federation?
Exactly all people involved in hunting who have leases in Croatia, they are responsible
to control the damage and pay for the damage.
Tonight's outing is a first for me. We're going to spend half an hour in a tower overlooking
a local boar hotspot then we're off stalking under the moonlight which I have never done
Hunting at night under the moon deprives your usual armoury of senses. Every noise seems
accentuated and I can feel adrenaline coursing through my veins as we move around the fields
in the shadows.
My main sense of sight is impaired because we are using the moonlight and my other senses
seem to be buzzing. My hearing has absolutely become acute and the smells, the fresh smells,
it was really, really hot today and it has gone really misty and moist and has just brought
all the smells of the ground out. I can just hear so many things happening around us. It
is amazing. Absolutely amazing place to come stalking.
We creep through different crops, stop, look and listen. There are boar tracks, boar smells
and boar noises, but nothing to get my cross hairs onto. However, a Croatian hunter also
taking advantage of the moon has had better luck than us.
There is a field just to the one side of us which has been completely flattened so I don't
know what this guy has been eating, but probably quite a lot.
It is after midnight and with the sun rising in just a couple of hours we decide to stalk
through. As day breaks Steffan drops me off on the edge of an ancient woodland full of
shade and wallows. Known to be a refuge to boar during the heat of the summer's day.
I have been stalking for 5 hours since it got dark and it has just got light now. Steffan
has dropped me off into the entrance of this woodland. I have walked down past the high
seat with the wind on my back I have got in to a very good position now. This is the wood
the boar come and sleep in during the day. They come through from the fields where we
have just been stalking and this is a perfect place to sit up for a couple of hours at this
time of the day.
Yes, I don't really like waiting I am bit over excited at the moment. A decent sized
boar came out mid way through me talking to you, stopped for half a second in the ride
and I managed to get a shot on it.
The boar I finally connected with lays motionless deeper in the woodland around 50 yards from
where I hit it. The shot was as I thought a little bit low, but it has gone through
both legs and taken out the bottom of the lung. So it was actually absolutely the right
thing to do to give it 15 minutes. Regrettably it is a sow. I can see from her that she is
not lactating. Come and have a look. You can see that she is not lactating so either she
hasn't had a litter, or she is a barren sow. You often get this when you get high density
of boar. So it is beyond the 1st July and in Croatia you can shoot any animal after
the 1st July. We were told by Tomo you can shoot any sow as long as there are no piglets
at foot and I looked at her and she had no piglets at foot so I am very happy with the
result of that. I would say she is probably 65/70 Kilos minimum so that is a very, very
good result. After 5 hours stalking looking for a boar. Sitting up and have it happen
just like that is absolutely amazing. What a superb
result, very happy indeed.
I have learnt to keep Croatian farmers happy at this critical time of year when the crop
is most vulnerable Croatian hunters have to show extreme commitment and first class field
craft. After the gralloch the contents of this boar's stomach just shows how much each
and every ravenous animal is impacting this preharvest crop.
That is oats, wheat and a significant amount of money and they are eating that every day.
So that is the whole point of the management exercise. Not only are we stopping that damage
we are also putting some good food on the table.
Stalking boar under the moon is like nothing I have done before and a true sensory overload.
Croatia is an exciting country of true hunting adventure. I can't wait to return in the winter
for driven boar with Tomo and Artemis Hunting.
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He is in Africa shooting an impala with an airgun.
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